Manicure at home or in the salon

With this choice at least once faced every girl. To entrust your pens to the master or bring beauty to your own? In fact, there is no definite answer to this question; each one finds the best option for her, depending on her personal abilities and preferences.

And we consider the disadvantages and advantages of home and salon manicure.

So, pros manicure at home.

  • You are absolutely sure that the instruments are sterile, which eliminates the risk of catching an infection or getting infected with blood.
  • The procedure will not be painful or unpleasant, as you fully control your actions.
  • Low cost of the procedure.
  • The result will fully comply with your preferences.
  • If you need a correction, it can be carried out without problems, as you have used the gel or varnish used in manicure.
  • Timelessness. You can make a manicure at any time convenient for you, regardless of the free time of the master and his workload.

Despite many advantages, homemade manicure there are some drawbacks:

  • If you do not have enough experience, the procedure can take a very long time, multiple modifications are possible, and there is a high probability that the end result will not please you.
  • Limited selection of shades. As a rule, for a home manicure they acquire only a few universal shades, since buying a whole palette of full-sized products does not make sense.

Now let's talk about professional manicure, what is it good for and what is inferior to homemade.

The undoubted advantages of salon manicure:

  • Manicure is performed quickly and professionally, provided that you come across an experienced master.
  • A wide selection of shades of varnish, as well as various decorations: rhinestones, sparkles, stickers and other things.
  • Ability to use additional services for hand care: massage, paraffin baths, medical wraps, etc.
  • Pleasant atmosphere where you can just relax and chat with the master, get advice on nail care. In good salons always offer a cup of coffee or tea.

Now consider the disadvantages of this manicure:

  • High price. Sometimes the prices for manicure in decent places are simply transcendental, but even if you choose a budget salon, the pleasure will still be expensive.
  • Dependence on time. In order to get to a good master in the holidays, you need to sign up for a couple of weeks at least, which is not always possible.
  • Insufficient sterility of instruments. Tracing the quality of the treatment is almost impossible, so every time you do a manicure in the salon, you risk your health.
  • There is a possibility that the master will not understand you correctly and your manicure will be far from the expected result.

The main reason for choosing a home manicure is the high cost, because not every girl is ready to give several thousand rubles a month for a manicure. The price in the procedures in the salons is made up of the salary of the master, the rent of the premises, the cost of consumables and other numerous costs. As a rule, expensive professional coatings are used in salons, as this is considered to be a kind of prestige of the establishment.

For home manicure does not make sense to buy them, because on the market there are many budget analogues. For a manicure at home, an excellent choice would be gel varnishes Masura, which are sold in both standard and mini format at a very affordable price. Despite the low cost, in quality and durability, they are not inferior to the salon. In addition, on the website in the public domain you can find numerous lessons and master classes in manicure, which you can easily independently.

Thus, it is possible to have well-groomed pens and nails without huge expenses, so that the excuse of lazy girls "is too expensive" no longer works. Do not forget that beauty is our main weapon!

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