Nail polishes from fungus


One of the most important components of the image of a charming lady are healthy and well-groomed marigolds. And insidious fungal diseases, like a bolt from the blue, destroy their natural beauty. And not only this unpleasant appearance is threatened by this problem, but also soreness, speed of spread. How to cope with it?

Fungal lesion of the nail (in the language of doctors - onychomycosis) is acquired quite easily, and is not easily cured. Swimming pools and beach changing rooms, saunas and gyms' showers are places where harmful microorganisms usually live. In addition, stresses, weakened immunity, smoking and overloading of the body can trigger fungus. To get rid of the problem, special ointments, sprays, tinctures and iliks from nail fungus on the legs are produced.

What is special about medical lacquer?

Healing Nail Polish

Nail polish from the fungus is one of the popular remedies for the treatment of onychomycosis. This tool creates a thin protective film on the nail surface, detrimental effect on the structure of harmful microorganisms, does not allow them to multiply. Here are its distinctive features:

  • the composition includes alcohol, oil extracts and other elements that create a drying effect;
  • medicinal substances penetrate deep into the nail plate and have a destructive effect on the fungus;
  • dried varnish prevents the entry of moisture and air, which the fungus needs for life and reproduction.

Itself on sebelak for nails from fungi is an insufficient measure in the fight against illness. It is usually used in combination with other drugs. The selection of medicines for effective treatment is a doctor. Varnish is used to eliminate nail lesions that caused dermatophytes, yeast and mold fungi. It can also be used for the prevention of disease. At the same time pay attention to the individual characteristics of the body and take into account such contraindications:

  • pregnancy and breastfeeding;
  • individual intolerance;
  • age up to 4 years.

The use of the drug may be accompanied by side effects, among which the most common are a change in the color of the nail, a slight burning sensation, contact dermatitis.

That the medical varnish brought the maximum benefit, it is necessary to apply it by rules. The procedure is as follows:

  1. Prepare the nail plate, removing, as far as possible, the areas affected by the fungus. This will help a special nail file (comes with varnish).
  2. Degrease the surface with a water-alcohol solution or make a bath with soda.
  3. Apply the medicine to the affected nail fungus.
  4. Remove varnish 1-2 times a week using common organic solvents.

Lucky vs. fungus: there is a choice

Lucky against nail fungus

You can pick up a product of domestic or foreign production, expensive or relatively cheap. The most popular options and their therapeutic options are:

  1. Loceryl is prescribed both for advanced forms of the disease and for prophylaxis. The agent has anti-inflammatory effect, relieves irritation;
  2. Mikozan is used to treat even in cases of extensive fungal infections of the nails of the hands and feet;
  3. Demicten fights against mycosis of the nails of both limbs;
  4. Nail polish from nail fungus Oflomil directed to neutralize and the most common and rare pathogens of fungal infections;
  5. Batrafen treats even neglected diseases of the toenails, has an analgesic effect;
  6. Belvedere is used for disinfection; it is especially useful for prevention and in the initial stages of the disease;
  7. Neil Expert is used to get rid of yeast-like fungi, slowing their growth and preventing reproduction.

What is strong varnish from fungus: reviews and comments

What is strong varnish from fungi

Olake from the fungus of the toenails recalls both positive and negative. Many women note the effectiveness of the tool in interaction with other antifungal drugs. But it is not worth hoping that it will be possible to overcome the disease with the help of lacquer alone. This is indicated by both physicians and patients who have been treated for onychomycosis.

Quite often there are reviews that the price of the drug is high, and the effect is not noticeable. Experts emphasize that much depends on the individual characteristics of the organism and the form of the disease. Sometimes the stage of a fungal infection is how serious it is that a long time and combination of drugs is necessary for treatment.

Nail fungus is a nuisance that can happen to anyone. To combat the disease, various drugs are used, among which medical varnish is popular. It is easy to use the remedy, but it is important that a specialist is prescribed therapy. If you go through the treatment according to the rules, you don’t have to suffer - to restore health to the nails will work