Models sundresses for the office


In the modern world, many professions assume a dress code. Sometimes the requirements can be quite tough. As a result, it is not easy for women in such conditions to remain attractive and have their own bright personality. In the warm season, this issue is solved with the help of an office dress. And what to do if there is heat in the street and in the workroom? The perfect solution - sundress. Fortunately, today there are a huge number of different models designed specifically for the office.

Sundresses for office: styles and colors

It will differ from ordinary everyday dress with restraint of colors and cut, lack of an abundance of accessories and a length not exceeding the knee. Modern designers offer to combine these three components and quite justifiably introduce sundresses into the world of business fashion.

Models sundresses for the officeModels sundresses for the office

Choose plain sundresses. They can be painted in pastel colors or in traditional dark colors: brown, dark gray and black. Wearing such an outfit, you will not cause complaints from the authorities and at the same time remain feminine and unique. Sundresses of light shades are recommended to be used in summer wardrobe, dark ones - in winter. Summer sundresses can be decorated with various draperies and even lace inserts. But, of course, you need not to overdo it, otherwise your image will be far from business. The main thing to remember when choosing an office sundress: you need minimal finish, strict cut and not too bright, conspicuous colors.

Models of office sundresses

  • Dress with long straps is one of the most popular office models. It represents a skirt about the length of the knee with a high waistline and long straps extending from it. This dress looks very original and at the same time strictly. Blouses decorated with various ruffles and embroideries are very well suited to it. Such a cut of a sundress allows not to close all these decorations, making each of your images individual and unique. However, it is worth considering that in this case the blouse must be fastened with all buttons to the neckline.

Models sundresses for the officeModels sundresses for the office

  • Sundress for office on wide straps goes well with classic blouses, which resemble shirts and turtlenecks in their cut. In addition, if you have broad shoulders, such a sundress will help you alleviate this shortcoming. Particularly successful will look bright sundress in combination with a dark blouse.
  • Wearing sundresses with decorative elements in the office is also not forbidden. Such elements can be various ingenious pockets, small bows, unusual lapels, tucks and other elements. If you dress in such a sundress, then remember that you can combine it only with the simplest blouse or turtleneck without any kinds of finishes. Also, with this choice, you should take care of the uniformity of tights and simplicity and plain shoe. After all, you have already chosen the center of your dress itself sundress. Also, when choosing a sundress, you must consider the features of your figure. If you have wide hips, choose a sundress, the decorative elements of which will be located in its upper part. If you are the owner of a massive upper part of the body, then you could not be better suited sundress, containing various "gadgets" in its lower part. Thus, you will distract attention from the problem areas of your figure and emphasize dignity.

Models sundresses for the officeModels sundresses for the office

  • If you are the owner of a triangular face, you would be the best fit sundress round neckline.
  • If your face is round or square, pay attention to V-neck. These models will help you visually adjust the shape of the face. The products of the first type are very advantageously combined with blouses containing a bow at the neck, the latter look best with turtlenecks and blouses of a shirt construction.

You should not be afraid to choose sundresses as an office attire. They will help you look feminine and attractive in any situation. The main thing is to have a sense of proportion in the selection of length, color and shape. And also choose a sundress that fits exactly to your figure. And remember that no dress code can ever hide your natural charm and positive attitude towards life.