Makeup for blue eyes


Blue eyes- small pieces of the sky. This shining adornment should be framed with a decent frame of skillful make-up in order to emphasize their unique beauty.

Makeup for blue eyes

The blue-eyed girl personifies purity, tenderness, youth, purity. All the classic princesses invariably appear before us as fair-haired beauties with eyes the color of light sapphire. And the image of a dark-haired beauty with the attractive look of the icy eyes, draw a stunningly contrasting image of an impregnable winter girl.

The golden rule for all owners of these celestial eyes is that you should avoid shadows that completely coincide with the color of your eyes - this will make your eyes expressionless, and dark shadows with a dark eyeliner that will make your eyes empty. Despite the fact that these colors are often used in make-up, they should be handled with care - in the right proportions and in combination with other tones.

Makeup artists classify all the blue-eyed girls, advising you to choose makeup depending on the shade of the irises:

Dark blue

makeup for dark blue eyes

Intense, rich blue color, bordering on purple. Owners of such eyes can use shades and eyeliners of any color in the makeup. Moreover, saturated colors better emphasize their beauty than neutral.

Medium blue

makeup for medium blue eyes

Clear blue color, often with gold or red pigment patches. The best solution in make-up will be shades of light shades, a dark outline is permissible only to emphasize the growth line of the eyelashes, or the outer corner of the eye. Your eyes will enliven shades of juicy blue and light brown tones.

Light blue

Makeup for blue eyes

Bright, shining color. With a selection of makeup, definitely, is not easy. The best option would be to opt for pastel, soft colors. Experiment with retro arrows, they will make your eyes irresistible and flirty.

Gray blue

makeup for gray-blue eyes

Eyes-chameleons, they are gray, then blue, depending on the clothes and lighting, they play a color leapfrog. And this is your main trump card - depending on what color your eyes are today, use colors for blue and for gray eyes.

How to make the right makeup for blue eyes?

The correct make-up for blue eyes is the one that uses shadows that are either similar in color to the color of the iris, or colors that contrast strongly with thermal motifs. The whole range of blue, gray and some shades of brown - beige, bright terracotta, light brown. Silver, gold, pearl, lilac (lavender) shades look great on the owners of blue eyes. It should be avoided bright pink and purple tones - they will go far from everyone. Use green shadows with care.

Makeup for blue eyes

Blue eyes can be a reflection of seasonal fashion, if you use shades of gray in winter and pearl gold in summer and autumn.

Remember that you need to apply makeup depending on what you are wearing - golden shadows and a pink dress is not the best combination. But there are also universal options that will suit any type of clothing - for example, smoky makeup, which will make you the most fashionable girl in any nightclub.

For effective makeup use bright blue shadows, they will make your eyes more expressive. The shades of aqua and turquoise may look interesting.

A win-win option is nude look or natural makeup. Underline your eye contour with a gray or blue pencil - and you're done!

White shadows with the effect of silk will refresh your eyes, and arrows made with black pencil will be appropriate.

For blue eyes it is best to choose tushcherny or brown shades.

Remember that the basis for any makeup should be bright eye shadows that are applied to the entire upper eyelid, down to the base of the eyebrows.

Fashionable casual makeup for blue eyes in 2014

In 2014, fashionable makeup is considered natural, those. imitation of the absence thereof. This makeup is good for everyday life. At your disposal are shades of cold shade: purple or blue.

Makeup for blue eyes

trendy casual makeup

Makeup for blue eyes

Here is the version of the execution of fashionable everyday makeup:

  • Silvery shadows are applied all over the eyelid from the eyelashes to the eyebrow growth line.
  • Lavender shadows highlight the line from the growth of eyelashes to the fold. Shade.
  • From the middle of the century to the outer corner we put purple shadows in the shape of a letter. "v". Create the effect of the natural transition of the shadows with feathering.
  • The eye contour is underlined with a black or dark gray pencil.
  • In the end, we paint the eyes with mascara in one layer, and carefully separate all the cilia.

Smoky makeup for blue eyes

Invariably relevant and fashionable remainsSmoky Eyes (Smoky eyes). Using the smoky effect in makeup you will always be the center of attention.

Smokey Ice

Smokey Ice

Smokey Ice

For the base, take the cream color, the color of opal, champagne, white and lilac, white and gold, light beige. And in a contract to it - gold, peach, brown, marsh or lavender. The darkest color can be dark gray, brown, black, the color of dark chocolate, dark green or lilac.

The most fashionable shades of this season in a smoky make-up are emerald or bottle-colored shades. Whereas the shades of blue became a mauveton.

Remember that in smoky make-up carcasses on the upper eyelashes should be applied in several layers, not forgetting to separate each layer on the cilia, so that the eyelashes do not look glued.

Since this makeup focuses on the eyes, the shadows and blush should be bright colors - beige, pale pink.

Shadow transitions carefully. The most intense color should be near the lash line, closer to the eyebrows, it should smoothly go to "no."

The color of the pencil or eyeliner should be chosen depending on the shade of the shadows that you will use in your makeup.

Oriental makeup for blue eyes

This makeup looks most advantageous on green or brown eyes. For blue eyes, it is too contrasted. But if you're not afraid of bold experiments, here are some tips on Arabic eye makeup.

Arabic make-up is relevant for romantic evenings, parties or celebrations. And, of course, would be appropriate when traveling to the countries of the east - Turkey, Egypt, India.

The main highlight of Oriental makeup is the line on the inside of the eyelid, which makes any eyes incredibly contrasting.

Makeup for blue eyes

Here are the rules for applying Oriental makeup:

Make-up should be necessary with the selection of tone and powder. As in the east make up, unlikeSmoky eyesbright not only the eyes, but also the tone of the rouge, then the tan color is appropriate.

Shadows in oriental make-up can be dull or mother-of-pearl. Depending on what you choose, so will your image - mysterious and charming, or full of passion. Either way, the preference is given to the pearlescent shadows. And the more brilliance will be in your image - the better. Apply sequins, rhinestones to your hair and clothes to create a radiant image of an oriental beauty!

Shadows are thickly applied to the upper eyelid and emphasize the line of the lower eyelid with a wide brush. Apply shadows of light tones to the rest of the space.

Do not forget to use the black traditional eyeliner. It is better to use a liquid eyeliner, giving with the help of her eyes an almond shape. From above zatonite line eyeliner dark shadows.

Do not be afraid to experiment with arrows on both the upper and lower eyelids. For example, draw arrows as a natural extension of the eye, or flowing lines of the arrow separate from the eye.

Eyebrows in the eastern version should be clear. It does not matter - they will be wide or narrow, the main thing is a clear line. It will be interesting to look makeup, if you slightly lengthen the line of eyebrows. It will depend on the eyebrows how effectively the eyes will look.

We apply the carcass in several layers on the upper lashes, the lower ones are covered with one layer of mascara.

Day makeup for blue-eyed blondes

Blonde blue-eyed girls for a beautiful day makeupIt is best to choose the base of light pink, beige, cream tones to give the skin a radiant effect. Remember that if you highlight your eyes in make-up, then it is better to make up your lips with a transparent shine.

Makeup for blue eyes

day makeup for blue eyes

day makeup for blue eyes

Daytime makeup does not accept screaming colors and fat arrows - it will make your facial features sharp. Remember, your image should be gentle and romantic. Therefore, use the carcass brown, purple, chocolate, gray, and eyebrows adjust shadows. Avoid black colors. Gray and brown carcass looks very harmonious.

Better to opt for shades of gray, cream or pale pink shades. Avoid blue shadows. For dark colors, choose blue, gray, turquoise, golden or purple shades. Acceptable fuchsia, aqua, pink shade. Green shadows, if they go to you, will highlight the blue of the eyes.

Shadows are applied as follows - light shades on the inner corners of the eyes and the line under the eyebrows. In darker colors, the movable eyelid and the outer corners of the eyes are colored. The lower eyelid can be highlighted in neutral color.

You can emphasize the eyes with a liquid eyeliner or pencil, drawing a line along the growth of eyelashes on the upper eyelid. Fashion trend is a clear, not feather line. The same will be relevant to use eyeliner a couple of tones darker than the color of the iris of the eye.

Evening makeup for blue-eyed blondes

Makeup for blue eyes

Makeup for blue eyes

Makeup for blue eyes

Evening - time to look seductive and mysterious. Use shades of several tones in make-up. For the base, take a glowing shade of light golden color and apply on all moving eyelids. Use brown shadows to trace the border of the moving eyelid and blend gray pearl shades over golden ones. Upper lashes highlight multiple layers of black mascara. With a smoky brown pencil draw arrows, slightly raising them to the temples. A light gray pencil highlight the lower eyelid, drawing a line along the growth of eyelashes. Lighten the line under the eyebrows with mother-of-pearl shadows.

Day makeup for blue-eyed brunettes

Makeup for blue eyes

Makeup for blue eyes

Skin brunettes, as a rule, darker, so their makeup will be different from the makeup of blue-eyed blondes.

Feel free to use saturated warm colors - golden, beige and brown. Absolutely refuse blue shades, they look vulgar and rough.

The selection of mascaras is also more extensive. It is best to use black and brown carcasses, avoiding dark blue carcasses.

Pencils, shade is better to choose cold colors - silver, smoky.

Evening makeup for blue-eyed brunettes

Makeup for blue eyes

Makeup for blue eyes

The publication should be brilliant and unique, like your image.

For evening makeup options, use a pencil of body-gray color - take them along the line of the growth of eyelashes. Your eyes will be deep and expressive, and your unique blue will sparkle with new colors.

Dark brown shadows draw a line across the century and blend. You can draw a thin line on the upper eyelid with sparkles. Apply a white pencil on the inner line of the lower eyelid - it will make your eyes more visual. At the inner corner of the eye, spend a few times shadows of dark green.

The carcass in the evening make-up should stand out. Therefore, we apply it in several layers, combing each layer with a special brush.