Make-up moki ice for blue eyes


The smoky eyes technique, which has recently become a real boom in the field of visage, actually appeared a long time ago, in the middle of the twentieth century. In the classic version, "smoky eyes" were used as evening makeup. Modern cosmetics allows you to apply the technique and to create everyday make-up.

The technology of application depends on many points, the most important of which is eye color. Smokey ice for blue eyes requires adherence to a number of rules.

Is it worth it to experiment with smoky ice on blue eyes? Of course it is! After all, it can be used to emphasize their heavenly color, to give a look of greater expressiveness, to hide possible flaws (hung eyelid, small eye section).

In order to achieve a harmonious result, it is necessary to make some adjustments to the classical method of applying cosmetics.

Choosing a palette

Choosing a palette

Especially important in the case of Smokey ice to choose the right color of the shadows. In the risk zone - blue or blue shades. You need to be careful with them if you don’t want to be like an aunt from the early 90s. Too dark tones are also better not to use: a combination of bright eyes and heavy shades creates too much contrast. In addition, blue-eyed girls most often have light skin. Black or dark brown shadows, applied in large quantities, will create a feeling of dark circles on a bright face.

Makeup smokey ice for blue eyes is better to do with the use of shades of cold shades. It is better to choose softer tones, without bright and large sparkles. Beautiful will not look very bright gold, sand, turquoise and silver color. If the skin is too light, a golden hue should be applied to a minimum: it can make the face sore. If blue eyes are combined in appearance with the skin of a bronze color, you can safely try the light brown and chocolate shades.

Smoky ice in gray color will look very attractive if the girl has blue eyes and at the same time dark hair. They balance the image, make the face soft and unusual. Pencil is also better to replace gray.

Smokyeyes for blue eyes: instruction

Smoky eyes for blue eyes

It is not always possible to rely on experienced makeup artists to create flawless makeup. Therefore, try to do it yourself.

Necessary tools and consumables (taking into account the creation of an ideal face tone):

  • comfortable makeup brushes;
  • cotton buds for shading shadows;
  • makeup base;
  • concealer;
  • powder and foundation;
  • pencil or liquid eyeliner;
  • shadows - you need three shades. In the stores of cosmetics you can find special shades for Smokey Ice, containing three tones (dark, medium and light);
  • mascara.

Smokey Ice for blue eyes step by step:

  1. At the preliminary stage, it is important to ensure perfect skin tone. For this we use concealer (we mask small pimples, irregularities), after which we apply the basis for the shadows. This can be easily done with a special brush. Powder face - done!Powder face - done!
  2. Pencil or eyeliner (gray) use to delineate the growth line of cilia. The line should not be too thick, but ideally such that it fills the space between the hairs. The eyed eyelid part of the upper eyelid should not be let down: the borders are too strictly delineated to anything. The main thing - to emphasize the natural beauty of the eyes, not creating a contrast. Therefore, using a brush or a cotton swab to shade the contour, making it less clear and conspicuous.
  3. The stage of applying the shadows is the key moment in the Smokey Ice. We take the darkest color from the set and apply it over the entire surface of the moving eyelid using a flat shadow brush. The application is carried out lightly patting, nailing cosmetics into the skin. Drawing in one movement gives excessive severity of the border line, which is undesirable for blue eyes.The stage of applying the shadows - the key moment in the Smokey Islands
  4. We apply the intermediate shade from the outer to the inner corner of the eye, at a short distance from the dark shadows. The border between them is shaded to obtain a smooth transition.

    Intermediate shade applied from the outer to the inner corner of the eye
  5. The lightest shade of the palette of shadows is applied to the crease of the century. Eyes should be left open - so that wrinkles do not appear. Light shadows put a small line under the eyebrows. This will refresh the eyes, give it expressiveness, visually increase the size of the eyes.Light shadows put a small line under the eyebrows
  6. We work with the lower eyelids. Outline its interior with a pencil or eyeliner. Using a flat brush, paint the line from the outer to the inner edge of the eye, using the middle tone of the shadows.We work with the lower eyelid
  7. Paint the eyelashes. To begin with we twist them with the help of special tweezers. The secret to get the maximum volume and length: apply the usual powder on the already twisted eyelashes and leave for 5 minutes. After that, paint them with ink (in several layers). When applying this cosmetics to powder, hairs stick together less, and their volume and length will amaze anyone.Paint eyelashes

Smoky eyes make-up is an amazing invention, a great option for both evening and everyday make-up. With it, you can make your eyes bright, expressive, hide flaws. The process of applying it to blue eyes has some specifics - it may take practice, experimenting with tones of shadows. But it's worth it!