Masks and trays for hands at home

For a complete hand care, you can regularly go to beauty salons. You can do it occasionally, when your hands need urgent rehabilitation. You can go there and not walk or walk, but not to care for your hands. After all, at home with modern means you can do everything necessary to ensure that our pens remain beautiful, well-groomed and attractive.

To begin, let's talk about the preparation of baths for hands.

Hand baths at home

Baths are used to relax, moisturize and nourish the hands. They are very diverse and multi-targeted. There are baths for dry hands, chapped, sensitive, etc.

  • Contrast baths. The simplest. The essence of this procedure is that the hands are first immersed for a few minutes in a container with hot water, and then with a cold one. So do 5-6 times.
  • Pot of broth potatoes. Also does not require much effort from you. When you boil peeled potatoes for any culinary needs, do not pour out the water. Let it cool slightly. Hold your hands in this water for about fifteen minutes.
  • Chamomile and beer bath. Pour two tablespoons of crushed dry chamomile with a glass of beer. Heat the mixture in a water bath for about 15 minutes. Cool and hold in such a bath for about twenty minutes. Such a bath is not only useful for hands, but also strengthens nails.
  • Cabbage juice bath. Half a glass of fresh cabbage juice is mixed with a half glass of mineral water. Add two tablespoons of tea leaves. Dip your hands in such a bath for 20 minutes.
  • Salt bath. Two teaspoons of sea salt dissolve in warm water. Hold your hands in such a bath for about fifteen minutes. Lubricate your hands with cream. It helps salt bath to strengthen the nails.

  • Herbal bath. Mix in equal quantities (one or two tablespoons) chamomile, mint, sage, dill and linden flowers. Pour it all with boiling water. Let it sit a little. Cool it down. Dip your hands in this infusion for half an hour. The skin of the hands will become soft and supple. After this bath you can apply masks for hands.
  • Iodine bath. Two tablespoons of vegetable oil put in a water bath. Add as much lemon juice and drip a few drops (3-5) of iodine. Cook it all until smooth. We cool and keep our hands in such a bath for about twenty minutes. This bath helps with peeling nails.

Enumerate the ways of making trays for hands can be endless for a long time, because there are quite a lot of them. Therefore, we turn to the next important hand care procedure - hand masks.

Hand masks at home

Masks, as well as a bath for hands, there is a great many. Masks strengthen skin of hands, tone up, moisten. There are masks with peeling effect. There are anti-aging, smoothing masks for hands. It is impossible to list all of them here, so we’ll dwell on the most simple, simple and popular ones.

  • Mask of potatoes. Two mashed unpeeled potatoes mash, add two teaspoons of lemon juice. Apply the slurry in a thin layer on your hands, wrap your hands in cellophane, and put on mittens on top. Do not flush from one hour to two. After the mask, apply hand cream.
  • Mask from cottage cheese. Take a hundred grams of cottage cheese, add a teaspoon of pre-heated vegetable oil. Hold this mixture on your hands for about 20 minutes.
  • Mask of Hercules and Grapes. Three tablespoons of minced oatmeal mixed with grape pulp. Apply the resulting gruel massage movements on the skin of the hands. After ten minutes, rinse the mask with water and apply olive oil on your hands. After half an hour, wipe your hands with a napkin from excess oil. This mask creates a peeling effect, rejuvenates the skin of the hands.

  • Pepper mask. A teaspoon of red pepper mixed with two teaspoons of boiled water and two teaspoons of rich hand cream. Put the mixture in a water bath for ten minutes. Cool and apply on nails for twenty minutes. This mask is designed for nails. It accelerates their growth. But it should not be done more than once a month.
  • Egg Yolk Mask. Mix egg yolk, some vegetable oil and flour. Apply the mixture to dry skin for ten minutes. This mask is very good for rough skin on elbows.

It is important not only to regularly make various masks and baths for hands, apply cream, do a manicure, but also not to light our hands in winter frosts, not to neglect gloves during homework. And then your pens will be healthy, well-groomed and beautiful!

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