Nail gel polish

Manicure is always loved and appreciated by the fair sex. Today it is considered fashionable to make it a gel for nails, the advantage of which compared to simple varnish is the absence of the need for constant tinting and processing of nails after application.

Nail gel polish

Gel nail polish is very thin, which makes it look much more natural. and does not harm the nail plate, strengthening it. But in order to get a manicure of nail gel varnish good, you should get acquainted with the subtleties of its creation.

How to cover your nails with gel polish?

  • It is very easy to use. First you need to process the nails and the skin next to them, remove the pterygium and cuticle. Using soft pumice, remove the gloss from the surface of the nail plate and apply a product that degreases.
  • When the preparation is over, you can apply the base with a thin layer, then for 2 minutes hold the nails under the ultraviolet lamp. After that, you need to put in one layer of colored varnish. When creating a manicure jacket, first a smile is made on the tips of the nails with a white varnish, after which a pink gel is applied to the base.
  • After that, the hand is again placed under the lamp for 3-4 minutes. To create a sequined manicure, a clear varnish is applied, and until it is dry, sprinkle it with dry sequins. For a uniform distribution of the sparkles, you can use a dry and clean shadow applicator. It is necessary to take some sparkles and, lightly tapping on the applicator, sprinkle the area covered with a transparent gel. Then you need to hold the nails again for 2 minutes under the lamp.
  • Then, without removing the sticky layer with the gel, you need to apply the top coating so that there are no free edges. This is necessary to prevent the gel coating from peeling off. After that, the nails are again held under the ultraviolet lamp for 2 minutes and the dispersion layer is removed. To do this, you can use pure sponge. It is necessary to put a special tool on it and gently hold them from the base of the nail to the tip. Clean sponge should be used only on three nails, otherwise the glossy surface will not work. In the end, it is best to apply oil to the cuticle area and give it time to soak.

How to cover your nails with gel polish?

Gel varnish can not take 3 weeks, but this period depends on the growth rate of the nails. To remove it, you need to apply a special agent on cotton wool, then put a cotton fleece on the nail, wrap your finger in foil and hold it under an ultraviolet lamp. After 10 minutes, this varnish will be quickly removed, and it can be applied again.

Technique applying gel polish

When nails are coated with varnish in one layer, a translucent color will turn out, in 2 layers - saturated and dense. Before applying, prepare the nails in the same way as before modeling the nails. First, apply a base transparent varnish and place your nails under the UV lamp for 2 minutes, then do not remove the dispersion layer.

Apply a thin layer of gel polish over the sticky layer with a special brush. You need to be very careful when covering the area of ​​the cuticle. Be sure to cover the end of the free edge of the nail. Varnish caught in the cuticle or skin can lead to flaking of the coating. Therefore, remove excess paint with a wooden stick. Place your hand under the ultraviolet lamp for 3 minutes. If you want the color to be more saturated, apply 2 p. color gel varnish.

Rules for covering nail gel polish

To make the coating as even as possible, some regulations.

  • Before starting work, prepare a gel polish that strengthens a transparent varnish, a UV unit, a transparent ultrafixing varnish, a sponge, and the Clinanser tool for removing the dispersion layer, a bonder gel that will give a matte shade.
  • Wash and dry thoroughly before applying varnish.
  • Apply the oil to the periungual skin and the area of ​​the cuticle. Rub it in them with massage movements.

Technique applying gel polish

  • Covering the nails start with the right hand, putting on the little finger. After that, place your nails under the lamp. Then proceed to applying the gel polish on the little finger of his left hand. Continue to alternate your hands until all your fingers are painted. This procedure will prevent the gel from flowing over the cuticle and periungual skin.
  • Be careful when applying Bonder-gel, too much of it will make the surface wet or shiny and will lead to peeling of the varnish. After applying it, place your hand under the ultraviolet lamp for 1 min. Then apply a thin layer of firming transparent gel and again place your hand under the lamp for 30 seconds.
  • After polymerization in the UV lamp, apply a perfect gloss on the dispersion layer of all 5 nails. For this drug, it is not necessary to remove the sticky layer, which will significantly shorten the operating time.
  • Apply to the butt of the free edge of the nail and its sides an ultra-fixing gel. The thickness of the varnish on the cuticle should be minimal. This will give the manicure additional protection against chipping and flaking.
  • Remove excess varnish gel using a plastic pusher.
  • The ultra-fixing gel can be replaced with a special tool called "Strengthened Fixer". Due to its use, the use of a dispersion layer and a UV apparatus is not required, which will significantly shorten the time and greatly facilitate the entire process.

Nail gel polish: video

Every woman wants to have a great manicure and tries to keep it that way and, of course, keep it as long as possible. To achieve this, according to professional beauticians, it is quite difficult, as a simple varnish tends to quickly collapse. But gel polish, becoming a stylish novelty in the modern world of manicure, was able to solve this problem. Create a beautiful manicure with him in just 40 minutes.

Due to the fact that the gel polish lasts for 20 days, does not change the original qualities and colors, does not cause chips, he took a worthy place in the field of cosmetology services.

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