Manicure with a sponge

A smooth transition from one color to another is now in fashion in clothes, hair coloring and manicure. Gradient nail art can be done with a regular sponge, it will look beautiful on long and short nails. In order to decorate the nails with a smooth flow of colors, it is not necessary to contact the manicurist. This design is easy to make yourself.

Sponge manicure: photo with description

Harmony of color: manicure with a sponge

Harmony of color: manicure with a sponge

Harmony of color: manicure with a sponge

Harmony of color: manicure with a sponge

Variations of gradient nail design can be many, it all depends on your imagination. But still there are several main areas:

Bright summer gradient manicure. It uses mainly saturated and rich colors, shades of pink, orange, yellow, red. Contrasting tones in one design are welcome. For example, combinations of yellow with blue, black with red and green, orange with pink, transitions from the darkest to the lightest in the same color scheme. This manicure is perfect for summer parties.

With the help of a sponge, you can also make a design in a nautical style, decorating it with drawings of marine inhabitants and golden sparkles that will imitate sand.

For special occasions, a design using silver and gold lacquers is suitable. Nails are recommended to decorate with rhinestones and sparkles. Also for evening manicure stylists advise brilliant varnishes and nacreous dark deep shades.

Winter manicure done with the use of blue and blue tones, which smoothly flow into each other. It looks beautiful turquoise gradient, decorated with small snowflakes, rhinestones and sparkles. In the winter manicure can also be many shades of white.

The gradient can be made in the vertical or horizontal direction, but you can make it diagonally. The optimal number of shades from 2 to 5, if you use more, many of them will not be visible on the nails.

The most difficult to do a manicure with a sponge, when the gradient is located on all the nails, but each of them has its own shade. In this case, the extreme must open and complete the color gamut.

To perform nail design with a sponge you do not need any special tools and materials. All simple items found in your home.

Required materials and tools:

  1. Makeup sponges or sponges with different pore size. You can also use shadow sponges.
  2. Foil or any material that will not absorb nail polish. In extreme cases, you can glue the sponge on the paper or use an unnecessary porcelain or enamelled plate.
  3. Lucky various contrasting shades. Even dark and dark tones will look beautiful in a gradient manicure. You can also use varnishes that have already begun to thicken.
  4. Clear lacquer fixer.
  5. Oily hand cream, petroleum jelly or scotch to protect the skin around the nails from excess varnish.

How to make a manicure using a sponge without errors: tips

Harmony of color: manicure with a sponge

To get a beautiful manicure the first time, use the recommendations for its implementation:

  • It is very important to choose a color for the base of the manicure, because the brightness of the design and its expressiveness will depend on it. If you decide to use pastel shades of varnish, cover them with nails in several layers. Good as the base looks white lacquer applied on the nails in 2 layers.
  • It is desirable to place dark shades at the base of the nail near the cuticle itself, this will visually lengthen the nail plates. The brightest shades look beautiful on the free edge.
  • Apply a lacquer with a sponge using patting movements. Touch the sponge to the nail and sharply tear it off. This way you will have a bright transition of colors.
  • If you want your nails to be bright and shades expressive, apply a gradient sponge several times.
  • Apply the lacquer fixer should not wait until the varnish dries, otherwise the surface of the nail will not be smooth and glossy. The structure of the sponge when applying varnish imprinted on the nail, and its surface becomes ribbed and porous. It is desirable to apply a fixer in 2 layers.
  • Update the color palette on the foil and sponge before applying to each nail, otherwise the nails may not be of the same brightness.
  • Before making a design with a sponge, lubricate the skin around the nails with a cream or glue with tape, this will protect it from excess paint.
  • It is desirable to use drying for varnishes, it will speed up the process. But if you don’t have one, you can simply put your hands in cool water.

Uhgradient manicure tapes

Harmony of color: manicure with a sponge

Gradient manicure is done in several steps:

  • The preparatory stage includes a standard manicure with trimming the cuticle and giving the nails the desired shape using nail files.
  • The next step is to apply the foundation on the nails in 2 layers. It is optimal to take varnishes without sparkles and nacre. The basis is necessary so that the gradient lies flat, and the shades are more juicy and bright.
  • Protect the skin around the nail plate with cream, petroleum jelly or scotch tape.
  • Spray the varnish for the gradient in the desired order on the foil or other surface. No need to take too many shades. They will mix with each other. It will also be inconvenient to work with a small amount of varnish.
  • Sponge dipped in varnishes on the foil and gently apply a gradient to the nail. The base must be completely dry! The intensity of the gradient will depend on the number of layers applied.
  • Without waiting for drying, apply a fixing transparent varnish in 2 layers on your nails. It will give the manicure a glossy shine and keep the picture for a long time.
  • Dry your nails by applying a special composition for drying, or by dipping your nails in cold water.
  • With a cotton swab dipped in nail polish remover, remove its excess from the skin around the nail.

Video tutorial to help beginners

With a sponge, you can apply small patterns on a gradient manicure and decorate it with stasis and dried flowers. Also under the transparent fixer can be applied 1-2 layers of sparkles. And some types of manicure with the transition of tones perform exclusively sparkles. Gradient design looks original and unusual. Its only drawback is that it takes a long time to complete.

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