Micellar water garnier


Micellar water is a cosmetic novelty that quickly gained popularity among girls. With its help, you can remove makeup, fat, and so on. Pollution. Micellar water takes its origin in France, where it was developed for the care of hypersensitive skin prone to allergies.

The composition of the product includes micelles that repel dirt from the surface of the skin, gently and gently clean the epidermis. Currently, almost every cosmetic brand has created its micellar water, which is distinguished by its price and additional components.

Micellar water: what is it?

Micellar water is a mild cleanser without soap and alcohol that gently removes makeup and dirt from the skin. It does not cause irritation and, unlike milk and tonic, is more delicate. It does not cause irritation, deeply cleanses the skin and helps to moisturize it. Thanks to the additional components, micellar water refreshes and invigorates tired skin in a day.

Micellar water garnier

An irreplaceable product will seem to you in hot weather, when the skin suffers from sun and dust. Often, micellar water is used by actors and models who need to refresh or completely change their makeup within minutes between the shows.

Water has no color and smell, it is available in bottles of a sufficiently large volume. Depending on the manufacturer, natural extracts, oils and vitamins may be included. It is suitable for people with any skin type and for any age. It is convenient to take a bottle of micellar water with you on the road, when there is no time to qualitatively remove makeup.

Micellar water: pros and cons

Along with the question of why micellar water is needed, etc. arise. For example, what positive or negative qualities does this product have?


  • Removes makeup quickly and efficiently;
  • Refreshes the face;
  • Removes dirt;
  • It has no color and smell;
  • Hypoallergenic;
  • Does not cause redness and skin irritation;
  • Suitable for all people with different skin types;
  • Does not leave stains on the face;
  • Depending on the additional components, it may have calming, moisturizing, anti-inflammatory and other properties.

Micellar water garnier


  • In most cases, the skin remains slightly sticky;
  • It can dry and tighten the skin;
  • Additional ingredients may cause allergies;
  • Eye contact may start pinching;
  • Greasy luster may appear on the skin.

How to use micellar water?

Apply a small amount of micellar water to a cotton pad and gently wipe the skin (best on the massage lines). Around the eyes, proceed from the nose to the temple on the upper eyelid and from the temple to the nose on the lower.

Rinse off the product is not necessary, but some brands leave behind a nasty sticky film. In this case, you can slightly rinse your face with cool water. In most cases, micellar water does not remove waterproof makeup.

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Micellar water garnier: reviews

  1. Marina: I often use micellar water, constantly buying new brands. Recently acquired Garnier, not disappointed. However, compared to other brands, this water cope with washing off makeup for a long time. Adhesive film does not leave a large amount and is not expensive.
  2. Angela: At first I was skeptical about this water: it was too cheap for 400 ml. But I still decided to buy. I expected disappointments, but they were not. Water perfectly coped with my makeup, quickly refreshed and soothed the skin. Does not leave adhesive film, does not dry the skin, does not pinch the eyes. In general, I am pleased with the purchase.
  3. Irina: Having read positive reviews, I decided to purchase micellar water from Garnier. I do not share the general delight, there are the best brands. First, from the first time does not remove cosmetics. Secondly, being in contact lenses, pinched eyes. From other means this was not. Thirdly, after removing the makeup, I wanted to immediately wash my face, since I felt a greasy film. I will not buy this water again.
  4. Anastasia: I recently acquired micellar water from Garnier. Before her, I had experience using a product of other brands. I can say one thing - excellent value for money. Maybe it doesn’t remove cosmetics immediately (I didn’t observe such a single effect), but there are no irritations and reddenings left. Interestingly, after using this water, my face became fresher and there were fewer rashes. I advise everyone.
  5. Daria: I bought water from Garnier instead of the usual one. It has no smell, no color, no taste. When shaken, it foams. For me, this is a great makeup remover.

Micellar water is an excellent tool for removing makeup and removing impurities. It gently cares for the skin, nourishes it with moisture and useful substances. If you have a rich and dynamic lifestyle, you need to use express skin care products, micellar water is what you need.