Nail extension rules


Very often, when we want to have beautiful long nails, they break with us. The desired length can not grow, but on the nose the girlfriend's wedding, or mother's anniversary. What to do? I do not want to go on holiday with short nails. In this case, you can use the false nails purchased at the cosmetics store. But often these nails do not match ours and somehow look unsuccessfully on our pens.

The best way - to grow nails. There are several technologies for this. The most common are gel and acrylic nails.

What is nail extension?

It is clear that the extension is done to increase the length of the nail. But it also includes the strengthening of the nail. The resulting enlarged nails will be (with skillful creation) stronger than your real ones. They are not so easy to break. In addition, extended nails can, like natural, give any shape you want.

In beauty salons for the extension procedure can be used tips. Tips are artificial nails, or rather nail plates. They are made of various materials: plastic, nylon, acetate. They vary in length, shape and color. There are tips filled inside with a special liquid, which, when built up with them, creates an incredible effect. Tips are not imposed on the entire nail, but only on the part. To make the nail look natural after gluing the tips, a gel coat is applied, often in several layers. Fix the tips sometimes with an acrylic coating.

In addition to tips, there is a technology nail extensions on forms. The form is attached under the free edge of the natural nail so that you can hook the stackable nail onto your own. If your nails are so short that there is nothing to cling to, then wait a week, first go to the salon and do a buildup using this technique. This build is called building on the lower forms. Exists buildup on the upper forms. It lies in the fact that acrylic is laid out in a special form and impose on the nail. After two or three minutes, the form is removed, and the acrylic remains on the nail.

What to choose: tips or building on forms?

When choosing tips it is necessary to select them strictly in form. Incorrectly selected tips can bounce or break. If you come into contact with water a lot, tips may come off. The advantages of tips can be attributed to the fact that the creation of extended nails takes a little time, and they look natural. They can be given any shape.

For severe nail deformation, tips are not recommended. Fit on the forms. Also, this technology is suitable for sensitive, soft nails and in contact with water.

The rules of gel nails

With the help of a special brush gel is applied to the nail. After that, within a few minutes, the nail is exposed to ultraviolet light. Gel freezes. The procedure is usually repeated several times to give strength. After gel extension nails look shiny and elastic. The shape of the nail obtained by gel building, attached using a nail file after the completion of irradiation of the layers with ultraviolet light.

Nails with respect to them can hold up to four months. The gel allows you to grow your own nail, allows the native nail to breathe. The disadvantage in comparison with the acrylic building can be called lower strength. Also, if you wish, you can not take off a gel nail, you can get rid of it only by cutting it.

For more information about gel extensions, read the article Stained Glass Nail.

The rules of acrylic nail

Acrylic extensions also have a number of advantages and disadvantages. Acrylic is different from gel. It is white, powdered. It is diluted with a special liquid and applied to the nails. Nails after this build-up very strong, to break them is very difficult. But acrylic extension requires correction (regrown natural nails on gel nails also look bad, if you only have a natural manicure).

Correction is usually carried out in a week. Acrylic coating prevents the growth of the nail, artificial nail cracks. It is also not recommended to constantly wear nails, accreted by this technology. It is harmful to the nails. Take breaks in two to three months. Acrylic nail can, if desired, be removed in the beauty salon with a special liquid. Acrylic marigold will accompany you for a while with its specific smell. Over time, it will erode.

Other nail extension technologies

  1. Usually building with tips is combined with gel. Stick the tips and to fix the gel is applied or even acrylic.
  2. Acrylic extensions can also be combined with gel. On acrylic nail gel is applied to give the nail a beautiful natural shine.
  3. Exists silk extension technology. A piece of material similar to fiberglass is glued to the nail. Fixed gel coating. Sometimes silk building is combined with overlapping tips.
  4. At home, nails can grow using glue powder technology. You will need glue powder, tips, free time, desire and patience.

Healthy and strong nails you!

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