Miley cyrus hairstyles. who is miley cyrus


Popular American singer and actress Miley Cyrus - a girl who knows how to surprise. Her images are not only interesting, but sometimes truly shocking. The point is not that the singer chooses what she does not go, but rather in striking contrasts. Feminine hairstyle Miley can easily exchange for a mohawk.

The star is in constant search of itself and is not afraid of experiments. New hairstyle Miley Cyrus always causes a heated discussion - a girl can go from one extreme to the other. Before talking about the most memorable images of the singer and actress, it is worthwhile to trace her key transformations, which largely reflect the stages of the creative path.

Who is Miley Cyrus?

Miley Cyrus hairstyles

A similar question can come to the mind of a person who is far from the world of American show business. Miley Cyrus know everything - this is not an exaggeration. In the eyes of millions of fans, this fragile girl grew up and turned into a real woman. She gained fame thanks to the youth series "Hana Montana". After him, the girl took up a solo career as a singer, released albums and toured America tours.

Miley was born in a creative family - her father played country, starred in TV shows. Parents always supported the girl and helped her in every way - later Miley's mom would become her agent. In many ways, the success of his daughter contributed to the father, who prompted her to the idea that it would be nice to take up an acting career.

When the girl was 12 years old, he starred in one of the series. Looking at her father, little Desteny Hope (that is the real name of the singer) decided that she wanted to do the same. In the series that made her famous, Miley came by accident. She heard about the casting, sent the cassette with her performance, claiming one of the minor roles.

Great was her surprise when she was offered to try on the main role of the schoolgirl of Khana, who tries to seem like an ordinary girl. In this case, Hana leads a double life - in fact, she is a successful singer.

Miley Cyrus hairstyles

Miley could not have become Hanoi - when the producer saw her, he said that she was too small for the role. Only Miley's stubbornness and her vocal skills helped her to get this role. After the end of filming in the series, the young singer took up a solo career, giving tours. She performed songs from the series and her own tracks. Then Miley began releasing her own albums.

Like any other public figure, Miley Cyrus likes to attract attention. Perhaps this makes it more popular than filming on TV shows and performing songs. A separate theme for gossip is celebrity tattoos. It feels like she wants to cover herself from head to toe.

Also, the singer is known for her outrageous behavior. Do not think that she is behaving inadequately. Calling Cyrus is more concerned with her experiments on appearance. A couple of years ago, the girl actually arranged a live broadcast from the barber's chair, which surprised and disappointed many fans.

Let us dwell on this episode in more detail. Many remember Miley as a graceful well-groomed girl with feminine curls. As she grew, there were no cardinal changes in her style. In general, early images can be described as follows: femininity. Miley loved beautiful dresses, styling, braids and non-defiant makeup. A couple of years ago, serious changes took place in the image of ex-Chana Montana. It all started with hair. First, the singer dyed blonde, and then completely cut her hair.

Features new hairstyle Miley Cyrus

Miley Cyrus hairstyles

Miley herself said that the desire to cut long hair was associated with a new stage in her life. The girl wanted to "update" herself. A haircut for a boy, somewhat resembling a mohawk due to shaved temples, really made Cyrus unrecognizable. Photos of new Miley on Twitter caused a heated discussion, to which the star replied that this is her hair, and she does everything with them that she wants. Those who can not say anything good, advised to leave her new hairstyle without caustic comments.

No matter how criticized her fans, it's hard not to admit that the new hairstyle gave the singer a dynamic look. Miley had her hair cut in different ways. Very often, she pushed a part of her hair to the side, pinched her bangs up or did styling as a "hedgehog". Pixie hairstyle (that's what it is called) is, indeed, an excellent field for experiments with styling.

New hairstyle Miley Cyrus proves that short haircuts under the boy can beautifully beat a round face. If earlier long curls gave the singer some kind of puppetism, then the new haircut focused on features. With her, she does not look like typical Hollywood beauties - Miley is more like a person who is aware of his individuality.

Miley Cyrus hairstyles

Soon after this experiment, the whole image of the singer changed. Today, it is somewhat reminiscent of a mixture of punk and grunge. Rivets, torn shorts, dimensionless clothing of dark shades - direct evidence of this. In the image of the singer shows through sexuality and provocation.

Her approach to make-up has changed. The current Cyrus does not bypass the bright scarlet lipstick. Permanent eyelashes and huge arrows became permanent companions of the image. Virtually none of the performances is complete without such a provocative stage image.

By the way, the singer recently surprised everyone again. At one of the events she appeared with a classic bob haircut. This transition to the classics was remembered by many.

Miley herself admits that she grows hair. However, from it you can expect any experiments.

In many ways, what the singer looks like right now is related to her attitude towards herself and her body. Those who watched the series with her participation, remember the swelling of the heroine's child. Miley began to work hard on Pilates to achieve perfect form. At the moment, she believes that she has achieved the desired result and loves to show off her body.

Miley Cyrus hairstyles

In part, this behavior fits into her thrash image of a rebel. By the way, many of the current image of the star is somehow reminiscent of attempts to imitate Gwen Stefani. For most fashion critics, imitation seems to be a failure - sometimes Miley goes too far and instead of sexuality gets frank vulgarity. Stylists note some negligence in the hairstyle (not dyed roots), too revealing outfits and excessive nakedness. Let's hope that this is just another extravagant experiment and sooner or later Miley Cyrus will find his own style.

If you want to experiment with style, it is better to stop at the early image of Miley Cyrus. He is more restrained and goes almost everything. The basis consists of dresses and skirts, lace, elegant jewelry. In the hairstyle the main thing is styling. Miley was incredibly beautiful with the usual laid loose curls. The current image of the singer will appeal to those who love grunge. Of course, the main thing in it - short cut pixie.