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Summer is in full swing, and during this period I want to add something new to my makeup. Makeup with brown shadows is one of the ways to add a highlight to your style. Only now brown shadows are often undeservedly underestimated and believe that they make the eyes dull and dull, and the face looks tired. But this is nothing more than a stereotype, brown has a huge range of shades - sand, dark beige, solid brown, dark brown, rich chocolate. Shades of brown can be varied depending on what occasion you apply makeup, for example, during the day you can make a more moderate make-up and use lighter colors, and if you need to make a beautiful make-up with brown shadows for the light, you can take a dark brown color.

Makeup looks especially good with brown shades on dark-skinned girls, it gives them both sexuality and mystery. Also, brown shadows can be used not only for makeup of the upper, but also of the lower eyelid. In general, the options - the mass. Try it, and you will see that the brown color is not at all as boring as it seems.

Features eye makeup brown shadows

  • Universal brown color is appreciated by many stylists, as it is suitable for almost any occasion and for any clothing. Depending on the time of year, this color should be selected in a different range, in winter and spring time it is better to prefer cold tones without shine, and in summer and autumn time choose warm colors that go into bronze. Makeup made entirely in brown will be very interesting, but this makeup will suit girls with a color type. "winter" or "autumn".
  • Arm yourself with brown shades, brown lipstick of the same color with rouge, you can take mascara at your discretion, both black and brown. BUT If you do the makeup in the brown tint on the tanned face, then you just create a sensation among the male environment.
  • Using brown in makeup eyes, it is important to know some secrets. The shade of the shadows should harmonize with your hair and eyebrows color, for example, if you are brown-haired or brunette, you can take dark brown tones, and if you are red-haired or blonde-haired, then choose brown shades with a golden or beige shade. Although here again, everything is very individual, blondes with brown eyes are very colored brown shades.

  • If you use a beige shade of shades on the inner corner of the eye in brown eyes, this will give a soft look and this makeup option can be used for every day. For evening make-up it is better to stay at the pearly shades, and for daytime use matte shades. Brown is universal, as already mentioned, but especially it goes to blue and brown eyes.
  • To achieve a beautiful make-up with brown shades, you should choose the right lipstick and blush. Blondes, ginger and brown-haired women will wear pink, pale red and beige lipstick, but brunettes are better off choosing rich red, cherry and burgundy lipstick. If you want to do makeup for everyday use, then of course it is better to replace the bright color of lipstick with a beige, brown shade or use a transparent shine. From blush, give preference to brown shades.

How to choose a brown makeup shadow?

So, you got the idea to choose brown shadows. First, decide for what purpose you choose the shadows. If you need shadows to appear, then stop your choice on sparkling, nacreous shades with a metallic effect. Want to make eye makeup with a rich tint to attract attention to yourself, then choose the shadow according to the degree of pigmentation. You can check the intensity of the shadows, if you put them on the tip of your finger and see the result. Want to do makeup with the transition from a lighter shade of brown to darker? Then you can purchase a set of shadows with a brown palette.

How is makeup applied in brown shades?

As with any makeup, eye makeup should begin with the application of a makeup base. Carefully spread the base over the entire surface, this will allow the makeup to lie down gently and evenly. After that, you can slightly powder the eyelids, and then apply the base shadows, usually for such purposes are taken light or beige shadows. Now proceed to the application of brown shadows. To mark a brown outline, circle the outer corners of the eyes with a small tassel with brown shadows. Depending on the intensity of the makeup, the shadows can be shaded to the fold of the eyelid or applied closer to the growth of eyelashes. The border of applying brown shadows should definitely be shaded so that the makeup does not look coarse.

There is a little secret:to make the makeup more bright and fresh, you should apply brown shadows with a wet brush. Brown shadows are usually not applied to the entire eyelid, as the eyes will be too overloaded. The focus is on the inner corners of the eyes. After the shadows, you should lead the eye with a black pencil or liquid eyeliner. For moderation in make-up, apply eyeliner or pencil only on the upper eyelid, along the line of eyelash growth. But if you are going to a party or just want to draw attention to your eyes, then you can apply eyeliner on the bottom line of eyelashes, but do not bring the line to the very end, and finish it around the middle. You can make a cat's eye makeup, for this circle around the inside of the lower eyelids with a black pencil, just note that this makeup will visually reduce your eyes.

Makeup with brown shadows is almost ready, it remains only to lighten the space under the eyebrows and the inner corners of the eyes, lightly shade the light shade so that there are no sharp borders.

Try making brown shades at home and see how many variations you can come up with with this color. Brown color can be either a noble elite color or it can complement an erotic image.

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