Makeup for gray eyes


Grey eyesare considered the most common in nature, but this does not mean that their owners are ordinary and mundane. Gray eyes have shimmering freshness of blue eyes and mysterious depth of brown. Gray eyes are changeable, as they often hide the pigment of a different shade. This allows gray-eyed beauties to be bold in experiments with makeup, to make the "play" the eyes of the dull-smoky, then greenish, then blue shades.

To find your color, your optimal makeup - try different solutions, but do not completely ignore the recommendations that will allow you to achieve a harmonious makeup.

Makeup for gray eyes

Tips for proper makeup

Your eyes highlight your personality. And if your gray-eyed girlfriend is ideally suited for a cold gamut of shadows, then she may not suit you at all. And so the makeup of gray eyes requires maximum care.

Most shades of gray are not combined with eyeliner and shades of brown. Eyes look sick, tearful, if you use clean warm brown shades in make-up. This applies primarily to terracotta, dark chocolate and orange shades.

Lighter or shade-like shades of the iris will discolor your eyes. Avoid these colors without using additional tones.

Cosmetic panacea for gray eyes is the whole range of gray shadows. So that the eyes do not look monochrome with the shadows there is a simple secret - use not matte shadows, but with a metallic sheen. This will give your eyes shine. Be careful with pearl shadows, they should be avoided if you have swelling on the eyelids.

Blue or blue shades will turn an ordinary make-up into a festive one. Especially effectively these colors will look in combination with eyes that have a blue tint. Apply on the upper eyelid the shadows of warm tones, for example - yellow-caramel, and slightly lower the lower eyelid with a fresh bluish contour - your eyes will surprise you and those around you with a sky-blue tint. A similar effect can be achieved when using blue mascara. Moreover, it is enough to apply blue mascara over black, and only on the lower lashes.

Metallic shades will create the effect of the pure gray of your eyes.

In the same way, using green eye shadows with a greenish tint, you can become a real forest fairy with enchanting green eyes. But remember that for a cold color type, you should choose emerald shades, and for a warm one, you should choose olive colors with pearl sparkles.

Experiment with purple or lilac shadows - this isfashionablethis year's trend. These shadows will perfectly shade your eyes without overlapping their natural shade. Combinations can be the most daring. For example, green and lilac shadows - to create a three-dimensional makeup. And even the underlining of the upper and lower eyelids in different colors.

The subtleties of makeup for gray eyes

Makeup for gray eyes

When creating your mjekapa it is important to focus not only on your image, but also take into account the skin tone.

The warm tone is harmoniously combined with shades of gold, sand and bronze colors. But in order to focus on the skin tone, you can use a cold range of shadows and contours - blue, green, blue. You can use a pink color, but remember that it can make your eyes tear-stained, so be extremely careful with it.

Cold skin tone dictates the diametrically opposite rules of makeup. To create an emphasis on the eyes, a cool color palette is well suited - all shades of green and purple. At the same time, the shadows should not be contrasting, but softly shaded so that the image does not look vulgar and defiant. To emphasize the skin tone, choose your choice of warm colors - beige, sand shades, caramel tones and light purple shades.

The right makeup for gray eyes

Let's talk about the classic tricks of the stylists.

  • To give your eyes a darker shade, use a shade lighter than the color of the iris. Always highlights eyebrows and eyelashes. Do not forget to carefully paint every eyelash to make your makeup look complete.
  • For visual reduction of the eyes and the effect of a deep look, use a black eyeliner on the inner eyelid. But remember that this is far from all.
  • Line leashes on the outer edge of the eyelids should not be oily, otherwise it will visually reduce your eyes.
  • In the event that the black color of the eyeliner does not suit you, use brown, blue or black tones - depending on the color of the shadows.
  • To make whites appear whiter, and more eyes, lower the lower eyelid with a blue pencil. If you move along the inner edge with a white pencil, your eyes will visually become more open.
  • If your eyes are light gray, avoid bright makeup. To highlight your eyes, pay attention to the eyelashes and eyebrows, rather than an abundance of eye shadow on the eyelids. Dark colors will make your look sharp and not attractive. The best choice would be shadows a few tones darker than your natural eye color.
  • Owners of gray eyes especially need to rest, as the red mesh of fatigue on the eyes "overlaps" the beauty of any makeup.

Beautiful makeup for gray eyes

Makeup for gray eyesMakeup for gray eyes

To give your makeup brightness - use a white pencil, it refreshes the look. But the use of a light pink pencil will give your eyes a natural glow.

To make-up look beautiful and harmonious, the color of a pencil or a liquid eyeliner must match the shades of the shadows that you use in the make-up. In daytime make-up, you can emphasize only the upper eyelid with a soft, natural-colored pencil. And in the evening version, use the classic black eyeliner.

Take a shade of wine or magenta shade - and you will create an original make-up. Your natural eye color will soften and sparkle with new colors. In the everyday version, use soft shades of purple, and in the evening - luxurious shades of plum or rich wine. Such shadows will be perfectly combined with a classic black or brown pencil, with a dark plum or purple eyeliner.

Casual makeup for gray eyes

For everyday makeupit is possible not to use shadows at all - it will be enough to emphasize the eyes along the growth line of the eyelashes with a nacreous blue pencil. We spend a pencil in the line of growth of eyelashes, select the outer corners. And in the end we put two layers of mascara.

If you decide not to be limited to such a simple make-up - use light shades for the daytime variant, and rich shades for the evening - neutral with a silver shine, deep dark blue.

Makeup for gray-eyed blondes

Makeup for gray-eyed blondesMakeup for gray-eyed blondes

Bright-skinned blondes do not need bright make-up - you don’t want to become like an Indian who has gone on the warpath? To avoid unwanted effects, your makeup should be close to the natural. Which, by the way, will be consonant with the 2011 fashionable makeup. And this option will be optimal for everyday or daily makeup.

Natural naturalness will not make you a gray mouse, it will give you the features of tenderness, purity and give the charm of freshness. You can appear as a defenseless girl, a business woman, a true lady, or an unapproachable Snow Queen.

The winning colors in your make-up will be taupe, blue, green, lilac, purple, pink and silver.

In evening makeup, focus on either the shadows or the eyeliner. You can not go wrong if you use a black eyeliner. Shadows can be used bright - gold, silver, blue or pink shades. In the evening, you can use false eyelashes, which will create a unique wide-open look, which no one man can resist!

Makeup for gray-eyed brunettes

Makeup for gray-eyed brunettes

Here is where you can unleash all your creativity! After all, you fit the shade of almost any color. All shades of gray, silver, sky blue, green. The only precaution is not to use shades of yellow or orange.

The dark blue shades of the shadows will make your gray eyes deep and your eyes piercing. Maroon shades and coal-black eyelashes will turn you into a femme fatale.

In the modern version of the make-up, use the shadows with a metallic sheen and shine - your eyes will be irresistible gray!

In the evening, resort to using brown, black or gold colors to create an attractive and luxurious make-up. Perfectly suitable smoky makeup, made in brown tones. To make your eyes look bigger and more expressive - do not forget how to shade the shadows.