Making soap at home

You can not only make a delicious cake, salad or main dish with your own hands, but even make soap! At all, soap making is a very exciting and creative work, And besides, it is beneficial and useful. Instead of buying in the store soap of dubious quality, you can make it yourself and take care of your health and beauty, and of course save. Also personally prepared soap is a wonderful gift for relatives and friends.

The basis of home soap

To begin with decide on the basis of soap: for this you can take baby soap without dyes and additives, for example, Neva Cosmetics soap is perfect for this. Baby soap can be replaced with a soap base, which has a transparent appearance and vegetable origin. Such a basis will be more convenient in work and with its help you can make different versions of soap, and the soap with a soap base will be more pleasant on your body. The soap base can be found in a pharmacy, cosmetic stores, or ordered from an online store. It is best to choose a basis without artificial additives, the most environmentally friendly. Good is the Ukrainian base with glycerin - ORG. Also Russian, Latvian and Ukrainian bases are not bad, but they contain a small percentage of additives.

How to make soap?

  • On the stove make a water bath. Grate baby soap or base, then add base oils to the pan and heat for ten minutes in a water bath. Oils can be taken from olive, grape seed, avocado, cloves, flaxseed, cedar, etc. It is usually taken for a portion of soap for 120 grams, 2-3 tsp of oil. You can add glycerin and a few drops of vitamin E. Now put the grated soap in the pan to the essential oils, begin to melt and carefully mix. Slowly pour in hot milk, a little less than the volume of chips, you can take a herbal decoction of chamomile, mint, thyme, lemon balm, calendula or lavender, or water, juice, carrot freshly pressed, it is even possible to pour compote. On a small fire we continue to interfere.
  • For twenty minutes, the soap will look like fat cream. After you have removed the pan from the water bath, you can add up to ten drops of essential oil or oils, select them of your choice. In principle, the soap after this is ready, but you can make it more exclusive. Soap can be made with a scrubbing effect, to do this, add seeds, cinnamon, almond flour, ground coffee or dried herbs, and you can add more food coloring, but not vegetable, as they can disrupt the structure of soap. Scrub components must grind to a state of flour. Food colors can be added in any quantity, usually take a teaspoon.
  • Clay is known for its excellent cosmetic qualities, but it is also an excellent filler for soap. Clay is of different colors, you can take any and dilute it with water until you get the consistency of porridge. Then add a soap base in equal proportions. Especially suitable for making soap is blue clay, the soap from it is excellent - silver!
  • Now you should pour the soap into the tins, small kitchen saucers will fit, small cans with wide openings, so that after hardening the soap it is easy to get. Or you can buy special molds for soap, also silicone molds, which are in any department of dishes, are also suitable.

  • Soap is spilled, and it can be put in the refrigerator for at least three hours. Forms for soap is better to grease with vegetable oil. After the expiration of time, hardened soap should be removed from the molds, the soap is sometimes poorly removed, therefore, in order to get it, lower the forms for a few seconds in boiling water and after that the soap will easily go away. It remains only to dry the soap and everything, it is ready. As you can see in the preparation of soap is nothing complicated, on the contrary, it can even be called creativity.

Hand Soap Recipes

You can also try cooking it yourself. Here is one of the recipes:

  1. Dogrose - 2 tbsp. spoons, 200 grams of baby soap, glycerin - 1 tbsp. Spoon almond oil - 1 tbsp. spoon, rustic homemade milk - 200 gr. And then all the same other components are added. Almond oil in the composition of the soap is perfect for allergic skin, will give softness and smooth your skin, and rosehip oil is just replete with vitamins, as well as struggling with pimples and small inflammations.
  2. The following recipe of soap moisturizes, soothes and smoothes the skin, relieves irritation. The following ingredients should be added to the usual soap base: a few drops of lavender essential oil, 4 drops of geranium oil, three drops of jasmine oil, half a teaspoon of cosmetic pink clay, a red food dye a small pinch.
  3. Homemade soap "Lemon" tighten the skin and give it elasticity. First, pour the grated lemon zest into a mold. Add a small handful of yellow food coloring to the soap base, a couple of drops of peppermint essential oil and, if desired, a few drops of sweet orange essential oil.
  4. "Vanilla" soap - a great recipe for scrubbing soap, with a delicious smell! It will help to cope with small inflammations, and also has an invigorating effect. To the base add three drops of cinnamon essential oil, a few drops of vanilla essential oil, a bag of vanilla - 1 g, some poppy seeds, two drops of mint essential oil.

These are just some of the recipes for soap at home, you can change the composition of the recipes at your discretion or even invent your own, and also read the article How to cook soap at home ?, Handmade soap recipes.

Making soap at home is such a fascinating thing that it can be your hobby. Gradually, you will stuff your hand and you will be able to make such a soap, which you will not be ashamed to give to your loved ones. And if you want your own soap, you can even put up for sale by agreeing with the stores. Try, experiment, observe the principle of measure and harmony in soap making!

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