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Manicure is the basis of any design that you want to embody on your nails. It's no secret that nail art looks beautiful only on well-groomed hands. You can give your nails a neat look in many ways, but the most effective and simple is a cropped manicure. It is easy to make at home without the help of craftsmen.

What is a cut manicure?

Manicure cut

A cropped manicure is a common classic manicure, which until recently was the only type of nail treatment. Using water during the procedure allows you to call it wet. The purpose of the cut manicure is to design the edge of the nail and the hole. It is produced by cutting off the excess skin from the cuticle in those places where there are no blood vessels.

A cropped manicure is suitable for those who have rather rough skin and fast-growing cuticle, as well as for people who have no time to regularly take care of their hands.

Learning to do a manicure: master class

  • First you need to prepare the hands and tools for the procedure. Examine and disinfect the skin of the palms and nails with special means. As a result, you should have the most clean and dry nail plate. If they had a varnish, it must be removed with a nail polish remover.
  • Using a nail file, give the nails the shape that is needed. To file the edges of the nails on the hand should start with the little finger and finish with your thumb. Do it better with a glass file.

Manicure cut

  • Tilt the arm so that the inner side of the nail is exposed under the free edge. Each file should be in the direction of their growth from the corner to the center, moving from right to left. Never do this back and forth, otherwise you may damage the nail plate. In addition, you can not cut wet and steamed nails, otherwise, you risk seriously spoil them.
  • If the nails require shortening, gently trim them with nail scissors, and only then proceed to the file. Not recommended too much sawing corners.
  • Do not round out the entire side edge of the nail. When processing it, limit yourself to a few careful movements of the file. To get rid of microzink on the tip of the nail, use a fine-grained file, a bar or buff.
  • When you give your nails shape, it is worth soften the cuticle. To do this, dip your fingertips in the bath with warm water. In the water, you can add oil, sea salt, as well as herbs. Instead of water, you can use a special solution.
  • Then, brush your nails with a disinfected manicure brush. During the cleaning, make a downward movement, starting from the 1st finger bone and up to the free edge of the nail. This cleaning removes from the fingers and nails all the excess, including the cuticle pieces.

Manicure cut

  • After a softening bath, dry your fingertips. Blot your hand with a soft towel or paper napkins. In the process of wiping, gently move the cuticle to the base of the nail. When you dry your hands, take a wooden, orange or special stick with cotton on the end and use it to apply the cuticle remover on your nails.
  • Slide the cuticle with a special spatula and gently lift it. Cuticle, which fits snugly to the nail plate, lift in circular motions. The pressure should be weak, so as not to damage the nail plate and other parts of the nails.
  • Using cuticle clippers, carefully cut all jagged edges and burrs. Do not try to cut too deep, otherwise you may injure your finger.
  • When the manicure is ready, you can varnish your nails.

The main features of unedged manicure

Manicure cut

In the case of unedged manicure, no forceps or scissors are needed. A special product that contains fruit acids is applied on the nails and cuticle. Due to their properties, the skin roller softens and is removed. The soft cuticle comes off itself, and the more rigid one is removed with a stick, brush or pumice.

With this type of manicure, skin trauma with cutting tools is completely eliminated, which minimizes the risk of getting an infection. But it does not fit too neglected nails.

To do unedged manicure, you need to prepare nails. Give them the necessary shape, moving the file in one direction, do not strongly saw off the edges. Dip your hands in a warm bath for 5 minutes, then wipe them dry.

Apply the cuticle remover to the nail, soak for a specified time, then remove the residue with a cotton pad. Using a stick or spatula, move the skin towards the base of the nail plate. Treat the cuticle with a special oil to slow growth. Oil is rubbed not only into it, but also into the nail. Before you use the varnish, degrease the nail plate with nail polish remover.

Video to help beginners manicure

Manicure is able to transform women's hands, making them beautiful and well-groomed. Currently there are several types of this procedure. Each girl determines for herself what she likes, because each of them has its own merits.