Make up to school. basics of light makeup for teens


The period of middle and high schools is the very time when most girls begin to learn the art of makeup. Of course, experiments with my mother's cosmetic bag at the age of three are not taken into account. Clumsily, sometimes rushing from one extreme to another, they learn to work with their appearance.

But on this way of becoming a girl without visual flaws, of course, there are some minor difficulties and serious obstacles.

Makeup for teenagers: basic rules

At the age of 14-17 years, many girls are particularly active desire to stand out. And it translates not just in the use of cosmetics, but in its unreasonable use. Fat arrows, tons of rouge and foundation, causing lipstick .... And this is not all that young girls are capable of in their attempts to reveal their own beauty. All this should be avoided.

Makeup to school

The problem of schoolgirls at this age is only that they simply have no idea about creating the right makeup to school. Hard mother's ban from the series “don't you dare to be so brightly colored” causes only the opposite effect. Makeup for teens with the right approach may be appropriate not only at parties and holidays, but also at school.

  • Basic rule number 1 for skin tone. At the end of the middle and the beginning of the senior classes, hormonal jumps usually occur, which provoke active rashes on the face of every second girl. Of course, this leads to complexes and the desire to disguise everything as much as possible. The idea is logical, but its embodiment is not entirely reasonable. It is worth remembering that even under five layers of foundation acne will still peep. And the tonal itself will not just declare itself, but shout at the top of its head. That, in fact, is even less aesthetic than unmasked acne. Therefore, the tonal flint need to be used to even out the color of the skin, the corrector to be used locally - to mask problems.
  • The basic rule number 2 - the harmony of color and accents. Every girl knows about the "eyes or lips" rule, and in school conditions it is as important as ever. And, here it is required to observe also moderation in a make-up brightness. Eyes can be emphasized without a greasy stroke along the contour with a black pencil. And lips - not only whitening shine or my mother's lipstick neon shade. In general, it is worth remembering that someone else's cosmetics can only be used when the temperature in the appearance coincides.
  • The basic rule number 3 - stop blindly copy makeup from fashion magazines. Follow the next trend is stupid. This applies not only makeup. In the case of eyebrows, the best way out at such a young age is to go to a competent master, who will give them shape. Subsequently, it will only need to be maintained by plucking out growing hairs and combing.

And, of course, it is impossible not to mention the need to carry out a skin cleansing procedure every evening. Despite the fact that this moment already belongs to the category of care, many people forget about it. Masks, scrubs and gels are not always needed. They may not be required for a certain category of teenagers if they are naturally lucky with clean, problem-free skin. But it is necessary to remove makeup from the face.

Easy make-up to school: tips and tricks

Makeup to school

Based on these rules, you can create an algorithm for creating everyday light makeup to school. A video on this topic is provided by every third famous beauty blogger on YouTube. In particular, in many "Make-to-School Video" commercials, absolutely literate schemes for "make-up without make-up" are given (lessons Estonianna and Koffkathecat).

The first step is always the preparation of the skin. It includes washing and toning. If the skin is prone to dryness, you will need a moisturizer applied with a very thin layer. He needs time to soak up. After 15 minutes You can do the base.

In the case of any inflammation, as well as red spots, scars and similar troubles that need to be hidden, a dense corrector is taken. Its standard packaging is a palette or a round "puck". Here the following principle applies: green color is locally put on the reddening, on top - a means in tone of your own skin. It should not be smeared, but as if trampled into a place that needs to be disguised.

For bruises under the eyes, a concealer is used, not a foundation and not the same corrector in the puck. It is more pigmented, but does not have the property to dry the scope of the tool. It is distributed dotted into the area around the eyes and gently rubbed with a synthetic brush. If you start smearing it, there will be no effect. In order that during the day the product does not get into all the folds, adding a good 20 years, it is desirable to powder it immediately after applying.

The next step is creating a uniform tone. Lightweight powders are strongly recommended for teenage skin. Usually they are enough to complete the work on the base. Moreover, many manufacturers have excellent covering power. For example, DiorSkinNude. If you need even more serious coverage, you can apply to foundation. They are applied with a thin synthetic brush. Usually, 1-2 drops of the product is enough for the whole face.

The base is ready, now you can switch to the selection of facial features. Eyebrows combed and stacked. If required, a drop of fixing gel is applied to them. Throughout the upper eyelid, you should walk with a soft flat brush with a natural bristle, on which matte shades of flesh-colored shade are recruited. They will even out the skin tone, hide the blood vessels and eliminate the signs of fatigue.

To add expressiveness to the look, a pencil brush (for some manufacturers - “barrel”) with a natural pile gets a little darker pigment. The preferred shade of milk chocolate, asphalt, taup (brown on a gray base). Brush hold on the back of the gadget to remove too much. Then a neat touch passes over the bone above the mobile eyelid. The motion is arcuate, the main concentration of color is in the outer corner. The color fades to the edges. Then a soft fluffy brush to shade the shadow.

Makeup to school

Eye makeup of eyelashes ends. Mascara is better to take brown or classic black. No blue, purple, green and similar options. Especially if the color is saturated. Layering mascara on eyelashes is also not worth it. Attach the brush to the roots, hold up. 2-3 strokes on one eye - more than enough.

It is recommended to pay attention to the gloss of delicate shades. Peach and coral - for girls, whose hair is dominated by golden, red and copper highlights. Pink - for owners of blond and black curls. If you really want, you can try a light lip balm, giving a transparent color. Chanel has it - CocoShine and Dior - Addict.

Festive makeup for teens

As for the solemn make-up for teenagers, although there are certain indulgences, it is not worth experimenting with all your heart. This also applies to complex eye makeup, which requires practice, and applying bright lipstick, which is also not so simple.

Before graduation is recommended to trust the makeup artist. For other holidays at the age of 14-17 years old, it is enough to add neat arrows of black, gray, brown or dark blue color and a slightly more saturated lipstick tone to the above everyday makeup in school. Or you can take a bright shine - berry, red-coral.

The task of teen makeup is to emphasize facial features and at the same time preserve youth and freshness. It should not be overloads, unnecessary call, riot of colors. It is necessary to take into account the basic rules of makeup. Basemakeup requires compliance with the NUDE-gamma. For holidays, you can diversify it with neat arrows and more saturated lip gloss. Also, when creating makeup, you should take into account your own color type.