Microcurrent face therapy

In pursuit of beauty, women are ready to make any sacrifices. But is this statement true today at the modern level of development of cosmetology? The definite answer is no! After all, today cosmetology clinics offer a wide range of procedures that are selected individually, and the visible effect is achieved instantly.

Microcurrent therapy: what is it?

Microcurrent therapy: what is it?

Microcurrent therapy is designed to affect the skin, lymph nodes, and even the muscular tissue of the face with a pulsed current of slight voltage. The current that affects the tissue has different frequency characteristics.

Through this procedure, you can achieve a pronounced positive effect in the form of tightening wrinkles and eliminate signs of skin wilting. Thanks to the procedure, the atrophied muscles are restored, and muscle spasms are eliminated. From here the aesthetic appearance of the face is significantly improved. The effect of the procedure is best seen when the second chin is removed, and the deep folds of the nasolabial triangle are affected.

Due to the effects of alternating current, functional activity of the lymph nodes and skin cells is stimulated, which stimulates the excretion of excess fluid. Removal of its surplus will contribute to the formation of a clear and beautiful oval face. In addition, the impact of current stimulates blood circulation in the zone of action - lymphatic drainage. Microwave therapy can be of 2 types - for the face and for the whole body.

The procedure allows you to tighten the muscles of the face, remove the accumulated toxins from the tissues. The essence of it is reduced to the impact of the current on the patient's skin, while she does not feel pain. The only thing that can be felt is a slight tingling, which is barely noticeable and even pleasant. To carry out the impact of the current can be using special tools - conductive gel, gloves, special metal electrodes.

After a couple of sessions visible results are noticeable. Flabby skin, becomes tightened, gets fresh color, small wrinkles completely disappear. The procedure itself lasts about 60 minutes, and the full course is approximately 12 sessions. They can be held no more than 3 times a week. After a couple of months, the course of procedures is desirable to repeat - to consolidate the results.

Microcurrent face therapy: reviews

The procedure greatly helps to get rid of enlarged pores, improves skin elasticity. In addition, it can be recommended to all women, with pronounced circles and "bags" under the eyes, with skin pigmentation.

Microcurrent face therapy can be used in the postoperative period, after plastic surgery to correct the face. Microcurrents also proved to be good for scars and scarring. For effective therapy of the latter, microcurrents can be applied as conductors for deeper penetration into the skin layers.

Along with the excellent effect of using the procedure, there are a number of cases when it is contraindicated. For example, in the presence of oncological formations, epileptic seizures, pregnancy, the presence of electrocardiostimulators in a patient, etc.

The essential advantages of the procedure are its low invasiveness, the tissues that are exposed to current are practically not damaged. The method itself is completely safe, which is confirmed by numerous studies and positive patient reviews.

Compared with other methods of rejuvenation, namely, mesotherapy, the effect of microcurrents lasts much longer. Thus, according to research data, the effect of mesotherapy lasts a little more than a month, when the effect of microcurrents will delight a woman for half a year.

During the procedure, several types of exposure take place at once. But, according to the testimony, they can be achieved separately, everything will depend on the cosmetic problem and the desire of the patient.

So, with the help of deincrustation, it is possible to achieve purification and narrowing of large pores. Lymphatic drainage will ensure the removal of excess fluid that has accumulated in the intercellular space. In addition, this type of exposure will help get rid of puffiness, remove bags under the eyes.

It is possible to restore the tone and stimulate the metabolic processes in the skin with the help of reprogrammed mimic muscles. Due to the deep relaxation of this muscle group, wrinkles are removed. Microcurrents can also have a lifting effect, which makes this procedure popular when using not only the face, but the skin of the neck.

Before the procedure, the doctor takes a photo before, so that the patient has the opportunity to evaluate how microcurrent face therapy works before and after. In the future, the program will be compiled depending on skin type, the presence of certain problems and, of course, the desired result. If ready-made programs are not suitable, then the doctor will make an individual one, which will be implemented later.

Microcurrent face therapy: reviews

It is worth remembering that microcurrents are not an alternative to Botox, threads, and even more surgical interventions. In the opinion of cosmetologists, it is lifting and lymphatic drainage that are the most effective types of effects that give excellent results. They are easy to reproduce using microcurrent therapy.

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