Marine cosmetics


When we are at sea, we rest with body and soul. The state of health improves, the skin becomes velvety and moisturized, you can not even use cosmetics. "It would always be so," women sigh. But one has only to return from vacation, as the skin again falls under the aggressive influence of the environment and becomes dull and unhealthy. Do not be in a hurry to lose heart and sigh sadly about the sea, start using sea secrets right now.

Minerals of the sea and their benefits for women's health

Sea water is just a storehouse of minerals, and minerals are known to have a healing and rejuvenating effect.

  1. Potassium it is distinguished by its ability to influence the growth of new cells, and also reduces allergenic reactions. With the help of potassium, nutrients penetrate the skin faster.
  2. Magnesium responsible for the vital activity of cells and removes from the skin the consequences of improper lifestyle and stress. Lack of magnesium can cause premature aging of the skin.
  3. Proper water and acid-base balance maintains sodium, which of course is very important for normal skin moisture.
  4. Responsible for healthy blush iron, and with the help of this mineral, melanin is produced and oxygen is delivered to the skin. Iron deficiency is especially dangerous for female beauty - nails and hair become brittle, hair can turn gray prematurely, fatigue occurs, and as a result, the body quickly ages.
  5. Calcium important for the strength of bones, nails and hair, with which wounds heal faster, the skin is less susceptible to infections. Calcium also contributes to the removal of toxins from the body.
  6. WITH gray skin is less susceptible to inflammatory infections.
  7. Bromine It has a soothing effect on the skin like an antiseptic.
  8. WITH silicon hair grows faster, blood vessels become more durable, and connective tissues recover better.
  9. Phosphorus promotes good condition and hardness of nails, teeth and hair.
  10. Iodine it is very important for intellectual activity, without it lethargy appears, memory and activity deteriorates, hair can start to fall out.
  11. Zinc slows down the aging of the skin, prevents dandruff.

If there is a shortage of at least one mineral, then a healthy balance in the body is disturbed, the metabolism worsens and, first of all, this is reflected in the attributes of female beauty - skin, hair and nails. The skin first begins to react - it becomes dull, lethargic, and premature wrinkles appear on it. Then the hair becomes brittle, fall out, thin and break the nails. Therefore, it is important to ensure that your body regularly receives its dose of natural minerals. But for this it is not necessary to go to the resort every weekend, it can be arranged at home.

Susceptibility of the body to the sea

In order to carry out marine procedures with the greatest efficiency, it is necessary to find out how your body perceives sea water and sea minerals. To do this, remember, if after bathing in salty sea water you do not experience discomfort, you do not run under the shower with fresh water, or you can still lie in the sun, then you are a salt type. With this type of skin, most likely normal or oily, at times small inflammations may appear, but not ulcers. And if a long stay in the sea and in the scorching sun does not give you and your skin much pleasure, then too often to use sea cosmetics is not recommended.

You should also be careful of owners of sensitive skin and first see how your skin will react to new components. You should be careful and those who have a large number of moles on the body, as in the sea mud there are substances that accelerate the process of cell division, and this can provoke the occurrence of tumors. There are the following restrictions on marine cosmetics - it is enhanced growth of body hair, papillomas and spider veins.

Sea mud masks for face

Sea mud masks are composed only of minerals and are therefore so effective, but it is worth remembering your skin type when choosing a mask.

  • Oily skin They like mud masks, they will reduce the excess fat in the skin and disinfect it. Do not feel sorry for the mask on the face, apply it with a thick layer on the face, except for the eye area. Hold for 15-20 minutes and then wash. Such masks can be done several times a week.
  • For normal and dry skin Mud mask should be half diluted with olive oil, as it is important to nourish the skin, but not to overdry it. In purchased products, this proportion has already been largely met and there is an oil humidifier at the base of the mask.

  • For fading skin should select a special course of masks. It is important to nourish and simultaneously stimulate the skin. For fading, oily skin, you should make a mud mask once a week and another 1-2 times a week biostimulating.

Healing properties of sea salt

Sea salt bath - An excellent tool to improve metabolism, stress, joint pain and fatigue. And to arrange such a seaside resort at home is very easy. To do this, simply add in a bath from 250 grams to a whole kg of sea salt and lie for 20-30 minutes in such a bath. At this time, you can listen to the tape with the sound of the sea and relax. Such baths should be taken no more than 2-3 times a week. After the first time, you will notice how your skin will become more elastic. Sea baths can be taken warm before going to bed and cooler in the morning. To completely dissolve salt, it must first be diluted in a small amount of hot water, and only then pour in water of the desired temperature.

Salt baths can also be made for hands and nails.

Excellent procedure is considered sea ​​salt peeling. Make it better on a steaming body. To do this, take the mineral salt in your palm, add a little water and begin to rub the body. Owners of dry skin is better to add olive or vegetable oil instead of water. Then wait 15 minutes so that everything is absorbed into the skin, and rinse with warm water.

You can cook yourself at home salt lotion. It will avoid many problems with the skin and cleans it well. For oily skin, take 1 tablespoon of salt for a glass of water; for dry skin, take one teaspoon or even less. Only here such lotions are not stored and used once.

It is useful for owners of skin prone to rashes. rubbing soap foam with sea salt. Add a little salt to the foam from the soap and start wiping your face in a circular motion. With sensitive skin, such wiping is not worth doing.

Mud wrap

It is not necessary to go to expensive beauty salons to carry out the mud wrapping procedure there; you can do it yourself. Such wraps enhance skin tone, increase its elasticity, metabolism and remove toxins and toxins from the body.

First, prepare the skin for such a wrapping, just so minerals will penetrate the skin more quickly. To do this, carefully rub with a washcloth with soap or shower gel, then rub with a scrub. And only then apply a mud mask on the body with a rich layer. Mineral mud can be found in almost any pharmacy or cosmetic store. For better penetration of substances wrap yourself with a film, and throw a blanket on top. So lie down for half an hour, and rinse with warm water.

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Among those who use sea secrets, there are very few who do not like such cosmetics, because there is nothing artificial in it: some nutrients and minerals that the sea has carefully preserved.