Mohawk hairstyle for women. how to make a mohawk yourself


Who would have thought a few years ago that a Mohawk, considered an integral part of images of punks and other informals, would win the hearts of fashionistas and become one of the trends in hairdressing! The new trend has spread around the world thanks to Western pop divas. By the way, a stylish hairstyle can be built without cutting the hair.

Mohawk female hairstyle: history

Iroquois has never been a female hairstyle It is believed that one of the Mexican tribes with a similar name styled their hair in this way. They recalled an intricate hairstyle only in the 20th century, when punks began to wear it everywhere. Before them, some kind of iroquois during the Second World War was made by American sailors.

At the time of the punks, this hairstyle was an integral part of the informal subculture. It was necessary to dare to shave hair and styling comb. It is clear that this was a revolt against the accepted foundations of society.

Soon the hairstyle was adopted by stylists and hairdressers. Thanks to their efforts and stylistic outplaying, almost any woman can afford a mohawk - so stylishly she can iron her hair.

Mohawk hairstyle for women

The female mohawk hairstyle is usually done in a short haircut with shaved temples. And you can leave your hair on the first side - so you can experimentbe with styling.

Mohawk can be considered a unisex hairstyley. So it is customary to distinguish the following types of haircuts:

Kviff - hair cut so that they begin to lengthen from the neck towards the forehead. As a result, they are very well "put" in the form of a comb.

Iroquois with thorns - this haircut is considered the most creative. First, the temples are shaved, the hair is cut, and then they are laid up in the form of spikes, something resembling a hoop on the head of the American Statue of Liberty.

Shaved whiskey - the most optimal haircut. It is possible to shave not both temples, but 1 and lower the hair on it. With the help of styling, you can demonstrate your creative haircut in full beauty and not attract undue attention in everyday life. In fact, this haircut allows you to make a simple hairstyle with his own hands.

How to make a mohawk: styling yourself

Mohawk hairstyle for women

Mohawk hairstyle for women

  • Classic mohawk implies a haircut. To do this, the barber makes a parting in the middle, fixes the part of the hair that they have decided to leave, starts cutting off the excess hair. After that, whiskey is shaved on both sides. Whiskey can be left completely without hair or cut to the level of 1-2 mm.
  • The hardest part of this hairstyle is styling. If a lot of hair, then you need to make some effort so that they are beautifully lifted up. Easier for those who have short hair cut. Mohawk is laid in the following way:
  • It is best to wash your hair. While they are drying, prepare a strong fixation foam, a styling brush and wax (you can use a styling gel).
  • Apply on slightly damp hair. Combine them up, collecting along the central parting.
  • Apply a little gel on your palms and start lifting your hair up. The most convenient way to pull 2 ​​palms. You should have something like a scallop.
  • If you do not like the classic mohawk, then you can do the styling in a different way.

Mohawk hairstyle for women

  • The hair laid on the side looks stylish enough. To do this, strands coated with foam using a comb turn over on its side, in the opposite direction from the shaved temple.
  • If you have both temples shaved, then you can comb your hair up, but do not lift it, but form a small “wave”.
  • Also, with such a haircut, you can lay the hair in the form of a "hedgehog" - lubricate them with gel and just pull it up. This styling is suitable for those who have short hair and haircut under the boy.
  • Whichever type of styling you choose, in conclusion you should fix your hair with lacquer.
  • For those who do not want to cut off the hair or shave the temples, you can try to put the hair in the form of Iroquois. Of course, it is better to do this haircut for short or medium-length hair - otherwise your haircut will not hold. Such a mohawk is done in almost the same way as when styling trimmed hair. In order for the strands to better "stand" they can be strengthened by weaving on the sides. Of course, it is better to entrust the creation of this hairstyle to professionals.

Photo: Mohawk hairstyle

Mohawk hairstyle for women

Mohawk hairstyle for women

Iroquois is extremely popular among the stars of the western show business. If with performers like Pink everything is clear, such is their image, then the mohawk on Riana initially looked a bit aggressive. It is necessary to pay tribute to the stylists of the singer - hairstyle at the same time looked incredibly stylish. Singer often experimentedla with the form of a mohawk - it could be seen with different hair style variations.

It is worth remembering that such extravagancel is far from all. Hairstyle Mohawk is contraindicated for those who have thin weakened hair. It is clear that they simply will not sustain the load and will not take the desired shape.

Mohawk should not do some girls because of the oval face. Hairstyle is suitable for those who have high cheekbones and oval face with a narrow chin. On the contrary, if you have a heavy lower part of your face, shaved temples will make it even wider. As a result, you will not get finesse, but a rough image.

If you decide to make a mohawk, then remember that it does not go to blondes. Rather, it is not about hair color. And the fact that the hair should be darker at the temples. Therefore, it is best to make a haircut and toned whiskey.

Some women of fashion paint strands in various bright colors. If you are afraid of such cardinal experiments, then you can try special crayons for hair, something like pastel. Strands will remain colored until you wash your hair.

Mohawk hairstyle for women

Mohawk hairstyle for women

If you have long straight hair, you can shave only one temple - so the hairstyle will look more feminine.

A separate topic for discussion - patterns on shaved temples. They look good only for those whose color type is not very contrasting. Shaved patterns can beat muted hair shades.

For those whose appearance resembles a winter color type, the shaving of patterns can be replaced with a bright saturated coloring.

Remember that the Mohawk hairstyle implies a certain style of dressing. Everything, from jewelry to shoes, should be ironed uniformly. Mohawk fits perfectly into the grunge style. Rivets, massive jewelery, coarse shoes and voluminous frisise clothing are great for this style.

It is characterized by a minimum of glamor and a certain minimalism. Monophonic fabrics of muted noble shades, prints reminiscent of informal subcultures also fit into the grunge. If we talk about jewelry, then it can be massive chains, large earrings.

Iroquois allows you to imagine in all its beauty cuffs - the type of earrings-clips, which can be put on not at the lobe, but along the edges of the ear. The lighter your hair, the darker the cuff should be. Conversely, brunettes better choose jewelry lighter.

Mohawk hairstyle for women

Mohawk hairstyle for women

Mohawk has long ceased to be an attribute of informal life. Increasingly, you can meet girls choosing this particular hairstyle. Unfortunately, it goes far from everyone. If you still decide to experiment, then remember that the mohawk goes to those who have an oval face with a narrow chin. Also, your hair should be thick enough to keep styling this extravagant hairstyle.