Makeup snow queen

The image of the Snow Queen is very controversial, it is cold and hard, incredibly attractive, but, nevertheless, sometimes you really want to feel like an ice beauty. Makeup Snow Queen is performed in different versions. The most basic is everyday and festive.

Festive makeup option Snow Queen

Festive makeup option Snow Queen

The snow queen, first of all, is a person with pale thin skin, so if you are the owner of dark, tanned skin or a tanning bed lover, then this image will look a bit weird to you and think better about another make-up. Ideally, this makeup is suitable for blondes and light blonde, but brunettes and brown-haired can try on it. If you really want to get used to the image, you can try the image with a wig or overhead strands.

It is better if the clothes will be matched to the whole image - white or silver. Depending on what holiday you are going to, you can show maximum imagination and ingenuity. The image for the New Year can be supplemented with sparkles and silver accessories. And now proceed to the makeup itself, it must be applied in stages.

  1. Give the skin a glow. To begin with, apply a moisturizer to your skin, and then you can apply a matting base. After that, you should use a foundation cream with a radiant effect, or you can use a cream for a radiant color, and then cover the face with powder on top. But do not forget that the foundation and powder should be taken in a light tone, because you have the image of the Snow Queen.
  2. Create an icy look. White iridescent shadows, you should first note the space under the eyebrows and the corners in the inner part of the eye. The main color of the shadows take a cold blue or bright blue and increase the contrast of the shadows as you approach the outer corners of the eyes. If you wish, you can paint on the arrows, too, blue or blue, but here you should be careful and do not make the arrows too rough. The lower eyelid in the inner part should definitely be drawn in white pencil - it will open your eyes, make them bigger and brighter. Also close to the contour of the eyelashes, draw a line with a white pencil, and finish the lower arrow with a blue or bluish-blue pencil.

You can add white glitter to your eye makeup. Cilia can be tweaked using a special clamp and then paint over with mascara, since it is an evening look, it is better not to feel sorry for the mascara and make the eyelashes long and fluffy, especially they can be distinguished at the edges. Blue, blue or silver mascara will look great in such a make-up, colored false eyelashes, for example, white, will look unusual as well. But if such a mascara is too unusual for you, then only the tips of cilia can be decorated with colored mascara.

Now there is the very last moment of our makeup - it is lip makeup. The make-up of the Snow Queen does not mean to focus on the lips, the focus is on the eyes. And in general, the rule of any make-up is to emphasize one thing - either the eyes or the lips. The lips are best made pale, but with glitter. A pale pink or sparkling white sheen will do.

Casual makeup option Snow Queen

Casual makeup option Snow Queen

Now consider the more moderate makeup of the Snow Queen. This makeup will be the most advantageous to look at girls with a round or square face. Expressive eyes in this make-up visually correct the shape of the chin, and the correct application of light and dark color of the shadows evens out the shape of the face. Here, as in the evening version of the makeup, the focus is on the eyes, only the shadows are already taken not pearly and without sparkles. The task is to make the lips romantic and tender, lipstick will not work here, just shine, you can even take on a tone that is not pinkish, but transparent and paint your lips liberally. Lips will look juicy and attractive, but not aggressive.

  1. It is better not to paint eyebrows at all, but if they are completely light, you can give them a slightly gray-black color. Eyelashes also should not be allocated brightly, gray mascara will do, so the image will look as natural as possible. Dark gray pencil or silver liquid eyeliner can focus on the inner corners of the eyes. The skin tone of the face in this make-up is smooth and even, of a uniform shade, without turning into a yellowish or pinkish hue. In this case, the foundation should be almost invisible, it will become the basis for applying makeup. To level the irregularities should be using powder of a lighter tone. Owners of expressive cheekbones can emphasize them, putting on them a little rouge.
  2. How to paint eyes? Top eyelid cover with a light shade of shadows, suitable peach, pearl or light gray color. In the upper eyelid fold, apply a darker shade of the shadows, but from the same color palette as the previous shadows. So the look will turn out more attractive, it is only important to smooth the shadows smoothly, the boundaries of the transition should not be noticeable! It should be remembered that the darkest shade of the shadows should be applied with a wide line on the outer side of the eyelid, gradually making it weaker towards the middle, and, already approaching the inner corner of the eye, it should be almost imperceptible.

To give your eyes more expressiveness, you can impose the same dark shade of the shadows under the lower eyelid from the outer edge of the eyes, and opening the outer eyelid to draw a line with a white pencil there, and paint the space under the eyebrows with shades of a light shade from the same shadow. The make-up is almost ready, it remains only to draw an arrow along the growth line of the eyelashes with a black eyeliner and slightly bring it beyond the border of the eye.

The make-up of the Snow Queen is a huge scope for fantasy, where you can only create a hint of winter cold, and you can make yourself a real heroine of a famous fairy tale and then have a photo session, depicting such an unusual image. Here are just some ideas for such make-up, everything else is your improvisation, the desire to change and amaze others!

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