Mary kay cosmetics


Many women are guided when buying cosmetics for reviews. So hardly the most discussed topic is the products of the American company Mary Kay. Sometimes you can find diametrically opposite opinions about it. Do not give in to other people's emotions. It is much better to analyze feedback from regular customers and dermatologists.

Cosmetics "Mary Kay": reviews of hormonal products

Mary Kay is another network company. You will not meet this cosmetics in free sale of known shops. Purchase is possible only through consultants. Perhaps this is where the ambivalence about products is taken. Most disputes are over the presence of harmful components in the composition of products (for example, hormones) and the negative effects of cosmetics on the skin. Let's try to understand each of these moments.

Often there are opinions on various cosmetic forums that Mary Kay adds hormones to her cosmetics. Their view from feedback to feedback may vary. Someone calls them animals, etc. - cheap synthetic. Some say that phytohormones are added to anti-aging lines. As for the latter, everything is simple. They are relatively safe for humans. In fact, they are contained in all cosmetic products that have vegetable extracts. They do not have any serious effect on the body. This is due to the fact that they are not absorbed into the blood through the skin. Even if there are phytoharmones in the composition of Mary Kei, this does not make cosmetics dangerous.

Cosmetics Mary Kay: reviews

Many women who came to the products of this company, believe that if there were prohibited ingredients in it, then it would have been ruined long ago on lawsuits. The fact is that the use of hormones in cosmetics in America was banned as early as 1948. By the way, the legislation of some post-Soviet countries also restricts the production and import of products with such ingredients.

The fear of hormones in the composition of care products is understandable. It is believed that at first they produce a wonderful effect. After a while, terrible consequences ensue. The skin condition is deteriorating dramatically and can only be corrected by long-term treatment. Very often there are reviews of a similar reaction to Mary Kay. Whatever the allegations that hormonal cosmetics from dermatologists and cosmetologists practically does not occur. It can be concluded about the individual reaction.

In what almost all buyers are united, it is in comparison of caring and decorative cosmetics. It is believed that the 1st loses significantly to the 2nd. Opinions that the powder or lipstick Mary Kay dangerous, almost never occurs. As for the line of skin care, the negative reaction of the body after several applications can be a simple individual intolerance. About the same talk and beauticians.

Despite the fact that the company is positioning itself as a representative of the luxury niche, it still sells the mass market, albeit for good money. Beauticians do not consider its products to be professional. For them, this is home care, which must be approached with caution. Negative manifestations of merit key according to customer reviews can be very different. Some try to fight acne. As a result, a few days later they are covered with pimples. Other people showed allergic reactions. Many frankly do not like cosmetics for skin Mary Kay.

Reviews are rife with claims that the initial effect of radiant, healthy skin gives way to a feeling of depletion of the epidermis. This is what cosmetologists are talking about. At the same time, they clarify that an individual reaction can take place again. It is impossible to say at once that cosmetics are bad. Before buying any tool, it is worth testing the probes on yourself.

Cosmetics Mary Kay: reviews

Against this background, claims to the smell of products look quite rational, and not frivolous. Cream and lotion may smell peculiar. Such is the policy of Mary Key. The company believes that fragrances deprive cosmetics of naturalness.

The composition of cosmetic products "Mary Kay": the pros and cons

  • The company uses many chemical components in its products. Some of them are quite controversial. So in moisturizers found glycerin. Many women know that the moisturizing effect due to it is just a fiction. He holds moisture. The flip side of his action is a parched skin. With insufficient moisture, it begins to draw moisture from the skin layers. It should be understood that glycerin is actively used in other well-known brands.
  • To keep your skin healthy, follow simple rules. Before buying, carefully review the composition. Only a large amount of glycerol in the composition affects dry skin. Do not use this tool in office space with air conditioning. It is also better to choose day care with glycerin. At night, various processes occur in the skin aimed at the removal of harmful substances. Glycerin can disrupt this mechanism.
  • The composition of cosmetics Mary Kay is not much different from the composition of any other products of the mass sales segment. So, if you prefer natural products, it is better to look for something else among other brands.

Approximate prices

Cosmetics Mary Kay: reviews

Many consumers consider the prices of cosmetics Mary Kay not quite justified. So a cream against acne punctate action with a volume of 30 m. Can cost you 600 r. All products are ordered by catalogs and through consultants. You can save a lot if someone you know is a distributor. Many girls buy cosmetics through them with almost 40% discount. By the way, the prices of products in America and Russia are almost identical.

Usually consultants offer to purchase so-called starter kits. They include universal tools suitable for almost everyone. In 2 thousand rubles and more, Microderma skin renewal system will cost you. It represents 2 products - serum and cleanser. Microderma fits all. To create make-up, you can choose a foundation (more than 500 p.) And powder (400 p. And above). Cosmetic cleansing milk will cost you about 500-600 r.

Many consultants recommend that you try a renewing mask for the first time (from 450 p.). The tool can be used with daily washing as a scrub. The only precaution - the mask should not be used when rashes on the face.

Along with negative reviews about Mary Kay, it is worth mentioning the positive features of the products. For several decades now, the company has been trying not to test cosmetics on animals. This fact is overshadowed by the fact that in a number of countries they had to violate this principle due to local legislation. However, most products are quite ethical and can be used by vegetarians and animal advocates.

Cosmetics Meri Key is surrounded by both positive and negative reviews. Many consider it hormonal. In fact, there is no official information about such ingredients. You can only come across reviews of people who are not approached by skin care products. Therefore, it is best to consult with your beautician and purchase probes before buying. This is the only way you can find out if Mary is right for you or not.