Manicure at home for short nails


Each representative of the beautiful half of humanity knows that hands and nails should be made up and groomed, as they are always in sight and are a kind of business card of a woman. To put in order the nail plate, remove the cuticle and cover the nails with a decorative lacquer, it is not necessary to go to the salon. Many girls prefer to have short nails, because not everyone can grow long ones, and they also interfere with their homework.

We want to tell you about how you can perform a manicure at home on short nails, so that this cosmetic procedure brings you pleasure and only a positive result.

What can be done a manicure for short nails at home: expert advice

Manicure for short nails at home

If you prefer to perform a manicure yourself, then you need to know how to do it correctly, so that your nails will get an aesthetic look, in addition, experts will be happy to tell you about the fashion trends of this season. If you want to be in trend, then carefully read the following recommendations:

  • at home you can make a cut or European manicure;
  • You can purchase a special cuticle remover at any cosmetic store;
  • You can add various essential oils, sea salt and lemon juice to the bath - all these substances will help to strengthen and whiten the nail plate;
  • change the shape of the nail and its length is necessary only before the steaming of the cuticle;
  • the skin should be well moistened;
  • Cuticle cut-off sites are best lubricated with special oil;
  • do not forget to remove old lacquer before the procedure;
  • use only nail polish removers that do not contain acetone;
  • You can pick up any pattern and perform it on the nails;
  • Recently, a two-color manicure has become very relevant, do not forget about the combination of shades;
  • before carrying out the procedure all items must be disinfected;
  • file the nail plate, moving from the opposite edge, so as not to expose it to delamination;
  • make sure you use the base coat and fixer - so decorative lacquer will last much longer;
  • you want to make a fashionable manicure, then cover the nail with a decorative varnish in the style of amber, a smooth transition can be made with a regular sponge;
  • use all sorts of stencils, rhinestones and other decorations - it all depends on your imagination.

Master class with step by step photos

Before you proceed to the manicure, disinfect carefully all the tools. To do this, you can use pharmaceutical alcohol or other antiseptic. The technique of performing a cut manicure is somewhat more complicated than the European one. Therefore, we will consider the rules for performing exactly the cut manicure.

Manicure for short nails at home: photo step by step

Necessary materials:

  • capacity for steaming;
  • soap solution, sea salt, any essential oils;
  • tweezers;
  • stick for pushing the cuticle;
  • scapula;
  • nail file;
  • cream;
  • moisturizing oil;
  • towel.

Step-by-step process description:

  1. Take a spatula or a pointed stick and thoroughly clean out fine dust particles from under the protruding part of the nail plate.
  2. Model the length of the nail plate and carefully process its edges with a nail file.Manicure for short nails at home
  3. Apply to the skin moisturizer or any other cream and rub it well into the skin.Manicure for short nails at home
  4. Pour warm water into a separate container, add a soap solution, sea salt or any oil extract.
  5. Dip your hands, in particular, your nails, in the bath and thoroughly steam the cuticle.Manicure for short nails: baths
  6. After the skin has melted well, wipe your hands with a towel to remove excess moisture.Manicure for short nails at home
  7. Use a wooden stick, metal spatula, or tweezers to remove the cuticle. Do it extremely carefully to avoid injury.Cuticle removal
  8. Finally, lubricate your hands with a moisturizer or oil extract and massage your skin well.

Doing a French manicure

Many women know that nail coloring in the so-called French technician looks very nice and gentle. Nail coating decorative varnish in this way can already be considered a classic manicure genre. You can do a French manicure without leaving home. We will not focus on the technique of cutting the cuticle and modeling the shape of the nail. You can prepare the nail plate for painting by performing a manicure in accordance with the technology described above.

French manicure for short nails

Necessary materials:

  • special adhesive strips (adhesive tape or adhesive tape);
  • basic decorative varnish (light pink or beige);
  • decorative white enamel;
  • fixer (colorless varnish).

Step-by-step process description:

  1. As you know, when covering a nail with a decorative varnish in such a way, the overgrown (projecting) edge of the nail plate is painted with white enamel.
  2. If you can not exactly draw the line, then its borders need to be delineated with the help of special strips, adhesive tape, adhesive tape.French manicure for short nails
  3. Cover each nail plate with a basic decorative base.French manicure for short nails
  4. The line of the grown nail (protruding part) covered with white enamel. The strip should be as smooth and continuous as possible.French manicure for short nails
  5. After the white varnish dries out a little, coat the nail plate with a fixative. It is best to choose a colorless varnish without shade.French manicure for short nails
  6. Here is such a beautiful French manicure should you get.

Do not despair if you get ugly the first time. In the future, you will only improve your skills and will do a perfect French manicure.

Other ways to cover short nails

As already mentioned, to cover the nail plate with decorative varnishes, you can use different patterns, stencils, needle-drawing, rhinestones for decoration, etc. Let's look at another technique of performing manicure step by step.

Necessary materials:

  • decorative lacquer red;
  • varnish with sparkles;
  • fixer.

Step-by-step process description:

  1. Before you apply the varnish on the nail plate, it should be thoroughly shaken. It is best to hold the jar with lacquer in your palms and rub lightly.Ways to cover short nails
  2. On the pre-treated nail plate (after a trimmed or European manicure), apply a base coat of red color with one layer.Ways to cover short nails
  3. After that, apply the base varnish with another layer to make a saturated color without glimpses.Ways to cover short nails
  4. After the red lacquer dries out properly, apply decorative glitter lacquer to the nail plate.Ways to cover short nails
  5. At the final stage, all nails need to be covered with a fixative. At home, you can use a fixative with a drying effect.Ways to cover short nails

At home, you can perform various drawings and patterns on short nails. It all depends solely on your imagination and skills. To decorate the nail plate, you can use multi-colored stones, rhinestones, beads. To facilitate the process, use special stencils. With their help on the nail, you can create a true pictorial masterpiece. Do not forget that your manicure should be in harmony with the image as a whole. Always be beautiful!