Massage with the use of essential oils


Aromatherapy massage - a type of massage, during which various essential oils are used. In general, fragrance is one of the most powerful stimulants in nature. And the essential oil, in addition to flavor, will benefit your body. It is proved that absolutely all oils have bactericidal, anti-inflammatory, antiseptic actions, have a positive effect on the emotional and mental health of the person, as well as on the nervous system.

In massage practice, essential oils are used constantly. They improve the quality of massage, heals and strengthens the body. Any type of massage fights stress, relieves pain, improves skin condition. Essential oils relieve you of what is sometimes stronger than physical pain - negative emotions, fear, anger, hate speech and jealousy.

The essence of aromatherapy massage is to achieve complete harmony between the body and the soul, the mind.

Selection of essential oil for massage

In order to relax at home and give the body a rest, you first need to prepare oil. To do this, in a small amount of olive, sunflower or sesame oil, add a few drops of essential oil. Which one you choose, the question of taste. Pink, lavender, sage, fir, spruce - your eyes can look at any of these or others, depending on what effect you want to achieve.

For example, cedar is well suited for the prevention of respiratory diseases, jasmine and patchouli relieve depression and bad mood. But the rose fights coldness in women, sage relieves inflammation and stress, tea tree has antifungal action. If you want to do the prevention of cholesterol in the blood, choose to massage citronella, rosemary or thyme. Peppermint, thyme and sage will increase your pressure. And mint, geranium, melissa, lavender normalize the coronary circulation. Read about other oils in the Aromatherapy section.

Aromatherapy Massage: Basic Techniques

Next, you should remember the basics of any massage and you can start the procedure "self-massage or massage at home." By the time of the massage, your patient's muscles should be completely relaxed. Massage begins with large areas of the body, observing a certain pace. There should be no pauses between sets; if you started the massage, bring the procedure to the end.

All massage techniques are performed along the lymphatic paths to the nodes.. Themselves lymph nodes can not be massaged. Hands need to be massaged from hand to elbow, then to the armpit. Foot massage is carried out from the foot to the knee and to the groin area. Also in the direction of the groin massage the pelvis, sacral and lumbar region. The back should be massaged from the sacrum to the neck, on the side in the direction of the armpit. Neck massage should be performed from the hairline down to the collarbone. The chest is processed from the sternum to the side of the armpits.

Basic massage techniques are also useful in this therapy. All massage techniques are divided into basic and auxiliary. There are also six basic types of touch: stroking, kneading, squeezing, rubbing, vibration and movement. All this you can use in your massage. Starting the procedure is better with stroking, then you can connect squeezing, kneading, shaking and rubbing. The scheme can be changed, depending on what kind of massage is needed.


If we talk about contraindications, it is better to abandon it if you are very sensitive to odors or suffer from serious allergies. This type of massage is also prohibited for people with asthma, epilepsy, hepatic and renal colic, as well as with individual intolerance to aromas. Also, be careful when choosing the oil, not all are genuine products, some are devoid of therapeutic properties due to the synthetic and chemical flavors contained in them.

Aromatherapy Massage Tips

There are several rules that apply to aromatherapy massage.

  • Do not use deodorant or perfume before therapy.
  • Do not eat about 2 hours, much less alcohol.
  • Before the procedure should take a warm shower.
  • After a shower massage - no earlier than 12 hours, this also applies to alcohol.
  • After the session, make a glass of herbal tea and drink plenty of fluids all day, preferably water.

Now you are ready for an aromatherapy massage at home. You can hold the first trial session on your home, please dad or mom, give her husband a relaxing massage. And only then, when they repeatedly become your “massage debtors”, take a day off and enjoy the beautiful bouquet of aroma oils and gentle touches of your husband.

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