Metrogil gel for acne


Those who think that acne is overwhelmed by people only in their teens are mistakenly believed. Many adults also face a similar problem. This is due to various reasons - from poor ecology to poor nutrition. Currently, there are many remedies for acne, but the most famous and effective is still considered the gel Metrogil.

"Metrogil" - acne gel. Instructions for use

Most people mistakenly believe that hormones or antibiotics are part of this drug. In fact - it is not. The main active component of Metrogil is matronidazole - a bacteriostatic substance that has anti-inflammatory, antioxidant and bactericidal action. This remedy is effective against a wide range of bacteria and microorganisms that cause pimples. The main advantage of acne gel "Metrogil" is the ability to use it for a long time without fear of addiction.

Metrogil ointment effectively helps to deal with the following dermatological problems: acne, acne, various skin inflammations and rashes, burns, various rashes (its effectiveness has been proven even in hemorrhoids), skin infections, trophic ulcers, cracks, dermatitis and eczemas of various kinds . In case you think that Metrogil gel alone does not cope with the problem of acne, you can use it together with other cosmetics and medicines.

Interestingly, this tool has no serious contraindications, but before using it, it is still advisable to consult with a specialist. The only thing, it is not recommended to apply to pregnant women and children, as well as to people suffering from allergies to some component of Metrogil. The drug can be dangerous in diseases of the blood-vascular and nervous systems.

Using "Metrogil" for acne is quite simple. The gel is applied with a thin layer to problem areas of the skin 2 times a day (after waking up and before bedtime). For minor pimples, ointment is spotted only a few times. Before applying the product, the skin should be cleaned of impurities and cosmetics, as well as thoroughly dried. In order to avoid infection, Metrogil ointment is applied with clean hands.

Due to its composition, the tool is absorbed in just 10 minutes. After applying the gel and its absorption, you can apply cosmetics (but during the treatment of acne, it is better to completely refuse or at least minimize the use of cosmetics). Dermatologists say that Metrogil is effective in making masks, compresses and talkers for acne.

Do not wait for quick results. You will notice the first improvements after 1-2 weeks, but a full-lasting effect will be observed after 1-1.5 months. To achieve real results, you need regular use of the gel "Metrogil", and not once every few days.

Ointment "Metrogil" acne has several side effects: after the first application may appear burning and itching, which pass through a few minutes; irritation and redness; in case of application around the eyes, tears can flow; in some cases, there is hyperthermia. In case of contact with the mucous membranes, immediately rinse them with water. After using the tool is recommended to refrain from sunbathing, as there is a chance to get serious burns.

Analogs drug

This acne remedy has several analogs:

  1. Rosamet - highly effective antimicrobial ointment, the main component of which is metronidazole. This remedy is used to treat rosacea, acne, blackheads, inflamed papules, pustules and Eritrema. Rosamet is used twice a day for 2 months. The effect of acne treatment comes in about 2-3 weeks.
  2. Aknestop - is a cream for external use. Effectively fights various skin problems: acne and pathological hyperpigmentation of the skin. The cream is rubbed into the affected areas with a thin layer 2 times a day. The course of treatment depends on the individual picture of the disease.
  3. Mederma - this gel is applied with massaging movements to problem areas of the skin. To achieve the desired effect, the tool is recommended to use 3 times a day. Gel perfectly copes with cosmetic scars, stretch marks, acne marks, acne and acne itself. The tool has a mild effect that allows it to be used for particularly sensitive, delicate and children's skin.
  4. Effezel - an effective drug for acne of all types. The gel has both therapeutic and prophylactic effects. With the help of the tool you can get rid of skin swelling, redness, irritation and inflammation. Effezel perfectly copes with subcutaneous comedones. The drug is recommended to apply no more than 1 time per day.
  5. Klenzit - gel, which is used for local therapy in patients with acne. It is applied evenly on problem areas of skin 1 time a day before bedtime. The effect of the funds will be noticeable after a month, and the result will be fixed after 3 months.

"Metrogil" ointment for acne: reviews

  • Oleg: For a long time tormented acne. On the advice of a dermatologist bought Metrogil gel and began to use, as written in the instructions. The first results appeared after 2 weeks. My face has visibly cleared, the number of acne has decreased. No side effects in the application process have been identified.
  • Daria: I met Metrogil by chance - the pharmacist advised me to buy when I was looking for salvation from acne. I used the gel for 2 months and could not believe my eyes - the skin is healthy and clean. The daughter also tried to cure her rashes, but she developed allergies and stopped using this ointment. I'm completely satisfied!
  • Tatyana: Excellent tool that helped me say goodbye to my acne. But I put "Metrogil" not only 2 times a day, but also added to various masks. The result exceeded all expectations - in a month I felt beautiful! No cleaning of the face gave me such a result. I advise everyone! "

Gel "Metrogil" acne - a good drug that can cure any acne. Due to the wide scope of use, the ointment can be kept in your medicine cabinet just in case. Buy Metrogil easily at any pharmacy without a doctor's prescription at an affordable price. But remember that in case of side effects, the use of the drug must be stopped.