Manicure ideas for short nails


It is very hard to preserve long natural nails. Because we constantly do something with our hands, we prepare them, remove them, hold onto handrails in minibuses, etc. It is very unfortunate when one of our long-term nails breaks. And you have to cut all the nails shortly, because the nails of different lengths look ugly. Many then resort to the nail extension procedure, but You can come up with a lot of beautiful and interesting drawings with short nails.

Recommendations for the care and design of short nails

Of course, a manicure on short nails will look good only when the legs are well-groomed.

  1. It is important to remove the cuticle on short nails so that the nails look longer.
  2. It is very important to choose the right color and pattern. Perfectly looks on short nails a bright varnish. Dark varnish visually shortens the nail, and light - lengthens. The longitudinal lines also visually lengthen the nail, while the horizontal ones will shorten it. Do not use too large and too small pictures.
  3. The shape of the nail for short nails should be chosen according to the shape of the fingertips. It is desirable that the shape of the nail was round or square. On round nails it is good to do romantic manicure. Perfectly suited flower drawings and light shades of lacquer. For square nails suitable bright shades of lacquer and graphic drawings. And also for both round and square nails, French manicure is perfect (read the article "Types of Manicure").
  4. Water manicure can be done on short nails, not only on long ones (read the article "Marble manicure with your own hands").

Manicure for short nails "Zebra"

This manicure is very simple to perform and looks great on short nails. For this you need only two varnishes: white and black. Apply on the nail white lacquer. Let it dry a little. Then black lacquer with a thin brush draw horizontal stripes on opposite sides of the nail. Thus, we imitate the zebra pattern. At the end we cover the nail with transparent varnish to fix the drawing.

Manicure for short nails "Yin-Yang"

It also requires two types of varnish: black and white. We apply white lacquer on the vertical half of the nail. The other half is painted with black lacquer. We put a black dot on the white side, and a white dot on the black side. Then we take a needle and lead an uneven smooth line - from the black side through the black dot on the white side we return to the black side and through the white dot we exit to the white side. So do with every nail. We apply a fixer of a varnish.

Manicure for short nails "Corners"

There can be a lot of variations here. It all depends on what varnishes you take for a manicure. Cover the nail with a light base varnish. Then we paint the corner of the nail at the bottom with a brighter varnish. It turns out like a triangle, the upper line of which connects the middle of the end of the nail and the middle of the side. We are waiting for the varnish to dry. Then paint over another corner of the nail with another bright shade of lacquer. We are waiting for two or three minutes. After that we draw silver, golden or white lacquer with a thin tassel of stripes parallel to all lines of lacquers and double them. Manicure ready. It remains to apply the coating.

Manicure for short nails "Romance"

Light base varnish is applied. Then a corner is drawn, as in the previous manicure. The second corner is not necessary to draw. Instead, we take a varnish of another bright color with a thin brush for painting and draw a strip close to the corner. With another varnish with a thin tassel, we draw another strip after the first.

Multi-colored stripes can be made two or three. After that, we take a dots or small wand and put a bright varnish (red, black) on the base light varnish of a dot in the form of a small heart or its half. Apply fixative. Manicure ready. Hearts can be drawn not on every nail, but on the elect.

And on short nails you can draw beautiful, and most importantly, looking at them well, drawings. Try one of the manicures suggested in this article before you go to build up your nails. You might like it! Moreover, now there is a tendency of preference for natural nails enlarged. And after all, the opposite sex does not like claws anymore, but rather beautifully painted or simply painted marigolds.