Mint color in clothes


One of the new trends of the fashion season of this year was the mint-colored clothes. Various shades of mint: menthol, light turquoise, bright turquoise, all these colors filled the fashion week. The most popular mint shade of this season is the shade of mint ice cream. Mint color makes clothes light and fresh. Such clothes will give a breath of fresh air at a glance at her.

Mint color psychology

Mint color in clothes

Any color affects a person, and his influence can be quite different. Mint color has a positive effect on a person, he is able to refresh and relieve a headache. He is able to cheer up and relieve tension. Mint color is a neutral color. It can be used as the main one, which makes it easy to experiment with it. Mint color is bright, saturated, faded and even go almost blue. He also refers to the colors intelligent and intelligent.

How to use in the wardrobe mint color?

mint-colored jacket

One of the popular mint-colored clothes will be blouses, bags, blazers, jeans and skirts. You can buy a mint-colored jacket for yourself. They can be worn all year round. In the summer, these can be short models made from non-hot light matter, and in winter, fur models with a mint color. Such jackets are able to emphasize all the virtues of the figure and diversify any ensemble.

Mint color in fashion

mint-colored swimsuit

Mint color is most often found in fashion shows for spring and summer because it is the color of summer. According to the advice of stylists and designers it is better to choose calm shades of mint color. One of the most fashionable things of this color will be clothes slightly wrinkled, made of special fabric. Many new swimsuit models are offered in mint color. It is often used for them, because such swimsuits look very beautiful on tanned skin.

Mint color in retro clothes

Mint color in retro clothes

Mint color will be good on retro clothes that come back into fashion. Here you can use clothes of any shape. This may be narrowed waist, and broad shoulders, geometric patterns and clear lines, hats and flared pants. Mint color can be only on one element of the costume or the entire ensemble. You can choose for yourselves knitted dresses from wool of mint color.

Mint color will be especially relevant for dresses. Flowing fabric that gently accentuates body curves, in a mint color, will make you even more feminine. Mint-colored dresses are able to create the impression of chastity of its owner. Light blouses and mint shorts will make your look more airy and light. Here the fabric is not as important as the color itself.

What shades combines mint color?

What shades combines mint color?

Mint color is best combined with beige and pearl, pink and gray, brown and blue, yellow and lilac. Mint color will accentuate tanned skin. It will be well combined with solid and white color. The brightest and most unusual combination will be a mint color with bright shades of red.

Who is the mint color for?

mint clothes on tanned skin

Anyone who wants to refresh their wardrobe, emphasize their youth and freshness, openness to new trends, mint color is best suited. This color refers to the colors of summer. Mint color will be very good for people of the Mediterranean type, people with dark hair and tanned skin. For summer holidays mint color is best for swimsuits. He will emphasize your newly appeared tan. Mint color fits almost any type, if you skillfully use some of the strokes in giving up your image and completing it, then it will only emphasize your virtues. The only point is that you need to choose the right shade for yourself.

Mint color in sportswear

Mint color in sportswear

Having made a combination of mint color with green, you can create a bright sporty style. At the same time associating with tenderness, your sporty style will become even more tender. There is even a place for romance. In combination with mint color, things of black color will look unusual. Sporty white jacket with mint color with pink lipstick and you will look perfect.

Who is the combination of mint and brown in clothes?

combination of mint and brown

This color combination is very unusual and noble. Clothing of such colors is especially suitable for brunettes with dark or pale skin. In this combination, you can use brown, ranging from the color of dark chocolate and ending with caramel.

The combination of mint color with black and pastel in clothes

The combination of mint color with pastel in clothes

For a combination of mint color with pastel colors, you can use items of clothing of lavender, blue and yellow colors. These colors should be muted and soapy. To create a combination of mint and black, make the mint color a base color, it should also be gentle and muffled. If the mint color is active and strong, turning into turquoise, there should be a lot of black in this combination.

combination of mint and black

The combination of mint-colored clothes with flesh-and-serpent print

Here the main thing is to choose a color that emphasizes favorably your skin or blends with its shade. After you pick this color, choose mint-colored clothes. Using clothes made under the snake color is not very sharp color, choose the skin of caramel brown and beige.

Mint-colored clothes are suitable for festive events, and for every day. It will be relevant in the summer and winter. Designers have created many combinations of mint color with others, so you can easily choose for yourself a lot of suitable options. Mint-colored clothes can easily give your look lightness and lightness.