Moon manicure at home


Lunar manicure is a peculiar kind of French manicure, a technique originating from the 20s of the last century. This version of nail art does not give up its position for quite a long time, gaining popularity not only in the fashion industry, but also among ordinary people. The origin of the name of the moon manicure has 2 theories. One says that he is called so because it has the appearance of a crescent. Another claims that moon manicure is so named because it focuses on the hole of the nail.

How to make a moon manicure yourself?

How to make a moon manicure yourself?

Even if you are not a professional manicurist, after adjusting yourself, you can easily make a moon manicure at home without visiting the beauty salon. Before you begin, you should not neglect the standard procedure for hand care. No manicure will look good on unclean nails and hands.

  • First remove the remnants of the previous varnish. Then, steam your hands in a warm bath with the addition of sea salt and essential oils. If desired, you can add a couple of drops of liquid soap, lemon juice and other ingredients.
  • Steam your hands blot dry with a towel, treat the cuticle with a softening cream or oil. Gently slide it with a spatula to the base of the nail, cut off any excess with nail forceps.
  • Cut nails to the required length, give them the desired shape using a nail file (preferably a glass). Lubricate your hands with your favorite cream (better moisturizer), doing self-massage.
  • Cover your nails with a firming base. Now you can proceed to the very design of the moon manicure. Decide on the colors. Moon manicure looks great with contrasting lacquers (yellow and blue, red and white, black and gold, purple and green, etc.). To get a manicure neat, it is advisable to purchase special stickers for the moon nail art.
  • Decide which color will be primary and which color will be for the hole. First apply the main color, let it dry well. At the base of the nail glue special stencils. Cover the open part of the hole with a second color. Wait for drying, after which you can remove the stencil. Make sure that the varnish does not smudge, otherwise a clear transition between shades will be broken and you will have to repaint everything.
  • At the very end, cover your nails with a clear lacquer fixer. If you wish, you can decorate the transition between varnishes with rhinestones or contrasting points of varnish.

Moon manicure with shellac: description with photo

Moon manicure with shellac

Lunar manicure with shellac photo

Moon manicure

Shellac is a special lacquer gel based on bio-gel. In appearance, it resembles the usual varnish, but when applied to nails it acquires a more solid form. He will allow you to make any manicure. A distinctive feature of shellac is the need for drying under a UV lamp. A shellac manicure is quite practical, as peeling, crumbling and chipping are minimized. You can do the dishes, clean the apartment, do the laundry and do the usual household chores without fear of manicure.

Despite the fact that the coating is kept 1 - 1.5 months, it is recommended to update it once every 2 - 3 weeks. This is due to the growth of the nails, due to which an unstained strip forms at the base. Shellac provides additional protection to the nails, preventing their fragility and protecting them from the negative effects of the environment.

Technique lunar manicure with shellac is somewhat different from the usual. First, prepare your nails for manicure. First of all, remove the old varnish, and steam your hands in a hot bath. Treat cuticle with a special cream, carefully cut it with tweezers. Using nail scissors and a glass nail file, give your nails the desired shape.

Clean the prepared nails with acetone-based liquid. The first layer is a base coat, after applying which, dry the varnish under an ultraviolet lamp. The 2nd and 3rd layer - the main varnish. After applying each layer, dry the nails under the lamp for several minutes. Using a brush for manicure, gently draw at the base of the nail holes in a contrasting color. If you are not sure that you can paint them yourself, use stencils.

Fix the finished moon manicure under a UV lamp. Classic-style moon manicure is performed in beige or white tones. In design options, the flight of fantasy is not limited (the main thing is that the finished version should look harmonious). At the end of the manicure, apply a fixative and dry under a UV lamp.

This manicure can be supplemented with "French stripes" on the tips of the nails. In this case, the varnish on the tips and at the base of the nails should be the same color. This moon jacket looks interesting and unusual.

To remove stickiness from hands, wipe them with wet wipes based on alcohol or a disinfectant. If desired, treat the fingertips and the cuticle with cosmetic oil. When you get tired of manicure, you will have to remove it using a special liquid for shellac. At home, you can use a liquid to remove acrylic nails.

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Lunar manicure is differently called the “french reverse”. Appearing on the fashion show Christian Dior in the break of the century, he has not gone out of fashion for several years, receiving new variations every year. Moon manicure is a combination of 2 contrasting colors, one of which covers the nail hole at the base.