Nail art design with a pattern


Design nails french with a pattern for several years now steadily keeps at the peak of fashion. There is nothing strange or surprising in the fact that a girl devotes time and attention to her hands and nails, because when communicating with others, the second thing that catches the eye from our image after the face is hands. Well-groomed hands and neat little nails attract the attention of the opposite sex, as they are a symbol of femininity.

service jacket

The word french came to us from France. And when such a manicure just appeared, it was used only in one variation - the tips of the nails were painted white. Now this version of the French remained and is considered a classic, but many other various ways of the French appeared, for example french nail design with a pattern. The simplest color french service is considered to be the easiest to accomplish when the master applies the selected color to the client on the tip of the nail, and the main background of the nail is painted in a neutral color, but sometimes it is also painted with a colored varnish of a different color.

A more complex technique is to apply patterns on the tips of the nails at the choice of the client, where the result of the application depends on the professionalism of the manicure master. Often, many women themselves want to learn how to design a french-style nail art - there is nothing difficult here, and it can be done on both extended and natural nails.

Red and gold design french

Red and gold design frenchRed and gold design french

This design french absolutely uncomplicated in execution, but no less beautiful. To do this, you will need a lacquer for the main background, gold and red spangles in the form of pollen and a fixing transparent lacquer.

First, cover your nails with basic varnish, then make a french coat on your nails using red pollen. The second step in this design is the imposition of golden pollen along the line of french. Now the last step - apply the fixative on the nails. So you can easily and quickly perform a beautiful and bright french polish.

Bright french for nails

This design french for nails is also uncomplicated in design and will attract attention to your hands with its brightness.

You will need: hot pink lacquer, fixing lacquer, thin brush, acrylic paints of light green, yellow and bright orange color or varnishes of the same color for painting on the nails.

Nail art design with a pattern

Using a bright pink gel, make a french on the tips of the nails. Now take paints and use a thin brush to make several strokes on each nail with paints of different colors, and at the same time try to make strokes as thin as if they were rainbow explosions.

Design nails french dot pattern

For this design, you will need a white nail polish, silver nail polish with a thin brush, cherry varnish with a thin brush, gold polish with a thin brush and colorless nail polish. In addition to varnishes, you will need small tweezers, a needle, and blue star-shaped rhinestones for nails.

Red and gold design french

Initially, as in any manicure, you will need to prepare your nails and cover them with a transparent base for varnish. Now apply on the edge of the nail white lacquer in the space of regrown nails, this is called the smile line. The next step is to put small dots of silver on the smile line. Use silver lacquer with a fine brush to apply the dots. Until the varnish has dried, proceed to the next step. On your nails, apply a dot of cherry color between the silver dots.

Nail art design with a patternNail art design with a pattern

As in the last step, until the varnish dried up, proceed to the next. Take a needle and very carefully begin to combine the points with one stretching thin line, but at the same time, without lubricating them, but leaving the same shape. Then you should decorate the smile line - for this you need a golden lacquer with a thin brush, draw a thin outline under the smile line and wait for the lacquer to dry.

There is the last step - applying rhinestones in the form of stars. Apply a drop of glue to the selected place, where there will be an asterisk or simply grease the place with a colorless varnish. Then apply an asterisk on the selected nail with tweezers and press it against the nail. Wait until the varnish is dry. After performing such a jacket with a pattern, you need to make your nails shine with a clear varnish. By the way, the colors of varnishes do not have to be taken as such; you can choose other colors, and instead of asterisks use other crystals.

French manicure with marble effect

Such a manicure can be done at home by following the tips below. In addition, the marble manicure is now at the peak of popularity and, having made it, you will definitely not regret it.

Nail art design with a pattern

The main thing when performing a marble manicure is to apply the paint quickly so that it does not dry, since it will be very difficult to create the effect of marble on the dried paint. Determine the first color for the manicure and put a few drops on the nail, do not create it in any particular sequence, just drip. Then just apply the second color, and then the third, while it is important to create the effect of marble in the style of abstractions, and not to repeat the pattern. Act quickly while the varnish is still wet.

It may happen that you drop too much nail polish on the nail, but this is not scary, just drag the varnish with a brush. After that, with a slow motion, brush the droplets of varnish in any order. Now dip the brush in acetone, shake it off a little to remove excess fluid and draw a thin smile line on each nail. Allow the manicure to dry and apply a protective transparent layer.

Nail design french millennium

This design is perfect for fashionistas, who in their spare time like to light up at parties.. The design consists of applying sparkling glitter or gel from glitter onto the protruding edge of the nail. The material used in the design is refracted and reflects the incident light, which looks beautiful and bright.

Nail art design with a patternNail art design with a pattern

If you look at the world through the eyes of a creative person, then you can literally draw ideas and images for nail design from anywhere, just turn on your imagination and start creating!