Nail design with foil

Even in spite of the fact that now you can find varnishes of various companies and shades on sale, many women prefer enlarged nails. One type of design of such nails is nail design with foil. This is an incredibly stylish and trendy design, nail cover is smooth and smooth with a metallic effect. On closer examination, it seems that the smallest plates of silver, gold and other metals are poured on the nails.

What is the history of such a nail design? Manicure using a foil is not new in itself, unlike many other designs that have appeared relatively recently. He appeared almost immediately with the advent of stiletto-style knickers, which were created by building up, and only then they were decorated with shiny paper in the form of small pieces. The foil was pasted on the nail plate, and after it broke off, and as a result, the effect of a brilliant bloom was created on the nails.

What do you need for nail design with foil?

You have decided to try this design and do not know where to start - start by preparing the necessary tools and materials. The most important thing is to purchase a thin foil, while giving preference to a shiny iridescent foil. You will also need small scissors for cutting foil, glue for nails or ordinary transparent nail polish, a thin brush for drawings, cotton swabs or tweezers, acrylic paint in white or black, or basic nail polish, a final coat or a transparent varnish.

Kinds of foil for design

When we hear the word "foil", we usually present brilliant paper for children's leisure, but such foil is not suitable for creating nail design with foil. It would be more correct to buy foil for manicure, which is sold in specialized stores for nail design.

  • Manicure foil for design is of two types - sheet and embossed. Both of these varieties are presented in a large assortment, and you can choose exactly the shade you want. Silver and gold shades of foil are considered the most classic and suitable for almost any image.
  • Manicure Sheet Foil different smooth and even surface, and if you want to achieve the effect of metal plates, then you need just such a foil. It is attached to the nail plate with an adhesive pencil for nail design. The easiest way to decorate nails with foil is to glue it in a chaotic manner and it will look stylish and interesting, and you can glue on the nail, creating various ornaments and shapes.

  • Embossed Manicure Foil it stands out from the background sheet only by the fact that there are traces of embossing on it. In all other respects, it is the same as the sheet and is fixed on the nails too.
  • It happens and transfer foil, which is as simple to use as the sheet and embossed. Take the glue for nails and apply it on the area of ​​the nail where you want to see the picture and attach the foil to this place on the front side, hold it a little, so that the glue takes more firmly, then remove the base of the foil. The advantage of this type of foil is that it has a huge palette of shades, and also often happens with patterns.
  • You can also design nails with foil using ordinary foil, but then you have to cut it yourself into pieces of a certain size or shape and glue it onto the glue.You can also select the foil in the form of gold leaf, which should be secured from above with an adhesive base, and covered with a fixer for greater strength, as this foil has a very fragile texture. Do not forget that the nail plate should be pre-coated on top of an opaque coating, if the manicure is performed on transparent gel nails, or on natural.

Doing nail design with foil

Performing such a manicure does not require special skills and abilities, and even a woman who is not professionally engaged in nail design can easily perform it. Where to start? Cut out different shapes from foil or just tiny pieces of an abstract shape or just lay out a purchase foil for nail design, which is already sold in small pieces. Take tweezers or a cotton swab and use it to attach the pieces of foil to your fingernails, making sure that the foil is tightly clamped at the edges. The foil can be laid out, as patterns of indefinite form, and certain patterns.

To glue the foil is better to the end of the nail, so it looks best. When you completely lay out all the figures on the nails, then fix your work with varnish or paint and wait until it is completely dry. Now it only remains to complete your work and add volume to your manicure. To do this, take white lacquer or white acrylic paint and paint waves, curls or flowers on your nails. And the last thing is to cover your nails with a fixer, you can even in two layers so that your nail design with foil lasts as long as possible.

Nail design with foil is one of the easiest types of professional nail design., and if you have all the necessary materials and a little of your own imagination, then you can safely take up this design! You can create a real work of art on your nails, but remember that such a manicure is not suitable for a strict official setting, so consider how it will look with your image and outfit.

Successful to you reincarnations!

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