Makeup for a round face


No wonder girls with round faces were sung by poets of all times, calling them "moon-faced" beauties! Round face always looks kinder and nicer, as a rule, it is with an upturned nose, which together gives its hostess a young and slightly naughty look. However, many tend to hide the excessive, in their view, fullness of cheeks and visually lengthen the face.

Well, nothing is impossible! Since time immemorial, women have decorated and corrected their appearance with the help of various cosmetic products, perhaps no worse than the most talented artists. Nowadays, given the huge choice of decorative cosmetics, it is not necessary to be an artist or to devote your life to an in-depth study of the science of visage in order to make competent makeup.

What kind of face is round?

  • The length of a round face is approximately equal to width.
  • Cheekbones and the corners of the lower jaw is enough wide, Due to this, the entire middle part of the face looks broad compared to the oval face.
  • May often be present double chin regardless of age and weight of the owner.

If you have these signs, then proceed to the makeup. Make the face more proportional, correct all roundness and bring it as close as possible to the shape of the oval.

Follow the golden rule: no horizontal lines!

Step one: apply the tone correctly!

We arm dark matte powder or dark tonal cream better terracotta shades close to your natural tone, but still darker. I advise you to choose tonal cream light texture, so as not to give the person a sort of theatrical effect. Apply a dark foundation or powder with a thin layer over the entire oval of the face: starting from the temporal part and ending with the lower part of the cheeks. So you can it is easy to darken the extra roundness of the face. Next, using the sponge, we draw a diagonal line from a point slightly below the cheekbone to the outer corner of the eye - such a trajectory visually narrows and lengthens the contours of the face.

You can also apply a dark tone to the side surfaces of the nose. With wide-set eyes, we will also apply a dark tone to the nose bridge. If the eyes are planted close - apply powder on the nose with light-reflecting particles. By the way, if you apply this powder on the area above the eyebrows and under the lower fold of the eyelids, then it will be enough just to tint the eyelashes and the daytime natural make-up with a radiant look ready!

Step two: do not abuse blush!

The advantage of a round face is that it looks beautiful without blush. Therefore, both in everyday and evening make-up, preference should be given to soft and soft shades of blush, in order to give the face freshness, and not to emphasize the cheeks. Apply them a triangle, the acute angle of which is directed slightly below the corners of the lips. If the corners of the lips are lowered down - we put blush under the cheekbones at a much smaller angle, but not horizontally, as many makeup artists advise! Remember the golden rule? If you do not believe - try both options, take a picture and compare. The difference will surprise and please at the same time.

Step three: these eyes are opposite ...

Fortunately, there will not be too much effort. Chubby girls even have their own advantages over others: for example, completely no need to paint lower lashes. The color scheme can be used to suit your taste, but you have to avoid strong contrasts. Our variant is with you: smooth transitions, feathering with strictly vertical movements and only within the eyelids. The shooter lovers, too, will not have to stand by the mirror for hours, for chubby girls go short ascending arrows with their tail pulled up - light and easy, as if the mistress is about to fly away with butterflies!

Fourth step: sponge bow!

Oh, someone who, and round faces they go like no other! The main thing is not to overdo it: the lips should not be long, not enlarged, but round and neat. Therefore, you can not underline the corners of the lips with a pencil.

Step Five: Eyebrows

Even the best makeup will be spoiled if the eyebrows are not groomed. Round face fit thick eyebrows clearly expressed form. Do not guess what I will explain next? Of course! No horizontal eyebrows, that is, lines !!! Do not forget the rule! You can choose the shape you want, even if the inner tips are slightly higher than the outer ones, and the bend is more pronounced. This will allow you to visually lengthen the face, even if you have no makeup at all.

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It is important to know about the choice points, both sunscreen and to improve vision. The best options for a round face are a narrow, lightweight rectangular frame, as well as a frame with wide arms that visually extend the face.

That's all the makeup tips for moon-faced beauties. Our appearance is in our hands! You can experiment and create without fear day and night, because we are all artists and dreamers in our souls. The main thing is not to forget that without decorative tools, but just having washed in the morning, we will always look beautiful. After all, against the backdrop of natural beauty, which nature has endowed us all (and which we sometimes do not notice because of our own complexes) any cosmetics fades.