Makeup for green eyes and blond hair

Green eyes combined with blond hairlook just magical! And if blond hair is also tinged with red, then you are a real heroine of a Russian fairy tale. There are a few rules makeup for green eyes in combination with light brown hair. Performing them, you can always be on top!

Shadows for green eyes and light brown hair

Start with the fact that the green color has a lot of different shades. And both warm and cold. Therefore, repelling, first of all, follows from the shade of your eyes. The color of the shadows should be as close as possible to the shade of your eyes. This is a classic makeup option.

But, choosing shades for green eyes, it is impossible not to take into account the shade of hair. After all, there are light-blond hairs, there are dark blond, reddish-brown and others. The color of the shadows you choose also depends on this.

there is the colors of the shadows that best suit this combination are green eyes, brown hair. This, so to speak, is the base palette with which you can experiment. These colors are: golden, beige, pink, green, lilac, purple, mint, turquoise. It is best to apply on the eyelids not one shade of your chosen color. It is best to use two or three shades of the same color, which will smoothly transform into each other. In order for everything to look very beautiful, do not forget to carefully shade the transitions between the shadows of different shades.

Foundation for green eyes and light brown hair

Foundation and powder, which you should use when applying everyday makeup, should be as close as possible to the color of your skin in tone. However, you can use foundation or powder, darker than your skin tone, but no more than one tone.

Day makeup for green eyes and blond hair

Daytime makeup suggests that you go to work, go for a walk with a friend or other business. This makeup should highlight the eyes, but in no case, "overload" the face. Therefore, it is allowed to apply peach or beige shadows (it is possible to use not only matte, but also pearl shadows). Blush is best to take a peach shade.

If you need a strict makeup, the so-called "office option", green eyes are best suited makeup, made in coffee-milk scale. He will emphasize the beauty of the eyes, while remaining a strict makeup option.

Evening makeup for green eyes and blond hair

Evening makeup for green eyes can be very rich and dark. It is possible to use even very dark shades, almost black. In addition, the use of various glitters, shimmering shadows and "metallic" is quite acceptable. In addition, the girls with green eyes and blond hair are very makeup in the style of "Smoky-ice". In short, before the evening out of the house, the green-eyed girls have the opportunity to conduct experiments.

For any make-up - whether it is daily or evening make-up, eyebrows should always be well groomed, neatly combed so that the hairs are not directed in different directions. In addition, if the eyebrows so require, they should be a little let down, which will give them clarity and beauty.

What is unacceptable in makeup for green eyes and light brown hair?

  • If you have green eyes and brown hair, you can not use makeup blue shadows. The exception to the rule is only one - if you are the owner of green-blue eyes.
  • If you have green eyes and brown hair, you should not use a silver eyeliner in the make-up, and the same shade of the shadow. This combination looks ugly.
  • It is best not to use black eyeliner. If you want to highlight the eyes, take a dark gray, but not black.
  • Do not use pink eye shadow on your green eye makeup.. Eyes seem tearful, and it looks very ugly.

There is a huge amount workshops on applying makeup for green eyes and light brown hair. You can see them. But it is best to visit a beauty salon or an image salon where you can choose the makeup that suits you best.

Festive makeup for green eyes and blond hair, see the video from Tatiana Shine.

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Be beautiful!

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