Meibelin waterproof powder

A woman may not use decorative cosmetics at all, but she should have powder. A good tool will make the skin matte and extremely attractive!

Meibelin Waterproof Powder: New Formula

The assortment of the famous American cosmetics company Meybelin (it was loved by the famous and famous women Marilyn Monroe, Greta Garbo, Teda Bara, Marlene Dietrich, Paul Negri, Marlene Dietrich and many others.) Is very diverse. The brand represents all kinds of cosmetic products. In women, the most popular mascara of this brand. And recently, the company presented to the representatives of the weaker sex another gift that quickly gained popularity - waterproof powder.

Waterproof powder Meibelin: reviews

The exclusive formula of Micro-Flex powder contains unique water repellent pigments. They are excellent in resisting the appearance of oily shine within 24 hours, while conventional means only absorb it.

Meibelin powder palette is diverse, among its shades there are both warm and cold.

Meibelin waterproof powder: application secrets

  • In order for the powder to make your skin fresh and matte, it needs to be able to use it properly. Here are some secrets.
  • Wait until day cream or foundation is well absorbed. If you apply powder on any cosmetic product immediately, the skin will look spotty.
  • Cover the powdered whole face. Only in this way will your features appear feminine.
  • Powder the skin around the eyes, eyelashes and even lips, then the eyeshadow and lipstick will last longer. If you powder your eyelashes a little before applying mascara, they will look thicker.
  • Always dust the nose, forehead and chin carefully - that is, the T-shaped area. There are a lot of sebaceous and sweat glands, and in these areas the skin begins to shine in the first place.
  • If you accidentally have a lot of powder on your face, do not wash the excess powder with a powder. Spend better on this site with a brush without powder. Or sprinkle your face with mineral water - it will absorb the excess funds.
  • Do not put the brush on the powder with the side you have already used. The remnants of sebum will fall on the tool, and it can quickly deteriorate.
  • If you do not use tonal means at all, then choose waterproof powder of exactly the same tone as your skin or take a transparent one. With it, there will be no trouble, believe me, it is ideal for any facial tone. True, she almost does not hide the flaws. Transparent products for flawless skin.

Waterproof powder Meibelin: reviews

  • The color of the powder is also selected depending on the shape of your face. A narrow face will appear rounder when applying a light shade of powder. A wide face with a dark tint of powder applied on both sides of the face will appear narrower.
  • The powder brush and powder puff eventually get dirty, because they absorb not only the powder, but also the secreted lard. Therefore, at least once every seven days, it is desirable to wash them with shampoo and dry.

Waterproof powder Meibelin: reviews

Basically, reviews about the products of the brand Meybelin - positive, customers are delighted with the powder, mascara, shadows, varnishes and glitters. True, many women have noticed that they often come across substandard imitations, which naturally casts a shadow on the brand image. If poor-quality cosmetics was purchased for the first time, then it will deter consumers from further use of this brand.

Reviews of make-up artists and well-known women about meibelin products, since its appearance, are extremely favorable. For example, the beautiful Marilyn Monroe enjoyed the use of majbeline mascara with pleasure!

  1. Christina: I had 10 tons of waterproof powder. I really liked it, well hides pores and redness, hides pimples, mats my combination skin with five plus. I didn’t regret buying it!
  2. Maria: I am delighted with Meibelin powder. It keeps on the skin for a very long time, it is magnificent, I think, the sponge, there is a mirror, a light texture, an unobtrusive smell that I love, plus it masks perfectly.
  3. Arina: We all want to have well-groomed skin and resort to various means for this purpose in order to mask the signs of fatigue, fine wrinkles and other imperfections. Always used powder Meybelin, now only waterproof. It creates a lightweight, weightless coating.

In order for your skin to look beautiful and well-groomed, choose the right powder. It should be of high quality, light, well moisturize and fight with oily sheen. These qualities, according to many women, have waterproof powder Meibelin.

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