Mehendi at home


Many people like tattoo art. But not many of them decide to put a picture on their body, for the reason that they are not sure that they will want to wear it for the rest of their lives. Mehendi comes to the rescue - a bio tattoo or a tattoo made with henna. It is temporary, so it does not have time to bother. For the season, you can change the tattoo done with henna several times. Therefore, you can be different every time.

For the first time, mehendi art appeared in the countries of Africa and Asia. But, over time, it became very popular in European countries. Currently, you can apply a bio tattoo at home. This is fairly easy, it just requires compliance with certain conditions.

Making pasta for mehendi

Paste for making mehendi is prepared approximately a day before you apply it.


  • Henna powder - 20 g
  • Sugar - 1 tsp.
  • Fresh lemon juice - with two lemons
  • Aromatic Oil


  • Plastic or glass bowl
  • Measuring spoon
  • Plastic bag
  • Fine sieve
  • Medical syringe


  1. Take henna, sift it through a fine sieve, then add 50 g of lemon juice to it. Stir the mixture until a uniform consistency and place in a plastic bag. Hermetically close the bag so that the air does not get inside, and put in a dark place for twelve hours.
  2. After a specified time, remove the mixture from the bag, add 1 teaspoon of sugar and 1 teaspoon of aromatic oil to it (sandalwood, eucalyptus, lavender or orange tree oil are most suitable). This is necessary in order for the drawing to have greater durability.
  3. Thoroughly mix and bring to the consistency of sour cream. If you get a too thick mixture, dilute it with lemon juice (but add a little bit, make a mistake and overdo it very easily). If you get a liquid mixture, add some more henna. Put the mixture back in the bag, leave in a dark place for another 12 hours.

Preparation of skin for applying mehendi

  • First of all, make the depilation of the place where you are going to apply the picture.
  • Carefully wash the place of the future drawing.
  • Defat skin with alcohol.
  • To prolong the life of the pattern, before applying mehendi, apply two drops of eucalyptus oil to the skin.

Applying mehendi

  • Apply the pattern with a thin brush, wand, syringe or bag with a cut corner.
  • If you have never tried to make mehendi at home, the first time it is better to use a stencil, or to apply the canvas with a felt-tip pen.
  • Remove the paste from the bag and transfer it to the applicator.
  • If you choose to draw a drawing that suggests thin lines, use a toothpick.
  • If you want a darker pattern, add basma to the mix.
  • Keep in mind that the mehendi applied to the skin dries very quickly, so if you make a mistake when applying the picture, wash the extra line immediately with a cotton swab and alcohol.

After you apply the pattern on the skin, it will be a bright orange color. But, over time, it will darken by several tones. In those parts of the body where the skin is thinner, the pattern will be a lighter shade.

Storage of pasta for mehendi

It is best to use the cooked pasta immediately, within one to two days after cooking. But if you have left the mixture, and you feel sorry for throwing it away, you can wrap it tightly in a bag and put it in storage in the freezer. There it can be stored for up to three months.

Before you want to use the remnants of the mixture, remove it from the freezer and defrost for an hour.

Temporary tattoo care

  • Try to keep the drawing as little as possible in contact with water, otherwise it will quickly fade.
  • Before you are ready to perform water procedures, smear the drawing with vegetable oil. This will prevent it from contact with water.

  • Clothes, washcloth - all this shortens the life of the mehendi pattern. Try to put the picture on the place where it will be the least in contact with the above items.
  • Do not carry out depilation and shave the place where the picture is located. This is very undesirable.
  • The average life of mehendi is 2-3 weeks. But it can be more, depending on what ingredients to make pasta.

How to remove mehendi at home?

If you did not delete a fragment of the drawing or the drawing itself while it was still raw, then it is impossible to remove the dried mehendi. To speed up the process of its tarnishing can frequent water procedures and the use of washcloths.

We hope that we have answered all your questions related to mehendi. Impress your friends and acquaintances with a beautifully made temporary tattoo!