Mesotherapy for hair - what is it


Women dream of a styling hairstyle, men don't like hairs at all. Ivse comes down with coded hair loss. A lot of factors affect him, and all of them even senselessly try to consider. In any case, the fact of vitamin deficiency is important. Mesotherapy for hair will help to overcome this problem.

Mesotherapy for hair - what is it?

Mesotherapy refers to alternative medicine.

Mesotherapy refers to alternative medicine, but today it is used mainly in cosmetology. This procedure involves non-surgical intervention, which can be used to correct some cosmetic and aesthetic deficiencies. Although it existed since 1958, its popularity has grown greatly in recent times.

If we speak exclusively of hair treatments for memes, the treatment course involves the introduction of drugs directly into the scalp (deep into its layers - mesoderm). Vichchislo includes all these microelements and nutrients that are so necessary for the hair for proper long-term growth.

Today, there are many shampoos, balms, vitamin complexes, as well as folk recipes that promise us an amazing result - density and the cessation of hair loss. But if the latter still somehow can cope with such a task, current cosmetic tools are often a complete disappointment. Mesotherapy is one of the most effective ways to restore health to the hair. Thanks to the introduction of beneficial substances under the skin, there is a powerful effect on follicles, which leads to a kideal quality ratio and the amount of growing hair.

There is a prerequisite in which mesotherapy of the scalp will be possible and effective. Hair follicles must be alive, even if they are very weak. If there are none, or in the presence of a long-standing bald spot, mesotherapy will be ineffective.

Varieties of procedure

The choice of the type of mesotherapy depends solely on what is bothering the patient. A kind of cocktail is introduced into the skin - a mixture of the necessary substances that will help cope with any other problem. They are:

  • multicomponent;
  • oxygen;
  • homeopathic;
  • microelement.

Components may be as follows:

  • copper;
  • zinc;
  • magnesium;
  • selenium;
  • vitamins of several groups;
  • amino acids;
  • hyaluronic acid;
  • enzymes;
  • fatty acid.

The drug may also include drugs that have anti-inflammatory, anti-seboric, anti-androgenic effects. At certain indications, it is possible to add drugs that affect vessels (buflomedil, ginkgo biloba, minoxidil) stimulating follicles (these are amino acids and organic silicon).

It is important that the patient cannot independently choose the composition of the liquid: the doctor will select the necessary components of the indications individually.

Who needs and who can not?

Who needs and who can not?

Umesotherapy for hair, along with indications, is a contraindication that needs to be taken with serious seriousness. It can be effective for such problems:

  • seborrhea;
  • damage to the hair structure;
  • androgenic focal alopecia;
  • dandruff;
  • upcoming hair transplant;
  • pruritus;
  • split ends of hair;
  • increased hair loss in the postnatal period.

Injections become taboo if they occur:

  • epilepsy, as well as mental disorders;
  • pregnancy breast feeding
  • crayfish;
  • allergic reactions to the components of the cocktail;
  • taking anticoagulants;
  • immune diseases;
  • diabetes;
  • diseases of the blood;
  • cholelithiasis;
  • inflammation of the skin mucous membranes;
  • infections of various origins.

When to wait for results?

Of course, cocktails are very useful for hair. The advantage of this method of treatment is that it affects the organism as a whole, and with the positive side. But do not expect to see the result after 2 procedures: it will not be anyway.

Components in a liquid form, penetrating into the skin, begin to affect the hair follicles. In order to improve their state, one month is not enough, and in some cases there will not be enough money.

However, even if you know a little quickly, you will get an amazing result. This is not only the cessation of hair loss, but their complete renewal and improvement of the structure. Doctors recommend taking a course consisting of 8-10 sessions. In some cases, it may require regular passage. But if you look at the result of the mesotherapy of hair on the photo before the end, you can see what the effect is, and very significant. To strengthen it, experts recommend to undergo such treatment for spring and spring periods.

Hair mesotherapy has earned a lot of positive feedback. In particular, it turns out to be very effective in the case of the restoration of the hair, noticeably (before the formation of the bald patches) thinned after the birth. Hair loss decreased donor, appeared the same volume, the hair itself became obedient, shiny, that is obviously more healthy. As an effective procedure, hair owners also respond to hair mesotherapy when they become lifeless due to tiredness of the hair. The improvement, and a sharp one, was noticeable after about 8 sessions of injections. Thus, the growing popularity of "treats" of the scalp cocktails really has a basis.

The procedure for mesotherapy

Each procedure takes approximately 40 minutes and begins with training.

  1. I will take ibuprofen iaspirin before the beginning of the course.
  2. Immediately before treatment (within 1–2 hours), a cream with analgesic properties is applied to the hairy part of the head.
  3. After that, the skin is disinfected.

Mesotherapy is performed in 2 ways: using a syringe and a special pistol, the tip of which is the thinnest needle that sprays the solution. Its composition is selected in advance.

The patient lies on a special couch on his back or is reclining. Injections fall into the mesoderm at a depth of approximately 2–3 mm. Ukolizzhe performed at 1.5 or 2 cm each friend. Upon completion, the skin is treated with alcohol.

Hair care after beauty shots

Hair care after

Pay attention to what can not be done immediately after the procedure:

  • Do not go to the solarium for the next 2 days, do not let the sun's rays hit you directly;
  • In the course of 8-10 hours do not pay off (both in your breath and in the wilderness);
  • dumb hair and use care products for at least 12 hours.

Further care is to be the same, which was the beginning of the treatment. If there are any comments, the doctor will definitely give some tips on shampoos and other cosmetics.

Summarizing the above, we can conclude that mesotherapy is a very effective procedure for restoring damaged hair, fighting with a thin coat and balding of different origin. It is effective for all types of hair, which are becoming noticeably thicker, more beautiful because of the penetration of the vitamins and medicines into the deep layers of the scalp.