Meybelin affiniton 24 powder


Women can, of course, do without some cosmetics, but not without quality powder. She, perhaps, is in each handbag. Choosing a brand of product is a responsible business!

Maybelin: from the history of the company

The history of the world famous company Maybelline began with mascara. At the beginning of the 20th c. the young chemist, Thomas Williams, helped his older sister, Mabel, easily win the heart of a chosen one. He prepared a mixture of vaseline with coal dust, thanks to which the girl’s eyebrows and eyelashes became more spectacular and expressive.

In 1915, Williams founded the company, naming it Maybelline, after the name of his sister, Maybel, adding to it the 2nd part of the word "petroleum jelly". At first, the business was very small, family-run; goods were delivered to consumers only by mail.

Meybelin Affinity Powder 24: reviews

Today, Maybelline products are known in 100 countries, and the brand has become one of the most recognizable.

In addition to creating and maintaining external beauty, the main values ​​of the brand have always been: inner strength and a feeling of unlimited freedom, self-confidence.

Maybelline girl - modern, beautiful, purposeful! This is a bright personality, able to defend their opinions, get involved and carry away others. It embodies the spirit of freedom of a big city, just like the world capital of fashion, New York.

At the end of the 20th century. Maybelline moves from Memphis to New York. That is how Maybelline New York appeared. The main message of the company is color, style, innovation. As a colorist, Maybelline NY creates products that are most popular in a particular season. With advanced research teams required to create innovative cosmetic products, the brand quickly gained fame as an expert in decorative cosmetics. A wide range of mascaras of different effects and shades, a rich palette of eyeshadow, elegant moisturizing lipsticks and nail polishes, foundation creams, manicure and makeup products from Maybelline NY are not indifferent even the most demanding women.

Meibelin Affiniton 24 Powder: The Secrets of Choosing a Tone

Maybelin Affiniton 24 - waterproof powder! She holds up to 24 hours. Perfectly resists heat, high humidity and greasy shine. The unique formula of Micro-Flex powder contains exclusive water-repellent pigments. They normalize the increased sebaceous excretion of the skin of the face during the day, whereas the usual powders only mask the defect.

Meibelin powder palette is diverse, among its shades there are both warm and cold.

If you do not know which powder to choose for yourself, remember the simple rules.

The color of the powder is always selected depending on the shape of the face.

A narrow face will appear rounder when applying a light shade of powder.

A wide face with a dark tint of powder applied on both sides of the face will appear narrower.

If you never use tonal means for the face, then choose waterproof powder of exactly the same tone as your skin.

Meybelin Affinity Powder 24: reviews

We advise you to powder the skin around the eyes, eyelashes and even lips, then the eyeshadow and lipstick will last much longer.

Meybelin Affinity Powder 24: reviews

  • Kira: I have long made friends with this powder. I am very satisfied with the low price (about 300 rubles) and high quality. The powder, in my opinion, has a nice packaging, and the presence of a mirror makes me happy. Comfortable soft sponge, it is very pleasant to use. I have oily skin with dilated pores, and the powder perfectly masks it.
  • Natalya: Probably, every woman has several types of powder for different occasions, in the winter I personally use one, in the summer - a completely different one. I'll tell you about the pudremeibelin affiniton 24, which I have been using for a very long time, it has never failed me. My shade is 42, dark beige, it gives a wonderful effect of "light tan", because in winter, especially during the holidays, you do not want to look pale.
  • Luda: I bought this powder spontaneously. I went to the store, chose Meibelin Affiniton 24, because this company has a good decorative ruler. I took a shade of 03, but it turned out to be too pale. The main advantage of powder is that it is easily applied to the skin, completely without blemishes. It also perfectly masks fine acne and pores.
  • Olga: I bought this powder in a small beauty salon. My shade: No. 24 (Golden Beige). She came in a set: with a small sponge and mirror. The skin is not dried, lay well, the tone gave the desired.

Meibelin Affiniton 24 Powder is the first waterproof product for even skin tone.

Positive feedback from customers suggests that this well-known product turned out to be excellent.