Nail art with a needle

Painting nails becomes more and more popular. Many women believe that creating a beautiful flawless pattern on the nails can only be done by a professional. But it is not so. Many beautiful patterns on the nails can be created at home. Especially beautiful patterns on the nails are obtained if they are created with the help of a needle.. How to draw on nails with a needle?

How to start drawing with a needle on the nails?

  • Arrange before you all the varnishes that you have. The more, the better.
  • Take the usual sewing needles. It is desirable that there are several - all of different widths.
  • Take care to the table where you will be draw with a needle on the nails, hit a large amount of direct light. Sitting in the twilight, you risk not seeing small flaws in your work, which will then be difficult to fix.
  • Think what will be drawing that you draw on the nails. Will this pattern be the result of your imagination, or will you use a finished pattern of drawing on nails with a needle, found on the internet.

So, we stocked with all necessary. Now we proceed, directly, to technique of drawing on the nails with a needle.

Technique drawing needle on nails

  • Make sure the nails are clean and even. If necessary, file them and remove the remnants of the old varnish.
  • Apply to the nail plate base coat, which will serve as background of the future pattern.
  • Do not wait until the varnish dries. As soon as the nail polish was applied to the nail, put the drops in varnish of a different color, take a needle and put the drops together in any order.
  • In no case can not strongly push the needle. First, you scratch the nail plate and damage the nail. And, secondly, in the lacquer ugly strips and grooves are formed, and the whole picture will spoil.

Methods of painting nails with a needle

Drops of lacquer, which you dripped on the background cover of the nail, you can connect as you like. For example, smooth lines, wavy, straight. You can twist the spiral, hold the needle from left to right or zigzag. it the easiest ways. So to speak, for beginners.

  • Sprig mode. On the side of the nail we put three or four points of varnish of a different color. Immediately take needle, and connect the dots with a smooth semicircular line. The line must, necessarily, to the end of the nail plate.
  • Rosette method. We cover nail varnish. Then, in the middle of the nail put a large drop of a different color. After that, in the center of a large drop, put another drop of varnish, but small. At the next stage, we lead with a needle the lines from the so-called "corners" of the base of the nail plate, two lines, directing them to the center. We get the third line where there is a big drop and quickly draw a circle with it.

Here is only a small fraction of the patterns that can be drawn on the nail with a needle. It is possible to find in the Internet a photo of the drawings on the nails of the needle and the scheme of drawings on the nails with a needle.

Completion of work on the pattern on the nails with a needle

  • To created by you drawing kept as long as possible, necessarily used varnish fixer.
  • As the finishing touch of the pattern on the nails, You can use a variety of rhinestones and small sparkles for nails. They emphasize the beauty of the picture, make it more expressive and complete.
  • You can, once every few days, cover your nails with a layer of clear varnish. It will help keep drawing on nails for a longer period.

Be sure to try to create needle nail art. You will see - a little practice, and you will learn how to create masterpieces on the nails!

Good luck in your endeavors!

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