Meibelin mascara


On the long, fluffy cilia dreams of any woman. For them to be healthy, you need natural care, and for their beauty - good quality mascara. If it is correctly selected, even short eyelashes will look spectacular.

Mascarame ink: reviews

Many girls spend many years in search of their perfect mascara. Company Maybelin - one of the most famous brands of mass market, it offers a huge number of mascara options, promising 3D volume, mega length, etc. Are there really some truth in advertising promises?

Maybelin Mascara: Brand Story

The history of Meibelin began in 1913 with mascara. The young chemist Thomas Williams helped his sister Maybel win the heart of his fiance by mixing coal dust with petroleum jelly, thanks to which the cilia of the girl began to look brighter and more expressive. The guy was conquered, and they soon got married, and Thomas decided to start producing miracle products.

In 1915, he organized a small company and gave her the name Maybelin (named after her sister and the words Vaseline). At first it was a family business, and sales were made on request. Thanks to advertising in the press and enthusiastic female reviews, orders grew, and in 1917 the first compact mascara appeared in stores. The successful project of Thomas Williams gained incredible momentum.

In 1960 there was a mini-revolution, the company Meybelin introduced liquid mascara in a pencil bottle with dispenser and brush Ultra Lash. And in 1971, the world's first water-based mascara Great Lash in a pink case with a poisonous green lid came out. She to this day is the number one sales in America. In 1991, an advertising slogan appeared: "Everyone is delighted with you, and you are from Maybelin." Today, Maybelin New York is the number one brand in the world, and millions of women prefer it to all other brands.

Maybelin Mascara: Ingredients

Recently, women have begun to realize that not everything that gives a wonderful effect is beneficial to our health. Therefore, we analyze The composition of the popular carcass Meybelin Volum Express.

So, in the first place aqua (water), because water based mascara.

  • paraffin is a mineral wax, it increases the length and volume of the eyelashes, it is well heated, so if you have mascara dried up, it will be enough to hold the tube in hot water and you can use it again.
  • Cyclopentasiloxane is a cyclic silicone that improves the quality and properties of a product, but may be an allergen.
  • acacia / acaciasenegal and carnauba / carnaubawax- Senegalese and carnauba wax, giving the carcass elasticity and increasing durability.
  • stearic acid - stearic acid, extracted from vegetable oil, has a softening effect.
  • cera Alba Beeswax - beeswax,softens, heals, disinfects.
  • palmitic acid - palmitic acid,nourishes and restores. In cosmetics, it is used as a stabilizer and emulsifier.
  • triethanolamine - triethanolamine, a very dangerous allergen, but used in carcasses to adjust PH balance
  • hydroxyethylcllulose is a high molecular compound to achieve viscosity and durability.
  • dimethiconol is a viscous substance for softness of the cilia.
  • aminomethyl propanediol is a crystalline substance that has a moisturizing effect.
  • panthenol is a substance close to vitamin B5,increases the growth of eyelashes and thickens them.
  • midazolidinyl urea is a natural preservative that protects against the effects of microbes and bacteria.
  • sodium polymethacrylate is a synthetic polymer that controls viscosity of mascara.
  • methylparaben is a rather dangerous component, according to scientists. In the carcass serves preservative and antiseptic.
  • propylparaben - increases shelf life and protects against the effects of fungi.
  • hydrogenated jojoba oil - hydrogenated jojoba oil.
  • hydrogenated palm oil - vegetable fat, regulates the viscosity of the product.
  • simethicone - a protective component that heals the skin.

Maybelin Mascara: Ingredients

  • bht - preservative, quickly absorbed into the skin.
  • polyquaternium-10 - the caring component, forimprove well-being century.
  • cl 77492, Cl 77492, Cl 77499 - natural mineral oils and natural minerals.
  • cl 77289 / chromium hydroxide .... - followed by color pigments.

Mascarame ink: reviewsMascarame ink: reviews

Maybeelin carcasses are ranked first in the world in sales.No brand has been able to repeat their success, year after year, millions of women prefer to "be delighted with him." In their composition, these carcasses have practically no harmful ingredients, on the contrary,many components are added precisely in order to make our eyelashes healthier and thicker.

In addition, the price policy is very good, any woman can afford to buy such mascara. Long, lush and healthy eyelashes - is this not a dream? Maybelin's company has been making such a dream come true for 100 years.