Makeup smokey ice


If there is makeup that will suit every woman, correct any flaws in the shape of the eyes and would be appropriate almost everywhere and always, then this is Smokey Ice. It has become a classic, has many variations - from discreet everyday to bright evening, for which so loved by many women. How to do the makeup smoky ice step by step and how to choose the right shades to your type of appearance?

Makeup Smokey Ice: step by step instructions

A distinctive feature of this type of makeup is the absence of hard lines and the effect of smoke, which gives the eyes depth and a kind of mystery. There is a stereotype that smoky ice does not suit ladies with small eyes, since due to the dark color, it is alleged that it visually reduces them even more in size. First, this make-up is far from always performed in dark colors, although the classic version of it actually involves black and dark gray shades of shadows and a pencil. Secondly, even with the use of dark tones, strong feathering creates an expansion effect, which means that if done correctly, it can make the eyes larger.

Although the originally smoky eye makeup was intended only for the evening, over time it was strongly transformed. Execution in various variations and shades allows to use it and in the afternoon. The make-up in this technique for the daytime does not involve the use of cosmetics with a brilliant and pearlescent effect, but requires calm natural tones:

Makeup Smokey Ice

  • gray;
  • beige;
  • brown;
  • pale pink.

In the evening, darker or brighter shades can be used:

  • the black;
  • blue;
  • Violet;
  • green;
  • golden;
  • pink.

Makeup Smokey Ice Step by Step

Makeup Smokey Ice Step by Step

To create Smokey Ice in the classic form, you will need:

  • deep black pencil;
  • dark gray shadows;
  • shades of a light shade (cream, light gray, beige);
  • rounded brush for shading;
  • eye shadow applicator;
  • black mascara

Before eye makeup is necessary to prepare the foundation.

  1. Apply to a smooth skin tone cream light texture, and more dense, if necessary correction of the skin. To mask the skin flaws such as redness, circles under the eyes, pigment spots can also be with the help of concealer. When the main skin tone is evened out, apply translucent powder. Do not forget to cover it and eyelids - this will fix the subsequent eye makeup, not allowing it to smudge.
  2. Correct the eyebrow line: with a bright make-up, the flaws of their shape become more noticeable. Now you can proceed to the most eye makeup.
  3. First, use a black pencil to draw a rather thick line along the eyelashes on the upper eyelid, extending to the outer edge of the eyelid. Try to draw a line close to the eyelashes, filling it with a pencil if possible and the space between the eyelashes - this will visually make them thicker.Makeup Smokey Ice
  4. Lower eyelid too, but more subtly. Connect the upper and lower contours at the outer corner of the eye. If the eyes are round and large, in order to stretch them a bit and add expressiveness, paint over the lower eyelid from the inside with a pencil. If the eyes are small, then you should not bring the upper and outer lines to the very corners of the eyes at the nose. Later this space can be filled with shadows of a light tone, which will visually increase the size of the eyes. With the help of a brush, blend the edges of the contour from below and above so that there are no clear lines left.Makeup Smokey Ice
  5. Now take the dark gray shadows and use the applicator to apply them on the upper eyelid from the outer to the inner corner. With close-set eyes, a dark shade should concentrate on the outer edge and, through feathering, gently turn into a light tone at the inner corner. If the eye needs to be lengthened, the accent should also fall on the outer edge, where dark shadows overlap in the form of an arrow, pulling it out. If you want to lift the corners of the eyes, the shadows are superimposed a little along the oblique from the edge of the eyelid towards the temple. Carefully blend this layer of shadows. Next, a light gray tint is applied to the border of the previous shade and is also carefully shaded. In principle, this stage can be skipped if the dark gray shadows are really well shaded.

    Makeup Smokey Ice
  6. Even higher, almost under the eyebrows, put light shadows, again well shade. Between all layers should get the most smooth transition.Makeup Smokey Ice
  7. Apply the shadows of the same shade to the inner corners of the eyes, making a smooth transition to a shaded pencil.
  8. Carefully apply mascara on the upper and lower lashes.
  9. In conclusion, apply on the cheekbones of a suitable tone of rouge and lipstick. Please note: since the Smokey ice strongly focuses on the eyes, the color of the lips must be very calm, close to natural.

How to choose smokey ice under eye color?

When the technique of creating smokey ice is mastered, you can experiment with shades, as well as pick up a makeup in this style to your eye color. Usually, to make a color variation, the shadows of the desired shade are superimposed over the center of the eyelid, while the principle of color stretching is preserved.

In addition to the color of the iris itself, when choosing a suitable make-up, it is necessary to take into account the entire color type - hair color and skin tone. Light-haired and light-eyed girls with white skin will not suit too saturated make-up, and dark and dark-haired ones - too cool and pale tones. And now we turn to the color of the iris.

How to choose smokey ice under eye color?

  • Make-up smokey ice for brown eyes in the first place involves warm colors: coral, brown, gold, peach. If at the same time your skin is light, then combinations based on the following colors may look good: green, purple, violet, blue, pink, blue. Coffee, olive, gray shades will approach to dark skin. The more saturated the iris, the darker the shadows are supposed to be. Conversely, the owners of honey-colored eyes more than the rest fit soft tone.
  • Smokey ice based on bronze, dark blue, rich gray, green, chocolate shades is perfect for gray eyes. If at the same time you have a very light skin, then, in addition to the above, it is wonderful to have a shade of purple, turquoise and blue in the make-up. It is worth avoiding cold pink hues and too brilliant shades.
  • Makeup Smokey ice for blue eyes looks great in the following colors: gray, golden, lavender, eggplant, silver, light brown, sandy, light pink. In case of very light, cool skin, yellow, copper, golden, bright blue, burgundy and green colors should be avoided: they can create the impression of pain.
  • Green eyes are very suitable makeup on the basis of chocolate, burgundy, gold, purple, copper, purple or dark green. But the shadows in the tone of the iris, as well as a gray tint, can create a tired look and make the natural shade dull.

Makeup Smokey Ice: master class

Makeup Smokey Ice: master class

Experimenting with different color combinations, you will soon find the best options for yourself that will highlight your appeal. The make-up in the Smokey Ace technique is an excellent opportunity to show creativity and imagination. This will allow you to constantly create and try on new interesting images - both for everyday life and for bright festive events.