Mask gommage

In the summer, you can not do peels for the face and should be very careful to use scrubs. But after all, the skin is daily exposed to various external influences and is in dire need of not only moisturizing and nutrition, but also deep cleaning. Tonikis is unable to cope with this task. And then you should turn to the mask-gommage.

Mask gommage: what is it?

In essence, it is a soft, delicate scrubbing of the cornified cells of the superficial layer of the skin. The term "gommage" means "erasure" (from the French word "lagomme", that is, "eraser").

Our physiology implies that the exfoliation of the upper parts of the skin should proceed naturally. However, poor ecology, lack of vitamins, hygiene and a state of stress or illness lead to a deterioration of the appearance of the skin and an internal imbalance. And over the years, our skin loses the speed of regeneration processes, it needs support from the side.

How does gommage mask work?

Mask gommage: what is it?

Fruit acids take part in the mechanism of action. This scrubbing process does not involve scrub-like solid particles. Such a mask applied to the skin acts on dead cells, micro-particles of dirt, clogged pores, dissolving them.

The process of exfoliation is so carefully and carefully that the water-alkaline balance is naturally restored. The skin is not injured even when massaged, necessary to stimulate the protective function of the skin.

Mask gommage is indicated for women of any age and is absolutely safe for any skin type. This is like washing with water in the morning, which is unacceptable only for certain skin diseases!

The big plus is the fact that this procedure is performed with equal success, both by a professional cosmetologist and independently at home. It does not require any special knowledge or skills or any special conditions.

How to choose a mask gommage?

Masks-gommage make various cosmetic companies and they all have the same type of action, that is, they cleanse the skin of the face. However, each of them has its own active components and its own merits. To choose the most suitable mask, you should experiment. Because any mask applied to your skin will give an individual reaction, peculiar only to your skin. In fact, you can have 2-3 masks of different companies in your arsenal and successfully solve various tasks.

How to choose a mask gommage?

Terms of use

  • The frequency of application of the mask should be adjusted depending on the skin type:
  1. normal can safely expose gommage up to two times a week;
  2. combination or oily skin needs a mask to be used three times;
  3. with dry and thin skin, it is better to stop on a single use.
  • The procedure should be carried out after taking a bath, hot shower, visiting a sauna. The skin of the face should be sufficiently steamed for the active action of gommage.
  • Attention! In the presence of skin lesions, the mask gommage is washed off with water at the end of the procedure.
  • After the mask, microcirculation at the cellular level improves, blood flow increases. And this means that after gommazh it is logical to make a moisturizing mask, and then apply a nourishing cream to achieve an optimal result.
  • You should refrain from the procedure before visiting the beach or in the event that you have to be in the active sun. In this case, there remains the risk of skin pigmentation even with the use of protective creams.

How to make a mask-gommage?

  1. Apply the mask to cleansed and slightly steamed face and neck skin, with careful movements, without affecting the lips and the area around the eyes;
  2. Mask to keep up to dry. At that moment, when the mask turns into a soft crust on the face and begins to roll under the fingers, proceed to the next stage.
  3. Removed gommage mask gradually. It should be rolled with your fingertips, avoiding excessive pressure. For convenience, you can help the other hand, avoiding stretching the skin.
  4. After washing you can apply a moisturizing mask on your face or a nourishing cream immediately.

Mask gommage Avon

Mask gommage Avon

This is an excellent type of light scrub. Micromassage of the skin in the process of gommage using Avon mask, gives the effect of lymphatic drainage and lifting, eliminating stagnant blood flow. Mask gommage Avon contains Dead Sea minerals, which stimulates cellular metabolism in the body and is ideal for tired or fading skin. This tool is produced in Poland.

Reader reviews:

  1. In a fit of total shopping, I grabbed a new mask from Avon Planet Spa. This is a novelty, it was not in the catalogs. It is written: exfoliating mask-gommage for sensitive skin. I have just this. Well, after the first time it became clear - my option. The skin responded perfectly, without redness and irritation. In general, did not regret the money spent.
  2. I am nearly fifty, so I do not expect any exceptional performance after the use of masks. However, I liked this one: there is a balance of price plus quality. And a mild lift is manifested, the skin breathes freshness. Set off the mask!
  3. Understood one is better not to do this procedure in inflammatory processes, after the use of acne on the face. I consulted with a beautician, waited for everything to calm down, and again made a mask before going to bed. Fine! In the morning the face was fresh, rested, the skin smoothed out. I like it.
  4. I often travel, skin after planes and trains becomes terrible. For a long time I have been saving myself with masks with gommage effect. Conveniently, for the sake of it you do not need to go to the salon and spend a lot of money. I liked the Avon mask; it gives exactly the result that my skin needs.

Pure Calmille Gommage Mask by Yves Rocher with Bamboo Slices

Pure Calmille Gommage Mask by Yves Rocher with Bamboo SlicesPure Calmille Gommage Mask

The unique formula of this tool is best suited for sensitive skin of any type. The mask perfectly affects the skin stifle, having a lifting effect. Stimulates skin regeneration, activates a protective barrier, has antioxidant properties.

Reader reviews:

  1. In addition to the beautiful packaging, I will not mention anything, in my opinion the result is zero, you can wash with soap with such success, and even that will be more useful! In general, a little expensive for just a good flavor.
  2. Cleansing occurs because it is badly washed off and it is necessary to scrub the skin for a long time! But all the rest of the magic moments (lifting or destruction of black dots), I did not notice. Well, even though there was no peeling, no redness.
  3. Honestly, I used to use cheaper, but much more effective masks. But, in principle, the mask cleans well and makeup after it falls evenly.

Algologie mask gommage

Algologie mask gommageAlgologie mask gommage

This mask perfectly improves the appearance and texture of the skin, gives a feeling of purity and freshness. It has a pronounced whitening effect. Suitable for all skin types and any age range.

Reader reviews:

  1. After the first time, the face is fresher, I will not say that it has lightened a lot. Next - just a good cleansing effect, smooth skin. In my opinion, this is also not enough. But at the friend who recommended this mask to me, pigmentary spots on a cheek left.
  2. With my freckles she failed. But I am pleased with it: the skin does not hurt, soft, it smells good. The cream after it is well absorbed and does not give shine when applying makeup.

So, the gommage mask, which recently entered the life of Russian women, took an important and worthy place in it. With such a variety of choices (and we have led far from all manufacturers of such cosmetics), every woman has the right to decide who to give preference to. But, we hope that thanks to this article, our readers will be able to avoid mistakes and disappointments. Be beautiful, dear women, because you all deserve it!

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