Makeup for gray-blue eyes. compatibility with hair color and

There is an opinion that the representatives of the weaker sex, who have gray-blue eyes, differ not only in their visual appeal, but also in their sense of purpose - they can achieve any task set before them. And if you are the owner of gray-blue eyes, then you will not have much difficulty to make a harmonious, beautiful and flawless makeup, thereby emphasizing your individuality!

How to choose the shadow for the gray-blue eyes?

In order to make the eyes particularly expressive, you need to choose the appropriate makeup. In the style there is for this a certain combination of colors. So in the case of experimenting with the image, you should try to stick to some rules, in this case the result will exceed all expectations!

Makeup for gray-blue eyes

Here are some simple guidelines for selecting makeup for your blue-gray eyes:

  • It is not recommended to use a palette of green (shadow, pencil, eyeliner). It will create a contrast with the color of the eyes and deprive them of brightness;
  • Black eyeliner will make your look darker, it is better to choose brown tones. Blue-gray eyes have a cold color, so they do not need to add rigor, even if it is full-time makeup to go to work or school;
  • Avoid shooters, they may look vulgar. The eyeliner line must be started from the inner corner of the eye and terminated in the outer corner; it is not necessary to raise and lower it;
  • Ink must be black! She will emphasize eyelashes against the general make-up, and also will give brightness to an image. You can also take the blue mascara, in case the shadows are of the same shade. Brown and green should not be used;
  • Eyebrows are better to dye brown or black, it all depends on the hair color. And it is better to make a thin arch, but not a wide strip;
  • In the colors of the shadows it is better to give preference to the following shades: sky blue, sky blue, grayish, silver blue, ice blue, dark blue. You can use them to create any makeup, it all depends on the shade of the eyes themselves;
  • If you want to bring the color of the eyes to gray, then you need to use ashy and silver shadows;
  • Beige-pink, purple and silvery-pink shades of shadows will make your eyes very expressive, so it is best to use them for evening makeup.

These recommendations can not be attributed to the strictest rules, and you can experiment. For example: in the afternoon, choose a pale blue shade, and in the evening - saturated gray. But it is better not to deviate from the above colors, instead, you can choose different shades.

Makeup Features

Makeup for gray-blue eyes

Classic daytime makeup for owners of gray-blue eyes is characterized by calm shades, with it you can go to work without thinking, even if there is a strict dress code. Perhaps there is some connection in the fact that women who were able to achieve high career achievements had most often gray-blue eyes.

For daytime makeup, black eyeliner and brown mascara are not recommended, but on the contrary: it is better to give preference to light, light shades: gold, silver, pink and purple colors. By the way, the latter will make the makeup more tender, for them the eyeliner is better to choose sand shades.

How to make a day makeup for gray-blue eyes? We need to start with the basics. In the first place it should be remembered that the layer of foundation should be thin, and it is better not to use powder at all. Blush should also be light - gently pink or peach. The upper eyelid should be completely painted bodily, beige or peach shades. Under the eyebrows, as well as on the inner corners of the eyes, put barely visible highlights with white shimmering shadows.

The eye contour is best drawn along the lash line using a soft blue or silver pencil to open the look. Ink in this case, you can apply blue, will be enough of the 1st layer. Lipstick should be pastel or peach color. Colorless lip gloss will look even more harmonious.

Evening make-up version is somewhat more difficult. It should soften the overall severity inherent in the gray-blue eyes. It is not recommended to use black color for eyeliner, but if you decide to use it, then it is better to shade the product throughout the century. It is good to apply lilac, taupe, pearl colors when applying evening makeup for gray-blue eyes. They will make the look expressive. And if you want to create a bold image, then rich blue and blue colors will help. For liner you can use a brown pencil.

Makeup for gray-blue eyes

Evening makeup should not contain flaws, so you should try to hide with the help of the foundation and the corrector all the flaws of the skin. Powder and concealer should be saturated colors. For eyelids should also be applied a small layer of powder, it contributes to the persistence of makeup.

With the help of the corrector it is necessary to disguise the dark circles under the eyes. On the upper eyelid, apply white shimmering shadows up to the arc of the eyebrow, on a fixed eyelid - dark blue and shade them to the boundaries of the transition of colors. In the line of growth of the upper eyelashes, you can draw a line with a smoky or silver pencil, smoky shadows should be applied to the lower eyelid and shade them.

Mascara should be charcoal-black or blue-black. Before applying it eyelashes can be twisted - this will make the eyes even more expressive. If you do not have lush eyelashes, you can use the overhead.

Lipstick can be applied brownish or pale pink shades, but not saturated colors, do not need to focus on the lips.

Gray-blue eyes: what hair color is suitable?

Of course, the natural color of the hair and eyes of a person is the best combination, but sometimes women have a desire to change the shade of the curls. So, gray-blue eyes are perfectly combined with almost any cold shade of hair. The most common combination is with light strands. The following shades will do: wheat, ashen, light brown, it all depends on the desire of the woman herself.

Also, not least the role played by the type of appearance and skin tone. Girls with fair skin often have a light iris, respectively, and the hair is better to dye in light colors, but dark - rich, so the hair color is better to choose black, dark brown and chestnut. It is recommended not to use shades when coloring curls that will differ by more than 2 colors from your natural color.

Makeup for gray-blue eyes

Makeup for gray-blue eyes

No wonder they say that the eyes are a mirror of the soul, therefore, long since, people in the first place paid attention to them. Eye makeup was done in ancient times. In our time, the means for this have reached almost to perfection. Now you can choose products that are designed specifically for a particular shade of the eyes, ensuring their maximum expressiveness.

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