Microcurrent facial


Electric currents have long been used in medicine and cosmetology. In beauty salons and clinics there are many methods of applying electrotherapy. Having studied the possibilities of electricity, doctors develop various methods of treatment and transformation of the body.

Exposure to high-voltage electrical currents, but with little power, is called darsonvalization or, in other words, microcurrents. Micro-currents help restore face youth and beauty.

Microcurrents for the face: the principle of action

Microcurrent therapy involves two methods: MENS and TENS. The first method involves influencing the neuromuscular structures, and the second method affects the nervous tissue. The overall effect is pain relief, and the fight against pain is the main indication for microcurrents.

Microcurrents for the face: the principle of action

The MENS method acts in a complex way on the body, due to which the anesthetic effect and the stimulation effect of regenerative processes in the skin are achieved. Cosmetologists claim that microcurrents for the face can fight the signs of aging, tighten the skin and smooth wrinkles.

Microcurrents for the face: indications

Recently, microcurrents for the face have become quite a popular procedure among women. Microcurrents are effective in many situations:

  • Resisting age-related changes
  • Edema control
  • Smoothing and removing scars
  • Remove traces of black spots and acne
  • Acne treatment
  • Skin condition improvement
  • Increase skin elasticity
  • Fight with pigmentation of the skin
  • Elimination of sagging of soft tissues, corners of the mouth and eyes
  • Wrinkle smoothing
  • Elimination of sebaceous gland disorders
  • Combat turgor reduction and skin degradation
  • Rehabilitation after plastic surgery

Microcurrents for the face: contraindications

  1. Malignant neoplasms
  2. Skin infection
  3. The presence of a pacemaker and implants
  4. Epilepsy
  5. Pregnancy

Microcurrents for the face: contraindications

Microcurrent for face: reviews

  • Galina: "I attended the procedure of microcurrents for the face - I am satisfied with the effect, no side effects were identified!"
  • Alexandra: "I am delighted with the microcurrent procedure for the face!"
  • Elvira: “Microcurrents are an excellent procedure. You will always have time to lie under the knife, but microcurrents effectively tighten the skin, eliminating traces of black spots and acne. Tested on yourself.”
  • Christina: “The first time I did the procedure of microcurrents at 33. The effect is amazing. I just started wrinkles. True, the effect of the therapy did not last long - only 4 months. Next time I did microcurrents at 35 years old, but the effect was no longer on the procedure. I don’t understand what it depends on. "
  • Tatyana: “Recently I made microcurrents for the face. The effect of the procedure impressed me - the skin tightened, the scar left. I also want to do several courses to enhance the effect and fully rejuvenate!”.
  • Svetlana: “I’m a real fan of microcurrents. The procedure helps 100%. Only I did not fight wrinkles (I don’t have them at all), but with deformation of the facial contours. I do the procedure of microcurrents regularly, about 2 times a month.”
  • Eva: “I underwent 12 microcurrents procedures - 2 times a week. The result is satisfied, unlike in myostimulation, the effect is noticeable almost immediately. No side effects were identified.”
  • Dinara: "I am 30 years old. I went through several sessions of facial microcurrents. My acquaintances noticed the effect of the procedure after 4 sessions, and I only after the ninth session. I am completely satisfied with the result - it feels like I was 7 years younger, no less!" .
  • Anna: "I am 37. I have already done 8 microcurrents procedures. I am completely satisfied with the effect. I can say that in 8 sessions I practically got rid of skin laxity and improved the general condition of my face. I did the first 6 sessions with one doctor, then I decided to change the clinic and did the remaining procedures from another doctor. I realized that a lot depends not only on the procedure itself, but also on the doctor. The first doctor did everything quickly, without much love for the case, constantly asked when I would decide to administer botox and hyalulated acid to my body. from ko she gently, gently, carefully treating every part of the skin of the face. I leave the office in a great mood and always look forward to looking in the mirror to see the result. So sign up for microcurrents to the doctor who is enthusiastic about her work, and then you will definitely get the desired result! ".

Microcurrent for face: reviews

  • Olesya: "Recently I took a course of microcurrents for the face. The result is simply stunning - the face became elastic, a healthy glow appeared. I did the procedures 1 time in 10 days. I want to maintain the effect at least 2 times a month."
  • Olga: "I always treated the microcurrents with distrust. But I nevertheless decided and did it. I really liked it - the effect was visible after the first procedure. I had a big bruise and swelling on my face, but after the microcurrents everything began to pass. My face grew younger and younger I feel like a 25-year-old girl, although I am 38 years old. "
  • Julia: "Microcurrents for the face is a great thing for those who want to preserve their beauty and youth for a long time. The procedure does not cause discomfort, I even liked it - I felt a warm and pleasant tingling during the procedure!".

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Microcurrents for the face - a great alternative to plastic surgery and Botox. Allow yourself to be young and beautiful, because we live only once!