An expressive look is the best female weapon that you should always keep ready. And the main assistant in this, of course, mascara. In search of the best instance, girls spend not a day or a month, and sometimes even years. What is worth knowing when choosing a good mascara? What determines its effectiveness, and what options are recognized as ideal?

What should be a good mascara?

By and large, the perfect mascara does not exist. Along with the foundation, it is the most controversial product in the question of its evaluation by a specific person. Therefore, it is necessary to focus on various ratings and reviews with caution: not to believe that the best instance for someone will be the best for everyone, but the general points - shedding or water resistance, for example - will be preserved regardless of individual characteristics.

Mascara: rating

What are the parameters to focus on, picking up a product so difficult in this regard? First, it is important to know that the effect of carcass is achieved not only due to the special components in the composition, but also due to the brush. Often, being flattered by the promises of the manufacturer, women are disappointed in the final result, but some of these excesses can be avoided if you are still in the store to make sure that these assurances are fulfilled. And by no means by means of a sample of a tester, which is absolutely not hygienic.

Examine the brush, which supplied the manufacturer of its product. The classic lush brush, often frightening girls with its volume, sometimes equal to the size of the eyes, is considered the best choice for maximum fluffiness. Due to its design, it qualitatively separates the eyelashes, paints them completely, but does not allow mascara to fall on the hairs in excess. The effect is always natural.

This mascara is ideal for day makeup and for those women whom nature has awarded with long but light eyelashes. To achieve a drama or theatrical result with such a brush will not work, and it is not recommended for short eyelashes. We should also say that such a lush brush can be used to remove excess funds from the eyelashes.

A simple thin and long brush in the shape of a cylinder with soft bristles is considered a classic: it is supplied with 70% of the carcass of both professional and luxury and mass categories. It is best suited for lower eyelashes, as well as with good initial data of the upper ones: the main task of such a brush is to increase the length. In comparison with the more lush, it leaves a greater amount of money on the eyelashes, so the effect is achieved is not so natural, eyelashes become more noticeable. If we add to this the coal-black color of the coloring cream, then the finished version for many girls is more evening than day.

Silicone narrow brushes are recommended for short and not thick eyelashes. There is no need to wait for separation with them, since there is practically nothing to comb through the source material, but there are really a lot of mascara applied to the eyelashes, which makes them very visible. The result is comparable to the reception of some makeup artists, when the tool is applied not with a brush, but with a conventional synthetic brush: in this situation the eyelashes are completely and abundantly colored, but sometimes they have to be separated. As a result, their thickness greatly increases.

The best mascara: luxury and mass-rating

Mascara: rating

Mascara: rating

Since the above mentioned differences in mascara brushes, which entail the difference in the effect achieved, it is possible to single out the best carcass. However, for the 3 groups mentioned earlier, it is permissible to name the most popular items in various price categories: this is a mass market available to almost everyone, luxury brands, as well as professional cosmetics, more often used by makeup artists than by ordinary consumers.

In the niche of luxury products in the category of "ink" for a long time, the palm is held by LancômeHypnose, familiar to almost every woman, at least by its name. It has long become a classic and has received many modifications, but the original version with a simple narrow brush, not waterproof, rich black color deserves attention. Its main advantage is the visual lengthening of the eyelashes, while maintaining their small thickness, as well as ease in removing the product without streaking. Like all Lancôme products, mascara has a rose scent. The consistency of medium density. Similar in effect to her Maybelline.

The best mascara that gives volume, for almost 10 years, is DiorShow again in the classic version, not waterproof, soft black, slightly dryish texture, with a lush large brush. Pleasant moment - eyelashes with it do not lose their flexibility and softness, even being under 2-3 layers of the product. Among the mass market, the competition is VivienneSaboFemmeFatale, which has almost the same characteristics, but the volume of the tube is smaller and the product dries out faster.

Silicone brushes sealing eyelashes are slightly less demanded by women, however, in this group there are products that are at the top of the rating. Among the luxury brands is DiorShowIconic, which has a fairly liquid consistency, which has no pronounced flavor, like any mascara at Dior. There is an analogue for it at the mass market again in the VivienneSabo brand - this is Cabaret mascara, which, at its low price, was much loved by women for its incredible effect.

In the rating considered above, products of professional brands were not mentioned, as they are always taken out separately. These are not the most common brands, but because most consumers do not have the opportunity to meet in person. Nevertheless, it is impossible not to say that attention is deserved by the tool of the American brand MAC - OpulashOptimusBlack with a classic volumetric brush. The main advantage is high durability, ultra black color and ease of removal. SmokyLash by MakeUpForEver is close to its characteristics: the brush is narrow, there is no smell, even the most sensitive eyes feel comfortable with it due to the lack of flavoring additives. The remaining parameters are the same as the MAC.

Mascara: consumer reviews

Mascara: rating

Feedback, as previously mentioned, should be oriented with a clear analysis of them: therefore, among the information provided by consumers about their impressions, only a few nuances should be focused. These are firmness, shade, sensations in a sock, a consistence, make-up remover.

In the 2013/14 season, ChanelLeVolume gained popularity at the fashion house in the fall of 2013. The product has a narrow classic brush, but with very short bristles, a liquid consistency, rich black color and a subtle scent. It is because of the consistency according to reviews 3-4 weeks after the opening of the ink strongly smears the upper eyelid. Then it dries out, after which it becomes almost ideal for those who want length, separation and drama, but natural. The mascara does not thicken the eyelashes, does not overload, but leaves stains with demakiyazhe.

Not so long ago, DiorShowExtase deserved women's love. Its advantage is the ability to twist the eyelashes, fix the resulting bend and slightly increase the length. The achieved result can be considered intermediate between naturalness and drama, and the ease in removing the product, the flexibility of the eyelashes and the absence of lumps make it possible to minimize the time of morning gatherings and evening washing. Judging by the comments, the MaxFactor 2000 Calorie with an arched brush has the same characteristics.

We can not say about the difficulty of choosing mascara for sensitive eyes, as well as carriers of contact lenses. In addition to the fact that it should be a tool that passed the ophthalmological control, it is desirable that it does not crumble, does not spread and does not have any aromatic additives. According to the reviews, all these requests are performed by CliniqueHighImpact, as well as the above mentioned ChanelLeVolume, ClarinsWonderPerfect and EsteeLauderSumptious.

It should be noted that it is possible to increase the durability of any mascara and the ease of its distribution on the eyelashes, if you buy a base. Such a product is offered today both by professional brands, and more affordable by luxury and masses. White serum is applied to the eyelashes, and after 30-40 seconds. You can impose mascara. Such a trick will reduce the likelihood of shedding the product, as well as its washability upon contact with water.

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