Nail casting


Casting on the nails is becoming increasingly popular and popular every day. Creating patterns using gel or UV lacquer, giving them the volume, and there is a process of casting on the nails.

The casting effect is created with the help of foil, gel and even velvet, if you like exclusive nail decoration. It can be done in the cabin or at home, you only need to be well prepared, be patient and everything you need. Casting on nails, done independently, can give your hands a charm and attract the attention of everyone around you.

How to make a cast on nails with foil?

Powder, glitter, stickers, and rhinestones are now used to decorate nails, and foil is used to create a casting effect. It looks just great, but to use it, you need to pick up the foil.

Nail casting

  1. Non-translational tear-off foil is commonly used to create a variety of patterns. In the process of building it attached to the gel or acrylic, applied to the nails. Patterns of this type of foil laid out with a toothpick in the form of any pattern.
  2. Transfer foil is usually represented by thin tear-off sheets with embossed or stripes. The choice of drawings and colors of such a foil is very diverse, which gives plenty of imagination when decorating nails and creating the effect of casting. It can cover the entire surface of the nail, creating the effect of mirror, silver, gold casting or curls and decorative elements.

The effect of casting on the nails

  • To create casting effect, Take the usual clear varnish, transfer foil of the desired color, emulsion or glue for applying foil. Press down the foil with the matte side, and to determine which side it is, scratch the foil with the nail, the one that is scratched is the matte one.
  • Apply to the nail base, then color lacquer and dry. If you want, apply a color varnish. Now, glue or transparent varnish, paint a pattern on the nail, or cover it with the entire surface of the nail. In the place where the adhesive is applied, glue the foil. After a few seconds, gently, but with a jerk, remove it.

Nail casting

  • In order to prevent the erasure of decorative elements or foil, as soon as you decorate the nail, cover it with a protective agent or transparent varnish. The brightness of the picture will be slightly lower.
  • If you apply the foil to the entire surface of the nail, smooth it out so that no wrinkles or folds remain. Convenient to use foil, equipped with a protective special film. It is glued to the face with glue or clear lacquer.

How to make a cast on the nails?

  • Draw the necessary part of the design that you want to make a gold gel. Take the UV lamp and hold the nails under it for 15 minutes. The gel should become sticky enough for the foil to be transferred to the pattern.
  • The time during which you want to keep the nails under the lamp, determine by what gel. Gels created by expensive companies usually need to be dried for at least 10 minutes, for cheaper Chinese counterparts 7 minutes is enough. Also, if the lamps in the lamp are old, then it will take longer to dry.
  • Next, take the transfer foil of the selected color and attach to the gel with a matte side. Squeeze it as tight as possible and tear it off abruptly. Gold will go to the drawing, and on the foil there will be a transparent film. If there are bald patches on the picture, then reapply the foil with a clean place, press and tear it off. When you press the foil, try not to move it.
  • At the end, to secure the design of nails with foil, cover it with a fixative 2 times.

Nail molding with decor

Before you start creating the casting on the nails, prepare a dehydrator, base, gel polish, color UV varnish, a layer of varnish and a UV lamp. Apply a dehydrator on your nails, then the base and hold it under the lamp for 2 minutes, then apply one layer of UV varnish and again hold it under the lamp for 2 minutes.

Nail casting

Nail casting

After apply the varnish 2 layers and place the nails under the lamp for 2 minutes. Pass the manicure with a buff, then with a brush using gel polish, paint patterns on the nails and hold it under the lamp again for 20 s. Attach the transfer foil to the nail, press firmly and then tear it off with force.

Another option is to apply foil patterns to the gel. Apply the base to the nails, then make the patterns with gel and hold it under the lamp for 9 minutes. Pre-cut out the desired patterns from a non-translational foil, and then apply them to the liquid part of the varnish using a toothpick.

For the third option, apply black gel polish on your nails, paint them with different curls on a pre-sanded nail. Support under the UV lamp for 5 min. Then apply the transfer foil with the matte side to the drawn curls and press firmly. Then sharply tear off. Grease the resulting top coat with 2 layers of fixative.

How to make a cast on the nails with velvet?

This type of molding involves the use of velvet and not foil for decorating nails. For such an unusual design, it is necessary to apply the top coating - UV without a sticky layer where the velvet coating will be.

Using tweezers, sprinkle as much cashmere as possible. Do this by placing a clean sheet of paper so that cashmere residue can be poured into a jar. Lightly put cashmere into the cover, but do it gently and gently. If necessary, use the wand to correct the shape of the picture. Along the edge you can make a lace design.

Nail casting

Nail casting: video

Hold your nails in the UV lamp for 4 minutes. Use a brush to remove excess cashmere. For the rest of the nail, apply a top coat of UV without a sticky layer. Hold it in the lamp for 3 minutes. If you want the velvet color to be denser, richer and deeper, make a substrate under it with acrylic varnish of the same color. Velvet in combination with rhinestones, silver, gold looks extraordinary. Gray velvet combines perfectly with pearl pink.

Casting on the nails refers to the novelties of the industry of cosmetology services. Not all salons are ready to offer it. But if you want your nails to become a real work of art and emphasize your unique creative taste, try making nail molding at home.