Nail design with lace

More recently, a new way to decorate nails with lace has appeared, and many fashionable women are trying to diversify their manicure with this design. What is the design of nails with lace? The name speaks for itself; synthetic lace is used as the material, which can be applied to the entire surface of the nail, or to a separate part of it.

As a rule, such a design is performed on the extended nails, since the manicure lasts much longer. First, the master performs nail extensions using acrylic or gel, after which lace material is applied to the selected area and fixed on top with a special material.

Ways to do lace design

  • Konad stemping - This technique is more suitable for professional use, and if you want to practice drawing lace on nails by hand, for now, refrain from using this technique. Such patterns are carried out using stamping, the patterns of which are transferred to the nail plate. To do this, you will need to purchase a disk for lace design, Konad has good disks, as well as a scraper, rubber stamp and professional varnish.
  • Technique natural lace - many girls get an excellent design with the help of real lace, which is also glued to fresh varnish. If you perform this technique carefully, you can get a real work of art. The complexity of this technique lies in the fact that it is not always possible to find high-quality and inexpensive lace with an interesting and fine pattern, since the lace for nail design should be very detailed.

  • Girls who are fond of drawing at school will have no difficulty draw lace by hand, You can vary their complexity and size. First, try to draw a conceived drawing on paper, and only then proceed to the nails. Place your hands on a stable surface, as it is important to avoid the slightest shaking of the hand. You will also need a thin brush for painting parts and acrylic paint.

Professional performance of nail design with lace

  • To begin, prepare natural nails for the procedure of building. Remove varnish and make all the nails the required length. Treat the cuticle with a special liquid or an orange tree stick. Nails should be free from natural shine, for this use a file and carefully file the entire surface of the nail.
  • Apply to the surface of the nail antiseptic and wait for complete drying. Then pick up the tips of the right size and stick them to the nail plate.
  • Now remove the extra length and process the nail in accordance with the selected form. Using a file, remove all irregularities and the contact area, so that the tips tips are not noticeable. Apply a thin layer of gel to your nails and dry it in a UV lamp, then re-file it.
  • After that, start to lay out the basic background for the design of nails with white lace sequins, and your nails will flicker gently in the light. Also dry in a UV lamp.

  • Now the most important stage is the imposition of lace. Cut it into small pieces. Apply a thin layer of gel to the nail and, without lowering it into the lamp, place a piece of lace over the free part and then send it to the lamp. After drying the nail again covered with a layer of gel, so that the design was more voluminous, and send to the lamp for two minutes.
  • Remove the top layer with a nail file and model the shape of the nail.

Tips for a successful lace design

  • Pay great attention to the glue with which you glue the pieces of lace to the nail plate, as some low-quality adhesives can cause allergies.
  • Do not use lacquer as a fixative, as it can change the shape of the lace after drying, use special nail coverings for this.
  • If you do not have much time for cutting out lace elements, then you can purchase lace appliqués that are on sale in stores for nail design. The advantage of such applications is that they have a large assortment of choices and when they are fixed, time is saved considerably, but at the same time the lace design with stickers is less resistant.
  • Color for nail design lace, you can take the most different, it all depends on your image and imagination.Usually for classic designs, black or white lace is used, but other colors are also popular. Remember that if you choose a bright color of lace, then it should be in harmony with your outfit and it is better to perform such colors for a particular event, such as a wedding. But for everyday use, stick with black or white lace.
  • Lace to complete the composition is sometimes supplemented with ribbons or small satin ribbons.
  • If desired, the lace can be made and colorless. To do this, apply nail polish of the desired shade, and then before it is completely dry, take the lace and gently attach it to the surface of the nail, then carefully remove the fabric and a fingerprint will remain on the nail plate.
  • For a more festive lace manicure, you can add straziki or shiny threads to the manicure, but do not overload the manicure to look ugly when all possible types of patterns and patterns adorn the nails. Lace is already a pretty bright decoration, and even a very small decoration to it will be quite enough.

Nail design with lace does not take much time, but requires accuracy and care when working. Subject to these conditions, you get a great manicure!

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