Mesothreads for facelift


Fight with age-related skin changes tried in the Middle Ages. However, the alchemists never invented an amazing elixir. In the modern world there are a number of cosmetic procedures, with the help of which you can get rid of small wrinkles, nasolabial folds, double chin, sagging cheeks. Recently, mesothreads have been actively used for face lifting. Reviews of this cosmetic procedure a variety.

Unfortunately, some of the fair sex are faced with negative consequences.

Let's talk about the main aspects of using mesoniths and see how this procedure is carried out.

Mesothreads - what is it?

lifting of the skin of the face is performed without surgery

Such a cosmetic procedure among the fair sex has become popular not too long ago. However, many women prefer it to her, because the lifting of the skin of the face is performed without surgery.

Mesothreads are used during mesotherapy. Specialists have developed a special tool Lead Fine Lift, which is introduced into the subcutaneous layer with the help of the thinnest needles. Thus, as a result of this procedure, one can observe a pronounced lifting effect. The uniqueness of the procedure lies in the fact that with the help of mezoniths you can tighten the chest, neck and hips.

In cosmetology practice, the procedure during which mesothreads are used is referred to as thread lifting. The injected substance serves as a kind of skin frame. Mesothreads are made from special fibers that are hypoallergenic. As a result of a properly performed procedure, rejection, hematomas or puffiness do not occur.

The effect after the procedure becomes almost immediately noticeable. The duration of the tradlift is about 1 hour. The time of the procedure may increase depending on the area of ​​the skin and the number of mesoniths used. Surprisingly, after one procedure, the lifting effect lasts for about 2 years.

Women who have already tried on themselves all the effectiveness of this cosmetic procedure, gradually begin to abandon the use of other materials for lifting. This is primarily due to the fact that thread-lifting itself is not traumatic and practically painless.

How many mesons are needed for one procedure?

Experienced cosmetologists know that in order to create the so-called subcutaneous skeleton, you need to use a certain number of mesothreads for each part of the face, in particular:

  • for the correction of the forehead - 11-12 mesothreads;
  • for tightening the skin on the neck - about 20 mesothites;
  • 11–12 filaments to remove a double chin;
  • for braces on both cheeks - an average of 25 pcs .;
  • about 50 threads for modeling the face contour;
  • for elimination of the hanging nasolabial folds - 6-10 mesothreads.

The number of used mesothreads may vary depending on the condition of the skin, the area of ​​the tightening, specific indications.

What do you need to do a pull-up with the help of mesoniths?

Many women, who for the first time want to undergo such a cosmetological procedure, are interested in the question of what effect should be expected and what can be achieved with the help of threadlifting. The possibilities of modern cosmetology are becoming almost unlimited every day. With the help of tredlifting, you can achieve the following results:

  • form (correct) the oval of the face;
  • make the skin elastic by building a subcutaneous skeleton;
  • eliminate mimic wrinkles, as well as remove the hanging skin on the nasolabial folds;
  • reduce or relax certain muscle tissue.

In general, the trend of the lifting procedure is recommended for representatives of the fair sex at a young age, while the skin is not too much modified. Older women are advised to use mesothreads only along with tightening the skin of the face surgically. By introducing mezoniths into the subcutaneous layer, it is possible to improve the elasticity and color of the skin.

So that you can visually see that thread-lifting is a really effective procedure, take a look at the photo before and after using meson threads.

By introducing mezoniths into the subcutaneous layer, the elasticity and color of the skin can be improved.

And this is how the result looks like after the introduction of an older woman under the skin of the meso-threads, who had deep facial wrinkles and nasolabial folds.

Many women who for the first time want to undergo such a cosmetic procedure

Why it is worth choosing correction of the skin with the help of mesothreads?

This cosmetic procedure has several advantages, in particular:

  • when tightening the skin with mesonite, the possibility of injury is excluded;
  • Anesthetics are not required to perform tradlifting;
  • traces from the introduction of the finest needles are almost imperceptible, and the skin regenerates very quickly;
  • due to its microscopic size, the mesothreads are not visible under the skin;
  • after the procedure, the patient does not need hospitalization and the supervision of the attending specialist;
  • the effect of the procedure lasts up to 24 months;
  • with a properly selected technique of trending, skin edemas and hematomas do not appear on the skin.

Are there any contraindications for such a cosmetic procedure?

Despite the hypoallergenic and unique composition, mesothreads can be administered under the skin not to all people. The procedure is contraindicated in such cases:

  • with the development of pathologies of the autoimmune type;
  • in case of any chronic diseases;
  • in the presence of pathologies of the skin;
  • in case of detection of diseases that can provoke rejection of injected mesoniths;
  • in the period of carrying a child or lactation.

Mesothreads can be introduced along with other cosmetic procedures, but only a qualified cosmetologist will be able to choose the right complex. Otherwise, you run the risk of becoming the owner of hematomas, puffiness or carried out threadlifting will mutilate your face. It is best to contact verified qualified cosmetologists who have passed the certification procedure.

Mesothreads: reviews, negative photos

Mostly women leave feedback that the introduction of the mesoniths allowed them to come closer to their cherished dream.

Most women leave feedback that the introduction of the mesoniths allowed them to come closer to their cherished dream. This is especially true of the fair sex balzakovskogo age. Many say that in itself the process of tradlifting is practically painless, with the exception of the area of ​​the lips, eyebrows and neck. Some even introduced mesothreads to the cleavage zone. After carrying out the procedure for some time, it hurts to touch the treated area.

Also, women leave feedback that after the introduction of the mesoniths, hematomas appeared on their faces, some even the size of a chicken egg. This is due to the fact that during the procedure the vessels were damaged. Such hematomas disappear in 2-3 weeks.

Unfortunately, the network has negative reviews of women who have been the victims of an unfair procedure by unqualified cosmetologists. As a result, they developed hematomas, edemas, and allergic reactions, which the photo clearly demonstrates.

By its efficiency and technique of conducting the introduction of the meso-threads is considered one of the most successful and safe cosmetology procedures. The main thing is to find a qualified and experienced cosmetologist who can correctly correct the shape of the face and tighten the skin. Before carrying out such a procedure, consult with your healthcare professional. If you have any contraindications, then you should refuse to use mesothreads. Be beautiful, young and healthy!