Makeup for brunettes with green eyes. beautiful makeup for


Brunette girls have a wider choice of colors that they can use when creating makeup than blondes and brown-haired women. When choosing it for owners of green eyes, it is necessary to take into account the skin color.

In order to make makeup turned out beautiful, you need to use when applying the shades that are best combined with the hair color, for example: for light brown hair you should use lighter shades, but with dark hair you can combine more saturated shades. Best of all green eyes are combined with calm colors that will not distract attention from the natural beauty, which was awarded to their owner. There are color types of seasons, which are separated by shades of hair and skin. Girls with green eyes and dark hair, as a rule, belong to the winter type and make-up with shadows of a contrasting color is best for them, and for the day version you can choose shades to match.

Particularly effective will look make-up using 2-3 colors, of which brunettes are most suitable pearl emerald and green, light beige and pink, gray-pink, dark blue, silver, brown, beige, purple. If the skin of the face is dark, then too bright and contrasting tones should not be used, otherwise the face will acquire a grayish painful tint.

Makeup for brunettes with green eyes

Makeup colors can also be selected under the clothes: if there are green things, then you should use shades of greenish tint, just not bright. Do not forget that the emphasis is on one thing: either on the lips or in front of your eyes.

When choosing a suitable option, it is necessary to take into account the fact that the complexion should be even, therefore the tonal tool should be applied evenly so that there is no mask effect. Best suited products with a pinkish tint that refresh the face, mask the signs of fatigue, blemishes and various kinds of redness. Dark-haired girls are also suitable tonal means of beige shades.

In preparation for applying makeup, it is recommended to use a highlighter, which needs to highlight the cheekbones and gaps under the eyebrows.

How to choose makeup by shade of green eyes?

Each shade of green eyes in itself is unique, respectively, and the shadows need to be selected based on their color. You just need to remember one rule: the shadows should be either lighter or darker than the eyes. It is better not to choose the means in which there is a yellow color, they can create the impression of fatigue on the face. It is better to replace them with honey or golden shades, brown or grayish.

If you want to make your eyes more expressive, you can use gold, green or burgundy shades, but not in the case when the girl often blush her eyes, then burgundy shades will emphasize only the flaws. When applying makeup, you can use terracotta, gray-green, pinkish or brown shades, and in the evening shimmering golden or copper colors will look good.

Blush should not be bright, soft muffled shades are perfect, since peach or beige-pink. Apricot-colored blush can make your face gray and lifeless, besides, it will also make you old, and orange blush will focus on redness and pallor of the skin. Dark-haired brunettes are advised to use a peach-colored blush, but light-skinned ones are light pink.

The upper zone of the cheekbones perfectly emphasized dark peach blush. You can also experiment using the bronzer. It will give the face a shine and highlight features. It should be applied very sparingly, otherwise the skin tone will become excessively dark, relative to the tone of the neck.

Makeup for brunettes with green eyes

Green-eyed brunettes are perfect red lipstick shades, coral, caramel, light pink and beige. During the day you can use peach, caramel or pink lipstick, and in the evening - more saturated colors. Brunettes generally go red, but not cold.

Eyeliner suits both black and brown. When applying a daily make-up, you can use brown tones instead of black mascara and a pencil of the same color, and they will also look more natural. In addition, the brown color emphasizes the depth of the eyes and focuses attention on them in no way worse than black. In the evening, you can use eyeliner nut, bronze or gold color. If desired, you can draw long arrows along the growth of eyelashes, and make the outer part of the eyelid darker than the inside. In this case, black mascara, applied in several layers, is best suited. It is strongly not recommended to fail eyes with a green pencil. If desired, a green tint can be used for eyeliner lower eyelid.

You should not forget about eyebrows, they should also be emphasized, only then the makeup will look harmonious. Brown tone is well suited, with a slight gray tint, if you have brown hair of cold tones, but if your hair is reddish, then choose warm brown tones.

To determine the most appropriate color makeup for green eyes, you need to know their shade. For the emerald perfect all shades of purple. The basis of expressiveness here lies in contrast. This color can be used for both day and evening makeup.

  • Make-up color, which will be the main one, can be diluted with the help of pastel shades, since khaki, ivory, peach, beige.
  • Dark green eyes are the most intense and dark shade. Shades of dark tones are well combined with it. Since this eye color is universal, eye shadow can be of almost any color. Eyeliner will also look good.
  • Turquoise eye shadow may vary depending on the lighting, clothing and even the mood of the owner. Shadows in this case it is better to select light colors, special attention should be paid to the blue color.

Makeup for brunettes with green eyes

Eyes of a light green color do not fit the shadows at all, they can be used only when applying makeup on the outer corner of the eyes, and only then as a last resort. It is better to choose the shadows of those shades that are combined with the color of the iris and will be slightly lighter than it.

For gray-green eyes to pick up the right shadow is not so easy. Surely you should not use the shadows of dark shades, soft and pastel colors are best suited.

Beautiful makeup for green eyes: options

Girls with such a spectacular appearance, where green eyes and dark hair are combined, should be obliged to emphasize lips, making them juicy and seductive. It will look great red lipstick classic color, it will make the image particularly sensual. This technique is even suitable for day makeup. You can also use lipstick coral flowers.

The perfect evening makeup option for green-eyed brunettes will be smokyeyes. Shadows for this should be bronze and golden hues, preferably shimmering or brilliant.

Having by nature such a spectacular appearance, like green-eyed and dark-haired girls, you can look great without spending a lot of time and effort on makeup. Sometimes it is enough just to apply eyeliner, make up the eyelashes. If you want something special, choose the shades of the right shade and use the red lipstick of warm shades.