Lymphatic drainage facial massage

Lymphatic drainage massage stimulates blood circulation and lymph circulation, saturates cells with oxygen. He is capable improve metabolism and render anti-aging effect. In just a few procedures of such a massage, the condition of the skin of the face improves: dark circles under the eyes disappear, the second chin is reduced, mimic wrinkles disappear.

The benefits of lymphatic drainage facial massage

  1. Massage is able to cope with various cosmetic defects. It helps with swelling, puffiness of the face, bags under the eyes, makes the contours of the face more clear, strengthens and tones the skin.
  2. If you have pronounced nasolabial folds, mimic wrinkles appear, you should definitely try lymphatic drainage massage.
  3. It is also able to bring muscles in tone, which means that the skin will not sag.
  4. These procedures help to remove toxins and wastes from the skin. A massage of the face perfectly relieves fatigue, gives a feeling of complete relaxation.
  5. Thanks to special means that are used during lymphatic drainage massage, the skin of the face is moisturized and nourished.

The benefits of lymphatic drainage facial massage

Manual lymphatic drainage facial massage at home

In order to experience the wonderful properties of this massage, it is not necessary to visit the salon. All manipulations can be carried out at home.

  • Start the massage with strokes, moving from the center of the forehead to the temples. Then from the nose and eyebrows to the hairline.
  • Then, in circular motions, start massaging the area around the eyes. Massage the upper eyelid from the nose to the outer corners of the eye. Lower eyelid - from the corner of the eye to the nose.
  • Next, go to the cheeks. They should be massaged in three lines. First from the center of the chin to the ear lobe, then from the corners of the lips to the upper point of the ear, and finally from the nasolabial folds to the temples. With lymphatic drainage massage of the cheeks use strokes, pressing the skin a little.
  • Next, you should lightly squeeze the skin over your upper lip with your index and thumb and continue the massage in the same way from the center to the corners of the mouth.
  • The final stage - chin massage. It is performed by analogy with a massage of nasolabial folds. Squeeze the skin with your fingers, and move along the contour of the face - from the center of the chin to its edges.

Apparatus lymphatic drainage facial massage at home

Massage can be performed not only manually, but also with the help of a special apparatus. Currently, this does not even have to go to a beauty salon, the procedure can be done at home. Special microcurrent muscle stimulation massagers will help you with this.

In specialized stores you can also purchase gloves for lymphatic drainage massage, devices for lymphatic drainage with rollers, balls or cylinder-shaped form.

Despite the fact that all these devices have a different appearance, they have exactly the same effect on the skin. Therefore, when choosing, you can be guided solely by your preferences.

Rules for conducting an independent lymphatic drainage facial massage

There are some rules that must be strictly observed to achieve the effect.

  • First of all, you must remove all jewelry.
  • Then, using special tools, thoroughly clean the skin, apply a special active gel on it, which is designed for microcurrent therapy.
  • Daily lymphatic drainage massage session faces should last 15 minutes. It should be done every other day, within 10-15 days.
  • During the procedure, if you are doing everything correctly, involuntary twitching of the facial muscles should occur. Do not be scared - it is completely natural.

Lymphatic drainage facial massage: contraindications

There is a whole list of contraindications for lymphatic drainage massage.

Contraindications lymphatic drainage massage for the face

  1. Purulent inflammations on the skin of the face, its various damages.
  2. Infectious diseases, including tuberculosis.
  3. The active stage of herpes.
  4. Chronic dermatosis, which is in the acute phase.
  5. Bleeding
  6. Diseases of the blood and blood-forming organs.
  7. Inflammatory processes.
  8. Malignant neoplasms.
  9. Overweight hair.
  10. Neuralgia of the orbital or trigeminal nerve.

Apparatus lymphatic drainage facial massage: contraindications

Contraindications to a session of lymphatic drainage are the following:

  • Earlier plastic surgery using gold threads, a filler or Botox.
  • Malignant and benign neoplasms.
  • Diseases of the nervous and cardiovascular systems.
  • Ulcers, open wounds.
  • Using a pacemaker.
  • Epilepsy.
  • Pregnancy.

When conducting a course of lymphatic drainage facial massage, you will see a stunning effect. The elasticity of the face will return, mimic wrinkles will disappear, and the formation of new ones will stop. However, the result will be positive only if massages will be conducted regularly and competently. Once you are convinced of the benefits of lymphatic drainage massage of the face, you can conduct a course of lymphatic drainage massage of the whole body.

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