Mummy from stretch marks


The appearance of stretch marks will sooner or later ruin even the most well-groomed skin. There are many creams against stretch marks and to improve skin elasticity, but there is a popular opinion among people that only mummy can completely eliminate the problem of stretch marks.

The uniqueness of this drug is indicated by ancient Oriental literature. A large number of treatises contain valuable material about the unlimited use of ancient doctors mummy as a means of enhancing regenerating processes in various tissues of the body.

Mummy from stretch marks

Usually, all ways of using mummy from stretch marks are straightforward, quite simple, and do not need a long time to break away from household chores.

How to get rid of stretch marks using mummy?

There are many different recipes. creams from this magic bullet. To prepare the cream you will need:

  1. mummy (sold in tablets or plates) - 2 g;
  2. boiled water - 0.5 tsp;
  3. any cream - 100 g

The tablet must be dissolved in boiled water until completely dissolved, then add any cream (it is better to use a baby cream), mix it with the dissolved mummy and mix it very thoroughly.

Mummy tablets from stretch marks

The prepared cream to rub in area of ​​extensions 2 times a day. To enhance the effect, you can add essential oils per 1 tablet of 10 drops of oil. To prepare the cream using pink, orange, grapefruit and lavender oils. It should be noted that the mummy does not dissolve in the oil, therefore, essential oils should be added after the preparation of the cream.

Store cream with mummy, prepared according to your taste, preferably in the refrigerator, before being applied to the skin, it will quickly warm in your warm hands, or prepare a new one every day (1 tablet for 15-25 ml of cream).

It should be noted that stretch marks need to be treated right away, until they become brighter, as fresh stretch marks, which are pink, are easier to treat.

How to get rid of stretch marks using mummy?

Use mummy for stretch marks: reviews

  • Marina, 32 years old: "Mumiye was advised by a friend who successfully cured stretch marks after giving birth. I also decided to try it and did not regret it! After two months of using my mummy, stretch marks on my chest were almost invisible. I am sure that in a month they will not leave a trace. Of course, this is very individual, but I still recommend trying it! "
  • Katya, 23 years old: “How much effort and money was spent to treat stretch marks on my chest, I’d completely lost my mind. I’ve read reviews about this miracle! I bought it at the pharmacy and started using it on the same day. About a month later there was no stretch mark on my chest and trace. "
  • Natalia, 27 years old: "Mumiyo helps a lot. The result will be visible, but everyone takes a different period of time for treatment. It depends on the skin type and on the nature of the stretch marks, do not drop, if it is not immediately noticeable, at first my skin just became more elastic but in about a month only the effect of using the cream became more noticeable, and now there are no stretch marks at all! But I still occasionally apply problem areas cream with mummy to preserve elasticity! "

Mummy from stretch marks: reviews

results the use of funds from stretch marks with mummy individual, so the reviews after the treatment period are different. Positive changes are observed one week later, others for a longer time. Many factors can affect the treatment: neglect of stretch marks, skin condition, desire of the woman herself.

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If you start the treatment immediately, without waiting for the stretch marks to brighten and approach the natural skin tone, mummy from stretch marks will help much faster.