Makeup for round eyes. round eyes


The ideal shape of the eye is considered to be considered shaped. But even if you have round eyes, do not worry, skillful makeup is able to emphasize their dignity. Round eyes give a feminine image sophistication, mystery and prettiness.

Round eyes: features

Round eyes themselves are very expressive and with the right ratio to the oval of the face do not need correction. In this case, you can restrict the tinting and liner. If the oval face and eyes are not combined with each other, then you should apply the correct makeup.

The main focus is on the upper eyelid. To help you come arrows and elongated eyelashes. Dark eyeliner and shadow tones reduce roundness, giving the eyes an almond shape.

Round Eye Makeup

When choosing makeup should be considered hair color. Brunettes, for example, will suit dark shades. Blondes should pay attention to light colors, lengthening the contours in the inner and outer corners of the eyes.

It is important to pay attention to the eyebrows: they should not be very narrow. It requires a small extension to the nose, and the form should follow the contour of the superciliary arches. For round eyes, the ideal shape of the eyebrows will be inflated with a corner.

Round eyes: the right makeup

Before applying makeup, you should refresh your eyes with thermal water, wait for drying and apply a thin layer of masking cream or concealer with light-reflecting particles. This will help to hide dark circles and other imperfections.

Observe the following rules of make-up: what you visually want to hide, remove with the help of dark tones, what you want to emphasize - highlight using light tones. Light shadows are applied with a narrow strip, giving the eyes an almond shape. You apply dark shadows from the middle of an upper eyelid. If you do it right, a triangle should appear behind the outer corner of the eye. Correctly applied shades hide roundness of eyes.

You can not do without eyeliner, so carefully draw a line through the upper eyelid, making a broad emphasis on the outer corner (the line should be noticeable and wide). The lower lash line highlight with a dark pencil. Eyelashes cover with mascara.

As for the color palette, you can not go wrong if you choose brown shades. Use neutral and calm colors as a base. Ideal cream or beige. Choose the chocolate or terracotta color of the shadows to give almond-shaped round eyes. Underline eyelash growth underline with a brown pencil or eyeliner. Cilia dye brown mascara.

Arrows for round eyes

For round eyes fit wide arrows that can be shaded to obtain a smoky effect. To make an almond shape, draw a contour a few millimeters above the outside corner of the eyes.

How to draw arrows?This question worries many girls. The hardest thing is to draw them with liquid liner. But, if you are confident in your abilities, you can use this tool. With the help of arrows you can drastically change your image. To create perfect lines, follow these rules:

Arrows for round eyes

  • To make the line even, draw an arrow with your elbow on a flat surface.
  • When you apply the arrow, keep your eye half-closed so that you can see whether the arrow is drawn correctly or not.
  • Before you draw a wide arrow, you must first draw a thin line. Then you can add width to it.
  • Makeup artists recommend drawing an arrow in 2 stages: from the inner corner of the eye to the middle of the century and from the mid century to the outer corner of the eye.
  • Draw an arrow along the lash line, otherwise, it will look untidy on the eyelid. This spoils the overall impression of the makeup.
  • The arrows on both eyes should be the same.
  • If you are a beginner and do not know how to draw arrows, take a pencil, put dots on the eyelid and draw an arrow on them.
  • To make the arrow more stable, fix it with shadows of the same shade.
  • Selecting the color of the arrow, you can follow your tastes and preferences, as well as choose the color for the outfit and makeup. This technique is an attribute not only of evening make-up, but also of day-time. Arrows perfectly complement any image of the day, making it sophisticated and feminine. If for evening makeup give preference to black versions, in the afternoon you can choose brown, blue, beige, dark green shades.
  • To give expression a look, draw an arrow to match the eye color.

Make-up for round eyes is able to give you individuality and mystery. Make it fit any girl, it is enough to have a minimum of cosmetics, patience and desire. To perform a beautiful make-up for round eyes, you should consider the shape of the face, the shape of the lips, hair and the whole image.