Micellar water bioderma

More recently, the market of cosmetology has been replenished with a new product - micellar water. Lovers of new products have already tried this tool on themselves and made conclusions: someone allocated a solid place to this water on their dresser, and someone decided that this was nothing more than a publicity stunt. So what is micellar water and should it be used?

What is micellar water?

What is micellar water?

  • Why is this remedy called in such a mysterious way? According to the manufacturers, micellar water consists of the smallest particles that can be seen only under a microscope - micelles. Substances, getting on the skin, gently and effectively remove makeup and impurities, excess skin secretions. Their action is so delicate and soft that they are suitable even for the most sensitive skin. If you define micellar water, it is a safe and very effective means, the purpose of which is skin cleaning.
  • Micellar water body has color and smell. Perhaps that is why it causes some suspicions at the beginning, because we are accustomed to, that any cosmetic product smells fragrant and has a characteristic color. It was originally developed for young children and people who suffer from diseases such as xerosis, psoriasis, ichthyosis, etc. However, after seeing how high the quality of this product is, many cosmetic manufacturers borrowed the technology of production and actively produce micellar water. Lotions with such water perfectly clean, perfectly moisturize, soothe the skin. Also it is good to use with various inflammations and irritations. The natural supplements contained in the product make the product even more valuable and effective.
  • Micellar water does not need to be flushed. It is quite easy to use. Apply a small amount of product to a cotton swab or disc and gently massage your face and neck with massage movements to remove makeup and impurities. If you feel that your skin is not clean enough, repeat the procedure. Of course, micellar water is not a panacea for all problems and it is quite likely that it may not be suitable for someone, but most women confirm the positive effect with their feedback.

Micellar water Bioderma for skin

At the moment, many well-known cosmetic companies offer women micellar water. The most popular is Bioderma.

Micellar water Bioderma: reviews

Micellar water Bioderma is an effective and soft remedy that is suitable for all skin types. In its composition you will not find soap, alcohol, perfumes or phenoxyethanol. That is why the tool does not cause any harm to the skin, on the contrary provides the maximum cleansing and nutrition. As part of the micellar water Bioderm there is a cucumber extract that takes care of your skin and refreshes it.

Judging by the numerous reviews, the water company Bioderma has a great success among the female population. Ladies celebrate the positive effect of the product on the skin, effective cleansing. In addition, micellar water Bioderma can perfectly remove waterproof makeup from the eyes. What is curious, some women complain about the bitter taste of water, however, it is not clear why they tasted it, because the tool is intended only for external use.

Micellar water Bioderma: application

Here is what the manufacturer himself writes about his product. Indications for use: cleansing of thin, fragile and sensitive skin, on which redness often appears, removal of makeup from the face and eyes, including removal of waterproof makeup.

How to use the micellar water Bioderma? Use a facial cleanser in the morning and evening. Micellar water does not require subsequent rinsing, so you can just blot your face with a cotton towel.

Properties of micellar water Bioderma

  • Sensibio H20 perfectly and quickly removes impurities from the skin of the face with the help of micro-emulsification, while protecting the lipid balance of the surface layer of the skin.
  • The product moisturizes and soothes the skin. Does not contain harmful ingredients and is pH neutral.

Micellar water Bioderma: reviews

Micellar water Bioderma: reviews

At one of the sites dedicated to cosmetology, the girl shares her impressions of micellar water. For the first time she was interested in the tool when a well-known model Sasha Pivovarova mentioned it and the girl immediately decided to use it. Having traveled a few pharmacies, the customer finally found what she was looking for. The means according to its description is similar to ordinary water, it treats the skin very carefully and does not require rinsing. This is very convenient, since in the evening it is often not at all the strength to thoroughly wash and perform the entire process of purification, and micellar water successfully replaces it.

Other girls also express positive opinion on micellar water bioderma, The owners of sensitive skin are especially pleased. However, why not pamper normal skin with such an excellent tool ?! Love your skin, and she will answer you the same.

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